Nadaan Parindey 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Iqbal talking to Malik. Malik asks him to get the file as he is going away for few days. Meher comes looking for Bebe and says where did she go. Iqbal thinks. Bebe comes at the border. She shouts Sameer and cries. She says I will bring you back my son, trust me, your blood has bravery, you don’t be afraid my tiger, I m with you, Meher is yours and I won’t let anything happen to her, I promise, you will get everything, love, respect and happiness. Meher worries and Iqbal asks her to give food. She says let Bebe come. Iqbal says she will come. She says don’t you worry for her. He says she will come. Bebe comes and says you don’t know me, don’t test my patience.

Meher asks why are you angry Bebe, he was telling about food, where did you go. Bebe says ask him was Purab saying truth. Meher says leave it, you trust Purab and not on your son. Bebe says I m sure of my blood, he is not my blood. Iqbal is shocked. Meher says you are angry. Bebe says stay away from him, he can’t be yours. Meher says what happened to you, who is brainwashing you. Bebe says open your eyes and see, if he is not mine, what will be he yours. Meher says how can you say this about your son. Bebe says he is not my son. Meher asks then who is he, who married me. Bebe says he is not my son who married you.

Iqbal says I married Meher and Bebe is not able to forgive me. He says I agreed that I m not your son. Bebe says good, you spoke the truth. Iqbal says tell me what you want to hear, I wish to make your every wish true, maybe you can hear your son’s cry or not. Meher asks what are you both saying. Iqbal says you don’t worry, Bebe is angry as I did not take her permission to marry you. Iqbal says tell me if you don’t need your son, I will agree. Meher says I know Sameer has hurt you, so you are hurt, end this here.

She says Sameer will keep his hand on your head and swear he will not do anything against your wish, and will do as you say, please forgive him. Meher makes Iqbal swear and says we kept fast for his safety. Iqbal stops. Meher looks at him. Bebe says he won’t swear like this. Iqbal says Bebe is right, I won’t swear this. He leaves. Channi asks Purab is Meher deserving you, she insulted you, she is not suitable. Purab says its your mistake, you did not talk to Nimmi on time, I told you I love Meher, but you cheated me and lied to me.

Mama comes and fumes hearing this. Purab says what do you want to hear. Channi asks Purab to leave. Mama says I want to know the truth. Purab says Channi did this, I told her that I love Meher and I want to marry her, but she did not talk, ask her why. Channi says I knew Bebe liked her for Bebe. Purab says she is lying. Mama says you are telling me now when she is Sameer’s wife, you are lying, Meher is right, you are jealous of Sameer. He asks Channi to finalize a girl for Purab and leaves. Purab says not so soon Papa ji.

Meher talks to Iqbal and asks why did he not swear today. Iqbal says he won’t, that’s it. She asks him to do it if he loves her. Bebe says you trusted your love, see it, he is not agreeing to you. Bebe says see, he does not love you, understand it, why I was keeping you away from him, why I did all this. She says stop hitting head on the wall, its one sides love, the man who can’t be of his mum, what will he of you.

Bebe and Iqbal argue and Meher looks on puzzled. Meher says is this same mum son who could not breath without each other, what happened Sameer. Bebe asks Iqbal to answer Meher. Bebe taunts him. Meher says Sameer, she is your mum, not an enemy, else say she is not your mum. Bebe says tell I m not your mum, you are not my blood. Meher asks Sameer to say it. Bebe provokes it. Meher asks what does he want. He says fine, I will swear. Meher keeps his left hand on Bebe’s head.

Iqbal swears he will do what Bebe says. Bebe thinks he has a plan in his mind. Meher says come on, now mum and son have a hug and end it. Iqbal hugs her. Meher smiles and thanks Lord. She asks them to come as she will go and keep food ready. She leaves. Iqbal gets angry on Bebe and says you thought you will make a wall between me and Meher, and you will save her from my bad intentions, you failed. He says he does not love Meher, but she loves me, and is ready to give away her everything, how many days will I refuse her, she us young, beautiful and now my wife.

Bebe gets angry. He says I married her to do my mission and shut your mouth, what I said is a life, I don’t care if you die, but Meher is a fool who got happy. He says even I like Meher, what to do, I m a man, won’t be able to stop myself for many days, now you show me saving Meher from me. Bebe says I did not think that I will see a devil in Sameer’s face. Nadaan Parindey ghar aaja……………plays………. Bebe cries while Iqbal smiles.

Purab asks Bebe what she wants to say about Sameer, did she see anything. Bebe says I…………

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