Kumkum Bhagya 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Raj’s son dancing on suno ghaur se dunya waalon… song at Aaliya’s mehandi ceremony. Cousin dadi says in our times, we used to sign ourselves with drums. Raj’s daughter also joins him and they both mimic Abhi with his song. Daadi says Abhi’s songs are not understandable, but people like it. Pragya says she does not like his song and cannot bear them. Abhi asks her to sing then and stop criticizing. Tanu then says Pragya can sing only bhajans. Pragya asks Tanu to sing. Tanu sings Abhi’s song, but no one claps for her except Abhi and Abhi says at least she tried. Cousin daadi asks Pragya to sing like she danced wonderfully. Pragya sings waqt bhi hairaan hai… song. Everyone enjoy her song. Abhi gets excited and claps for her alone. Aaliya gets irked and asks him to stop. Abhi says he was just trying to help and asks if she wants to sing again. Daadis say Pragya sang better than Abhi and everyone clap for her irking Tanu and Aaliya.

Tanu says Aaliya that all her plans are failing and she is getting insulted instead. Aaliya says we can indirectly insult Pragya now. She throws things on floor, removes her ear rings and asks servant to clean it and search her earring outside. Servant goes out. Tanu asks whatis she doing. Aaliya says wait and watch. Purab’s aunt hears her whole conversation.

Mamaji and his son discuss about finisbhing their catering work. Tanu asks them where are servants as guests are waiting for food, Abhi and Daadi are getting angry. They both going to search servant. Mamaji’s son goes and serves food to the guest. Aaliya starts scolding him refering as servant, but apologizes saying she thought he is a servant. He says servants were not available, so he started serving food and says it is okay.

Daadi asks Pragya to bring Abhi and Purab. Pragya goes to call him. Aalilya stops and asks if she is feeling bad about her cousin serving food as a servant. Pragya says she will feel proud instead if her cousin is praised for preparing good food. Aaliya gets irked hearing that.

Purab’s aunt asks Purab why is he marrying Aaliya instead of Bulbul and says he and Bulbul are made for each other. Purab says he knows and leaves from there.

Abhi tries to sip alcohol when Pragya stops her and says he cannot drink as he promised daadi. He says he will be in his senses. She says she will bring daadi. Abhi gets annoyed. Aaliya sees that and asks why is he looking tensed. Abhi says he wants to trouble PRagya, but she is troubling him. Aaliya suggests him to mix vodka in Pragya’s orange juice and says let see her drama then. Abhi mixes vodka in Pragya’s drink and gives it to her. Abhi goes to Pragya and says he will not drink from now and will drik juice. She asks if he is alright and says he must have mixed something in his juice. He asks her to try herself and forces her. Sarla hears their conversation and asks Pragya to drink it.

Aaliya is about to juice while Aaliya and Tanu sees that and smirks. Abhi thinks Pragya’s truth will come out now. Daadi stops Pragya from drinking and asks Abhi why is he giving PRagya this juice. Sarla asks what is in it. Daadi says it is a packet juice and she does not like it. She says she will bring fresh juice for Pragya. Abhi says it is very healthy with vitamins, etc. Daadi asks him to drink then and take PRagya with her.

Aaliya is irked that all her plans are failing. Tanu says until daadi is there, her plans won’t work. Abhi gets angry hearing that. Tanu says she did not mean that and suggests to forcefully feed Pragya. Abhi asks her to do it herself. Aaliya says this plan will work and tells it in Abhi’s ear. Tanu asks to tell her also. She says she will know it later. Abhi asks Raj’s daughter and asks her to make Pragya drink this juice and he will gift her choc for that. Kid asks why can’t he give e it himself. He scolds her and sends.

Precap: Raj’s daugther tells Pragya that Abhi gave this juice and asked you to drink.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  5. so disappointed in todays track…..well the only truth to come out is the one where aliya tanu and abhi suppose to feel like an ass when purab true luv is revealed. ..hopefully that’s where tis is headin and not some crap to bring down pragya

  6. array yar when is d truth revealed yar im waiting for tat …then only everyone knowes abt my cute jodi pyaar…i luv purap&bulbul

  7. Purab get courage to tell the truth u are destroying ur life and also bulbul life . i feel that after knowing the truth Abhi will regret for his deeds and will not trouble Pragyaa

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