Nadaan Parindey 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nadaan Parindey 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher doing rituals with Purab and he holds her hand smiling. Meher frees her hand angrily. Iqbal comes and sees Meher and Bebe. Everyone is happy seeing them. Iqbal thinks about old moments. Mama says our Sameer is looking hero today. Iqbal asks Bebe to say something, how is he looking. Mama says what are you asking her, you always look good to her. Meher asks Iqbal to be with him. Iqbal goes to Bebe. Meher looks on. He thinks of Mehtaab’s words. He says Bebe is with us and hugs her. Meher smiles. Iqbal asks Bebe is her hand on his head, he will make everything fine, promise. Nimmi says the marriage is in two days, do all functions soon. Bebe goes to Mama. Meher asks Iqbal what happened to him, be like this now. She says I felt I got the old Sameer back, my Pyjama Singh.

Mama asks Bebe to do all arrangements with Channi, he got tired. Its night, Iqbal comes to Bebe and sees her. He thinks about Bebe’s words. He cries. He says he has hurt Bebe a lot, what did I do. He says even Lord will not forgive me like this. Bebe sees him standing out. She asks what is he doing here, and why this fake tears, what plan he has now. He says hear me once. She says enough, I won’t let you play with my emotions, I hate you, I will always curse you. She says get lost and shuts all windows. He says hear me once Bebe and cries.

Channi comes to Meher and speaks against her family. Meher says you know I m against this marriage, I tried to stop it. Channi says she is not blind and fool, she is seeing her happy today.She asks her to take shagun for Minty. Meher comes to Iqbal and tells everything to him. She cries and says I wanted to stop this marriage, and now I m doing both side rituals, do something Sameer. Iqbal thinks his dad saved him from doing this sin, the one who is hugging me, in my Bhabhi, my brother’s love, I have her so much pain, Lord will not forgive me, but how to stop this marriage now.

Meher says give me reply. She asks don’t you love me. He thinks the one who loves her is across the border because of him, what to tell you now. Sameer is in jail and cries thinking about Meher and Sameer. He shouts Bebe. Bebe wakes up from sleep, and sees Iqbal sitting near her feet. Iqbal says I came to give you everything back, I will bring your son back. She pushes him and hurts him. She asks what will he have in return, tell me your big plan, threaten me again. She says I will not let you cheat my country, I can sacrifice my son. He cries. Rabba………………..plays…………………..

Meher talks to Iqbal and says I m worried for my sister, if you had any brother, you would have felt my pain. He thinks about Sameer. Mama calls Sameer to tie Pagdi to Purab. Meher asks him to go. Everyone call Sameer to come fast. Meher says she will go now and leaves. Its marriage day. Iqbal gets dressed well. Mama asks him to tie Pagdi to Purab and bring him fast. Iqbal takes it and goes to meet Purab. Purab looks at Iqbal and smiles. He sits to wear the Pagdi. Iqbal thinks he heard Sameer saying that Purab Veer ji has shot the bullet in his chest.

Iqbal now confronts Purab about it. Iqbal thinks Purab is his cousin, but his greed and cheat has hurt everyone and now he is trying to ruin Minty’s life, I will stop him now. Shall I let him go or stop this game. Purab asks what happened. is He ties the pagdi and asks why did you shoot me on the chest on the war mission Veer ji. Purab is shocked and thinks how he shot Sameer.

Purab brings him his anger that he hates him and that’s why he shot Sameer. Mama comes and hearing this, scolds Purab and shoots Purab.

Update Credit to: Amena

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