Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Coach informs kids that their mothers will be with them in every task and activity and asks them to divide into teams. Kokila asks Ahem/Samar to come with her for the instead of Rashi. Gopi says Viday she will go with Gauri and asks Vidya to go with Kokila. Kokila asks Gopi to be with Kinjal/Vidya as she is younger than Gauri. Radha says she will be with Gauri.

Urmila and her family bring fake inspector in an auto to the outskirts. Dhaval digs a ditch to bury inspector.

Hetal says coach that she and Kokila will not wear shalwar kameez. Coach says they will have to follow the rules. Kokila says coach is right and they will have to wear shalwar kameez. She wears shalwar kameez and says she has prepared shalwar kameez for hetal and everybody.

Dhaval dumps inspector in ditch and adds mud on him. Inspector wakes up and asks what is happening. Urmila says he is alive and start beating him with sticks. Inspector says he came to arrest Dhaval. Urmila says she knows he is fake and will hand him over to real police. They all beat him till he goes unconscious.

Jigar sees Rashi sleeps, takes her video and tries to go near her. Kokila sees that and asks him how dare he is to go near her sister. She starts beating him with a broom. Rashi wakes up and asks Kokila to leave him. Kokila says she will teach Jigar a lesson.

Urmila and her family come back home. Dhaval says he is confused where did the money go.

Kokila drags Jigar/Hashmukh holding his collar to the hall. Hetal asks Kokila what happend. Kokila calls Radha and says she will make her marry to Jigar/Hasmukh. Everyone is shocked to hear that. Jigar tries to interfere, but Kokila asks him not to speak. She asks Mani/Radha to tell her opinion and says Hetal that she thought of keeping away Hasmukh from Jigna/Rashi and get Jigna married, but looks like Hasmukh should get married soon. She asks Radha to tell if she likes Hasmukh. Radha imagines Rashi pouring petrol and burning her for marrying her husband. Radha nervously says yes. Kokila says she should get Mani and Hasmukh married. Rashi says this marriage cannot happen. Gopi asks Rashi to keep mum. Rashi then says marriage arrangements cannot happen so soon. Kokila says we will get them married after boot camp. She says Radha that she is relaxed now after she agreed to marry.

Hetal says baa how can she let Jigar marry Radha. Gopi says we should do something about it.

Rashi says Jigar that she cannot meet her her husband/Jigar because of Kokila. Jigar says he used to feel the same when Kokila used to talk about Rashi’s marriage to someone else. Kokila asks Radha to take care of Hasmukh from now and asks her to give him tea. She comes out to give him tea. Rashi gets angry and pours water on Radha. Kokila thinks once Hasmukh gets married, Jigna will divert her mind then.

Precap: Radha digs nail on the ground during task for Gauri. Gopi sees the nail on ground and keeps her hand on nail to protect Gauri.

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  1. pls end this serial as it has no story now. it is dragging endlessly, radha is getting more importance , in a way this serial has always shown people can get away with all the evil work in the world. first it was always rashi and her mom getting away with there evil ways, now radha has her way. so no use wasting our time. bye bye saathiya, the story does not have any relation to the title

  2. Poor Hasmukh (Jigar)

  3. Dint see this episode..but good that i dint see it,…So very boring…. I don’t think for next few weeks Kokila will gain her consciousness…So bye bye to this serial until then…Cant waste half an hour for this serial……

  4. very very booooring and dragging like sphagetti

  5. I agree with payel please end the serial or make it interesting so we enjoy watching the serial otherwise finish it soon

  6. I just hate saathiya because it’s really boring i would like to tell the director if u don’t have story for further please please finish the serial soon do not extend please the show is crap

  7. This serial is becoming too boring day by day. if the director can’t make any changes better to finish the serial. one issue drag for months and months…..

  8. did not watch todays episode, thnx to the person who updated the episode. but feel the serial is dragging and it has become boring

  9. Ya it’s boring

  10. Boring boring boring

  11. such a boring episode

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