Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Happu and Rajjo unfolds the truth which changed Amma

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The Episode starts with Happu asking Amma to tell what the matter is? Amma asks him to stand and then slaps him hard. Happu asks did you get any attack and says this is wrong? Amma beats him. Happu asks did you get mad? Rajjo takes Happu from there afraid. Amma asks the kids if they will have food or slap. The kids say we will have food. Happu cries in his room. Rajjo thinks from where did cat enter the room? Happu says that cat is me and tells that he is crying. Rajjo says you are crying like kids. Happu says Amma has beaten him badly. Rajjo says she had beaten you like a dog. Happu cries more and tells that Amma has slapped him hard. He says he just asked Hritik to study well, and Amma slapped him. Rajjo says Amma scolded Chamchi also. Happu tells that he thinks Hritik’s hand is behind Amma. Rajjo says she will go and talk to Amma. Happu asks her to be away from her.

Hritik appreciates Amma for beating Happu today and tells that the sound is still echoing in his ears. Amma tells that her hands are paining. Rajjo comes there. Amma tells him that she has beaten Beni so badly, scolded chamchi, beaten up Happu and took Panga with Rajjo. She asks him to stop blackmailing her and delete the video. Hritik says he has much more left now. He says once I delete the video, you will beat me badly and tells that he will not delete the video. Amma thinks she will beat him badly once the video is deleted. Rajjo hears them and comes to Happu, tells that Hritik is making Amma do all this. She asks him to come with her and says it is Amma’s secret thing. Happu says I can’t see my Amma’s secret. Rajjo asks him to come. They go to hritik’s room. They search for his mobile. Rajjo says Hritik is very clever and tells that Amma asked him to delete something, says it must be in the mobile which is objectionable. She says where he could hide the mobile. She says he must have hidden it far away from him. She searches for the mobile and finally gets it under the rack. They come out of room and switches on the phone. She types bhabhi ji as the password. They open the video and are shocked to see the video in which Amma is dancing on the song Laila o laila…..Happu says she has crossed all limits. Rajjo says she scolded me and danced wearing such clothes.

In the morning, Rajjo asks Hritik to come down. Hritik refuses to go to school. Rajjo goes to beat him. Hritik calls Dadi. Dadi scolds them. Happu asks her to stop the drama and shows video to Amma and the kids. Chamchi says how good you have danced. Happu asks why did you dance? Amma tells that Dada ji insisted her to dance. Rajjo says she will forgive her if she does something. Hritik gets ready to go to school and calls Chamchi.

Later Happu comes home and tells that his father’s scooter is troubling him a lot. Dada ji asks him to buy a new one. Amma and Rajjo asks him to buy a new scooter. Happu tells that he will buy a car later. He asks where is Hritik? Rajjo says he is in room. Happu calls him and asks him to concentrate on studies. Amma says I have forgotten and asks him to forget everything. She asks him to get 100 out of 100. Hritik promises him. Happu hugs him.

Later Amma and Rajjo dance on the song shaam hai jaam hai…|Beni looks at their dance while massaging his cheeks. Amma goes to him and kisses on his cheeks. Beni gets happy. Hritik goes to him and apologizes. Beni forgives him and kisses him. The kids and elders dance.

Kat checks her weight and shouts saying 2.5 weight has increased and I don; t want 500 gms extra. Malaika asks what is the problem? She asks her to cry now to lose weight. Kamlesh comes there and tells that he is very happy. He says DNA report came and my current mummy and Papa are my parents. Malaika says they made a bad joke. Kat starts crying. Kamlesh asks what’s wrong with her and goes out. Kat continues to cry.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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