Pavitra Rishta 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Naren and Shekhar checking dishes and trying gulab jamoon. Teju comes there and says Naren to try all these dishes. Naren says he is from groom’s side. Teju says he is damad of this house, so from bride side. Naren forcefully feeds her gulab jamoon and asks her opinion. She says it is good.

Shashank, Prashanth and his siblings enter engagement venue. Manav welcomes them in. Kids go and meet Naren. Naren starts playing with kids. Archana says Manav that Naren is mingling well with kids and says they are both lucky to have damads like Naren and Shashank. Manav asks how is that? Archana says Mansi and Ankita are like their kids, so they are our damads.

Neena dresses in a traditional marathi dress. Gaurav gets surprised to see her in that dress. Sachin also says the same. Neena says Savita forced her to wear it. Teju praises Neena that she is looking typical Maharastrian lady today. Neena says Sachin if it had not been about property, she would not have done this. She says the same to Gaurav and asks him to stay in good books of family to get property share.

Pari comes dressed in engagement dress to the venue. Her friends surround her. Shekhar says Naren that his bhabhi came. Naren tries to look at Pari, but unable to see her between Pari’s friend.

Naren then starts enjoying food. He gets a call from his dad. Dad says he has a bad news and says Sunanda met with an accident. Naren is unable hear him due to poor signal and goes out of engagement venue.

Ankita says Shekhar and Pari that they are looking perfect together and prays god to keep them together forever. She asks Shekhar how is Pari looking. He says she is looking good.

Naren is out talking to his dad. Pia comes and identifies him as Aman. She thinks he must have come to meet Pari as he must have known that Pari is getting married. She thinks she should inform Pari about Aman and goes inside the hall.

Teju says Pari is glowing today. Ovi jokes it is because of Shekhar. Ovi comes to inform Pari about Aman, but then thinks it is not the the right time to inform Pari, but then thinks it is Pari’s right to know about Aman. She asks Pari to come with her as she wants to something important to her. She drags Pari with her and says Aman is here. She shows Naren to her. Pari is surprised to see Aman/Naren there and goes into flashback about time spent with Aman/Naren. Pia insists Pari to ask Aman why did he leave her. Just then Ankita comes and hugs Naren. Pari realizes Aman is Ankita’s husband. Naren informs Ankita about Sunanda’s accident and he going to bangalore to be on her side. Pari starts crying seeing Aman with Ankita.

Manav and his whole family are tensed about Pari going out with Pia. Naren informs Shekhar that he has to go now as Sunanda met with an accident. He says Ankita will be here and will enjoy his engagement. Shekhar asks him not to worry about his engagement.

Pia asks Pari to expose Aman for Ankita’s sake. She asks why did she stop her from informing Ankita about Aman. Pari says Ankita is like her sister and she cannot break their marriage as Ankita loves Aman/Naren and they both are happy together. She says they are married and she knows what happens when marriage is broken. She says Aman was her past and he must have not loved him, she will have to forget and forgive Aman for Ankita’s sake as she does not have any other option. She cannot make her family and Ankita unhappy because of her.

Precap: Pari asks Pia why did Aman tell her lie. Pia says like she lied to him, he lied her. Pari says my name was fake, but his love and everything was fake.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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