Jhalli Anjali 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jhalli Anjali 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

It was a dream Anjali get up and Screams Maid comes and asks what happened asks if she saw any witch…Anjali tells both witch and wizard both she have seen..Maid tells she is very unique…Anjali sees clock and tells it is very late….On another side Dhruv win the race compedition..Everyone cheers..Dhruv becomes happy…Anjali comes and Asks Amisha what happened She tells that Dhruv won..Anjali asks Why she left her alone at home and came to College…Amisha tells there are two reasons..1)she was injured 2)she have to come fast to cheer Dhruv…Amisha tells yhat after prize distribution cermony she will propose Dhruv…Kiera and yuvraaj comes ti Maitreyi…Kiera tells Maitreyi because of Dhruv she lost..Yuvraaj tells Dhruv is very Manipulative..Amisha and Anjali always roam around him thats why won them..Amisha hugs Dhruv…Kiera Calls Maitrey “poor girl” Maitreyi cries and goes…Anjali sees VP if he felt the game as he lost..VP tells to impress Amisha he spent all his money..He is feeling hungry..Anjali tells to forgot all she will give him treat…In the Canteen VP and Anjali are sitting…She gives him money…VP tells thankyou tells he will return after sometime..Anjali asks why did he think Amisha would come to meet him..He tells the same way Amjali waits for Angad..Anjali tells shutup..VP asks why she is doing such diets and all..Anjali tells she is doing just to show that she is best than Sheena…while..Amisha uploads the dance video of Anjali and yuvraaj dancing..In which Anjali is beating Yuvraaj the whole college laughs and.makes fun of Yuvraaj…Prateek comes and tell that his video is leaked in the whole college and everyone is Enjoying…Yuvraaj and Prateek goes to canteen…Yuvraaj beats on table…VP sprays ketchup..Yuvraaj tells Anjali that she wantedly done that..Anjali tells noo…Yuvraaj snatches VP phone and throws Dhruv catches it Yuvraaj accuses her as because of Video is leaked..Dhruv tells after such insult also he didnt changed…Yuvraaj calls Dhruv “Hero” why did he came in between…Dhruv says she changed gangster what he is..Vp tells yes…Yuvraaj tels once result us announces he will show all of them…Dhruv tells if he dare to touch her..Yuvraaj pushes her injured leg and goes..Dhruv touches her leg and tells her not to take part in Race.
.Anjali agrees…Amisha and pinky sees…Yuvraaj tells to go and tell maitreyk that Anjali is not taking part in the Race..Prateek tells…Amisha is practising..Maitreyi comes and practise..Yuvraj calls kiera as it is late for Race..kiera tellsshe will take revenge From Amisha..as Anjali bet Yuvraaj..worker comes and gives something to Kiera telling its Danger Kiera collects it…
As the race starts..Anjali comes and tell the Sir that Kiera is doing something with Amisha…Mam checks Kiera but Kiera hides finds nothing..Anjali asks help from Babji..Anjali tells sir to wait minute..as she want to participate in race..Sir asks how with the injured leg..Anjali thinks what to do and finally sits on wheelchair and participate in Race…VP pushes Anjali…Sir shouts what is happening….Yuvraaj tells what the new drama…kiera and Amisha are running…Anjali sees ballon in kiera hand and gets worried…Anjali tels VP to run fast.
Anjali jumps from the wheelchair..pushes Kiera…kiera and Maiteri falls burst breaks.Anjali..kiera and.maitrey are sneezing..Everyone is shocked…Amisha wins the race…Dhruv appreciates..principal comes and shouts at Anjali..Anjali tells that kiera brought ballon..VP finds a ballon shows to sir..kiera is sneezing tells nothing like that..Sir checks and he sneezes too..Principal shouts at kiera..kiera goes..Anjali says sorry to Maitreyi..Amisha hugs Anjali tells she is the best sister..Amisha also hugs VP..Dhruv and Amisha holds and takes to her daughter…Dhruv call her superwomen…VP gets happy Dhruv asks what happened…Vp tells the new waitress of canteenn in “kuwari Kiera”..Anjali and Amisha laughs..Principal calls Dhruv he goes away…kiera calls ” losers sisters of Ambala” Amisha tells waitress of canteen came to take order..Anjali tells she is on diet..Vp..Amisha and Anjali laughs…kiera tells Maitreyi is she feeling bad as she lost the race..Maitreyi tells she is equally responsible..Kiera tells Maitreyi to teach a lesson to Anjali…and goes..Maitreyi comes back and tells she is ready.to take revenge from Anjali..Kiera laughs…


Precap:KIera makes a plan Dhruv tells Maitreyi sorry for what all happend Anjali hides listens thinks somethingelse..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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