Dil Dosti Dance 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The police man says to Huma that she must wait to take her belongings. She thinks she must look again. The police inspector asks to talk to Avantika. Swayam comes and asks what happened. They tell him it’s a serious matter. They ask shall they go to the academy and talk about the student. Swayam says that they didn’t get a student and he doesn’t want to talk to Karma. Bharat gets angry at him. Swayam gets a call and says he will call her back. Amar asks them to calm down. Sharon calls again. Swayam ignores. Simma asks was it Sharon’s call; and tells him she was tensed taking academy. He asks did they ask her about the surprise, as he wants to do something special for her. The all suggests he should propose her for marriage. Swayam can’t believe it. They begins arguing about the advantages of marriages. Swayam imagines Bharat, Vicky, Nil and Amar dancing.
Avantika calls them into the hall, they all gather. She announces that they are taking strict action for the investigations of the stealing. Karma notices Huma nervous. Mrs. Rai Prakashy says that she wants the person given another chance; he must come to her cabin and return the stolen things.
Huma thinks about the announcement. She says that she must tell Avantika the truth. She comes to her cabin. She nervously tells her but Avantika gets a call and gets worried that the CCTV footage has been stolen. Huma says she was telling her that her things have also been stolen. Huma thinks who can steal the footage. Karma holds Huma to the wall. He says this is done to a thief, and takes a CD. She says this means you stole the footage. She says thanks she didn’t need this, he says he did it for himself and the footage is in his hand. He asks her to meet him in the fire exit, she denies. He takes the CD and asks her to think.
Raghv comes to Huma and asks what’s going on between them. She says as usual he frustrates me, because he didn’t get admission in St. Luois. She says she gotta go now as she has to go for dance rehearsals. Raghv says what happened to her, there is something cooking.
Peon brings a parcel for Sharon. She thinks who sent it. It was from Rey. She cheers up reading the card. She opens it; it was a red colored bag. She jumps watching it.
Huma comes to meet Karma. She thinks why did he delete the footage, what he wants. She was angry at him. Karma says she called her for the CD. She asks he wants to black mail her. He breaks the CD and throws it away. She asks what he wants. He says I only want my money, she says don’t try to bullying me. He says neither you have option nor time. She must pay her first installment that is 25,000. She gets worried. He says she has met the Shamsher and his goons, he won’t leave her as well. Karma says she must steal it or get a lottery or whatever. She asks why he saved her from the police. He says you are my prey not the police.

PRECAP: Swayam talks on the call that all the arrangements must be the way he wants it. Sharon’s mom celebrates her birthday. She gets Rey’s call. She thinks no call from Swayam.

Update Credit to: Sona

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