Nadaan Parindey 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher running away from Purab. She gets into a old house and Purab catches her. She asks him to leave her, and not get close. Purab is drunk and not in his senses. She shouts for help. He throws her dupatta and she says I request you, not to do this. She cries. He says now I will show whats lust. Iqbal comes and saves Meher. He pushes Purab back and says now I will not leave you alone. They have a fight. Purab falls and Meher runs to hug Iqbal saying Sameer……….. and crying. She says you saved me, if you did not come today, then don’t know what would have happened with me, he was drunk, and I was very scared, you saved me.

Iqbal looks at her and she holds his face. She sees the thread on her wrist. He says come Meher, lets go home. Bebe calls for Meher and says where did she go, she left dhaba before me. Meher comes crying. Bebe scolds her. Meher tells her everything how Purab tries to molest her. Bebe is shocked. Meher says Sameer has saved me on right time. Bebe asks why will Purab do this, I can’t believe this, what happened to him, no. She looks at Iqbal and asks why will Purab do this. Meher says am I lying then and leaves crying. Bebe asks Iqbal what is this game. Iqbal says this is not a game, but truth, what Meher said is true.

Bebe says you wanted to ruin Meher’s life, so why did you save her. Iqbal says I won’t change, I did this for my selfish motive, I don’t love her, if anything happened to her, my mission would be in problem. He says why will I let her get molested and ruined by Purab, I will ruin her myself, then it will be fun. Bebe is shocked. Iqbal leaves. Balli and his friend see Purab hurt and take him home. Mama asks where is Purab. Channi says he did not come home. Mama scolds Purab and says don’t bring him infront of me. They are shocked to see Purab hurt.

Mama takes him to the room. Balli calls Minty and says Purab is very hurt, someone has beatn him, he is bleeding. Minty says what. Balli says I brought him home. Balli praises himself. Minty worries for Purab. Minty comes to Bebe’s house and asks Meher where is Purab. Channi is angry and asks Purab who has hurt him. Minty and Bebe come to see him. Mama asks him how did this happen. Purab says I was going in jeep, a man stopped me, a group of people came and fought with me, I got beaten up. Mama says I will inform police and call doctor. Purab says no need, it’s a small thing.

Bebe looks at Purab and asks him does he know that goons. Purab says they have hit me from behind. I could not see them. Bebe sends Minty to help Channi. Minty comes to Meher and says some goons have beaten up Purab and curses them. Meher says enough, and asks her to go home. Minty says no, I won’t go leaving him in this state, who will see her here. Meher scolds her. Minty says she is worried for Purab, I can’t go.

Bebe comes to Meher and says Channi is worried. Meher says what about me, if anything happened to me if Sameer did not come on time. Bebe asks Meher to hide this and not tell anyone. She says what will Mama and Channi tell everyone, Mama will die being ashamed. Meher says fine and cries. She says I don’t want to leave that animal, but if you say then fine. She asks Bebe why is she against her. Bebe says a woman can bear everything silently, she can be much strong. Bebe says Minty is taking care of Purab, I m her sister, and can’t let her be in risk. Minty applies haldi to Purab and Meher comes. She gets angry seeing Minty. Purab sees Meher.

Meher asks Minty to come home. Purab holds Meher’s hand and Sameer holds his collar. Minty asks what happened yesterday.

Update Credit to: Amena

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