Dil Dosti Dance 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Swayam says that he missed the delivery men. Swayam thinks he must try the cake wala’s number again. He tries the number, the men says that he wasn’t there so they didn’t deliver the cake and disconnects. Nil and Vicky say they would have never forget. Swayam asks what to do now. He asks them to come to Sharon’s house. They leave.
Huma thanks Karma as he enters her room. She asks why he left, he says he didn’t want to say it in front of everyone but he came here to ask about his money. He says she only needed time for his deadline. Huma’s parents come. Karma leaves saying I will be back. Huma’s father thanks Karma. He shows concern for her daughter, her mom scolds that she doesn’t take care of her diet. He mom asks will the St. Luois academy pay for the money. She says no. Karma listens to the conversation.
Swayam calls Sharon but she doesn’t pick it up. She thinks you recall my birthday at 2 am. Nil suggests she must be asleep. They make him think about something special. He thinks about an idea that he must try going through a pipe to her rom. He comes down as the pipe is slippery. Nil suggests him to ring the bell, Swayam says what if her mother come down. Vicky makes noices, but he says she will come when disturbed. Swayam says that they have been here till 15 minutes. Nil suggests he must meet her tomorrow, as she is in bad mood and plan something special for tomorrow. Swayam says I know you both want to go home, but they remain there. They still suggest him to be together tomorrow. Swayam tries her number but she doesn’t attend. They take him home.
In the morning, Sharon finds a card on her car, she cheers up. She then finds chocolates around, she gets Rey’s wish as she drives to college. The watchman stands with the umbrella written Happy Birthday on it. She thinks Swayam spent the whole night arranging this and I over reacted. She comes inside the college happily.
Huma tells ammi that her friend needs a job so she is looking for it to her in the newspaper. Her mom was annoyed had her father and she paid attention on themselves they would have been living a better life.
Sharon thinks he is an non typical boyfriend, and I am sorry I behaved this way. Raghv meets her and wishes her. He says the flowers are beautiful, she says I know. He says thanks for the compliment, he tells her that this was all for her from him. Sharon leaves in a bad mood, shocked. She enters her office, it was all decorated and Swayam was slept on the couch. She thinks Raghv did so much special to her. Swayam wakes up with the bang of door. Swayam takes the cake and lights the candle.
He wishes her but she is still annoyed. He tells her he planned a lot for yesterday. He tells her he had to go to hospital. He tells her Huma fainted. Sharon asks were you alone there. He says we were all there. he says I can never forget your birthday, everything about you in special for me. Sharon says couldn’t you call me. Swayam tells her he was at her home, but she didn’t pick his call. He asks her to make up her mood and be happy. They make up and celebrate.
When he leaves Sharon cries that Huma is more important than her else he would have called her from someone elses number.

PRECAP:Huma dances at a restaurant. A guy stops her, and holds her hand. He follows her but she avoids him. He gets her in the way. Someone on the bike come to her rescue.

Update Credit to: Sona

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