Nadaan Parindey 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe hearing Channi and RV’s mum talk about wedding. They have a laugh and Bebe is upset. Bebe thinks of Meher and how she liked the dupatta she kept for her. Meher says I m taking this now. Bebe asks her to take it. Meher asked her to keep it and give her at the time of her marriage. Meher values Bebe as her mum. Bebe told her that she will make all her wishes true. Bebe thinks what to do now as the whole Pind will be present there. She comes to Sameer and asks him to take this dupatta to the shop and bring matching things.

Sameer is upset and says I won’t go. Bebe says I m busy, I will make shagun dupatta for her, she will be very happy. He says she won’t be happy with this. Bebe says why, she will be happy, its her marriage tomorrow. Sameer says I m telling the truth. I went to give this souvenirs to her but could not give. He says what happened there and feels bad. Bebe says you might have hurt her so she did that. He says no, I don’t know why she is dad, she was happy till yesterday.

Bebe cries. Sameer says she is not happy. Bebe says you have to understand you will never get Meher. Sameer is shocked. She says come fast, take this money and go to the shop. Sameer leaves. Purab plans to send a gift for Meher so that she can be happy seeing it he got late because of Sartaj. He sends it by courier. Mangal comes to talk to Meher and sees her sitting in dark. He says why you are in dark, you are getting married. He says I know what you are thinking, you will go far from us and don’t know when you will come.

She says I will come when you call me. He says you won’t. He talks about her birth and how he and her mum celebrated and named her Meher. He says I did well after you came, now you are going from this house. Meher and Mangal get emotional. She asks will you give me what I ask for. He says say. She says let Bebe come in my marriage. Mangal is shocked and says what did you ask this. How can I allow her. She says how can I go without meeting her, tell me.

Mangal scolds her. He then agrees. Meher gets happy and hugs him thanking. He leaves. Meher thinks about Bebe. Sameer comes to Bebe and sees her making the dupatta. He asks her to sleep as no one can make Meher happy. She says you go and sleep. She makes the dupatta and sees the time. Sameer sees RV talking to someone and throwing the phone in anger. Sameer comes to him and asks what happened. RV scolds him for hearing him. Sameer says you were angry so I came.

Bebe makes the dupatta all night. She gets sleepy and washes her face. Meher is restless. Sameeer thinks why is he not happy seeing Meher married. He thinks about RV’s behavior and how will he keep Meher happy if he has so much anger in him. He gets worried. Meher thinks its my last night in this house. Why am I not happy. Sameer says its Meher’s marriage and girls cry, I m a man, why am I crying. Bebe sleeps making the dupatta. Channi sees her in morning and asks what were you doing. Bebe thinks I could not complete the work and slept, what will I send Meher now.

Sameer hears RV’s parents talking that RV was married earlier too. He is shocked and thinks what to do.

Update Credit to: Amena

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