Ek Nayi Pehchan 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Media reporters have come inside the hospital as well and air the news. Suresh is irked and calls someone. A reporter talks about how Sharda Modi herself has given her statement against her own son. Is he a spoilt brat?

Sakshi comes to meet Shanaya who still has not gained conscious. Sakshi prays to God to get Shanaya well as He too knows that Karan hasn’t done anything wrong.

Reporters try to get Suresh and Karan talking but they both keep quiet.

Sakshi tells Sharda about Shanaya’s condition. Please listen to me and try to understand me. I know that Shanaya has been really hurt. I agree that Karan was wrong in locking Shanaya in the storeroom. But we all know it well that it was an accident. Karan is your son and you know him. do you really think he will try to hurt someone intentionally? Sharda replies that the matter here is that Shanaya has been hurt. Karan’s anger is his mistake for which he will be punished. What’s wrong will be wrong even if my son has done it! Nurse takes Sharda to sign some papers while Sakshi cries for Karan. I cannot understand what to do. Ma thinks that Karan’s anger was unjustified but he was angry as he thought that I am pregnant. I will tell her. maybe she will be able to understand things then.

Sakshi looks at Shanaya from outside the door. sharda says Karan is my son, your husband but he is Shanaya’s culprit too. You have always supported truth then what happened today? Support the truth. Sakshi is taken aback. Is truth and being right above relations? Sharda shakes her head. But they are its base. Its true that Karan is my son but it is also true that it dint happen right with Shanaya. I supported you when things were against you. Now I have to be with Shanaya for the same reason.

Suresh is irritated to see the news on television. He talks to some doc regarding Shanaya. He is upset with Sharda. You acted all stubborn and do you know what situation I am in now because of you? Whole world is laughing at me. why did you do it? You dint even think once right? Of course, why would you do it if you would have given it a thought! Sharda stays put. He agrees that Karan is at fault but what was the need to make a joke out of their personal matter in front of the whole world? Every news channel is airing this story. Shanaya is my daughter, my blood and when I was trying to hide the story then why did you have to be all great? Whole world is mocking upon us. Your own son Karan’s life has been affected mostly. His life, his career, his future has been ruined because of you. I thought that you would have improved after pursuing studies and having your own factory but you are the same illiterate woman. He turns to go but hears a nurse telling Sharda that Shanaya has gained consciousness.

Everyone goes inside to see Shanaya. She is feeling headache because of the head injury. She tries to get up but is unable to move or feel her legs. Doc tells them that maybe because of the head injury she has gained paralysis in her legs. Everyone is in for a shock. Shanaya shouts in disbelief while Aarav tries to comfort her. Doc assures her that things will be fine soon. sakshi too reassures her but Shanaya retorts that this is what she had wanted for her. She breaks down. My whole life has been ruined. she sends Sakshi out of the room who too is crying badly in a corner at what has happened. Dadi consoles Sakshi. Suresh is heartbroken. Sharda reassures Shanaya that she will be alright but Shanaya cries for her mom. Why did you leave me? see what has happened!

Shanaya’s words echo in Sakshi’s mind and she cries bitterly. She gets a call from Karan (still in jail). He asks about Shanaya and is shocked to know her state. He blames himself for it. She can understand what he is going through but he is concerned about his mom. She promises to do so. The constable asks for his phone and Karan cuts the call hurriedly. Sakshi is distraught at the turn of events. Why so many problems in one go? Karan is in lockup and Shanaya had a paralytic attack. What do I do? She thinks of something.

Shanaya is shifted to another room from ICU. The paralysis can go away in such cases in a while. I have spoken to the physiotherapist. He excuses himself. Sharda boosts Shanaya’s morale who talks all the negative stuff. Sharda tells her to be strong and positive. I have full faith in you. She tells Chirag to bring some stuff for Shanaya. Dadi tells them all to go eat something but Shanaya instead assures her that Sharda ji will take care of her. Suresh too insists so Dadi agrees. Sharda goes to check on the nurse as it is time for her medicine.

Sakshi wants to talk to Sharda regarding Karan. I agree that it dint happen right and Shanaya is really unwell but Karan is very worried too. He is lockup right now. We have to get him out somehow. Sharda doesn’t want to talk about it. Sakshi yet again repeats that Karan would not hurt Shanaya intentionally. He has accepted his mistake in front of the whole world. He has been punished a lot. He was handcuffed in front of the whole world and taken away by the police. Is this not enough for him? please forgive him. sharda replies that things cannot be undone by his realisations / acceptance that he has made a mistake. Shanaya will not get well just because of that. She is just a kid and don’t know if she will be able to walk on her own again or not. I can never forgive him. She heads back inside while Sakshi stands there worried. I will have to talk to papa regarding it.

Suresh tells Dadi that he had a word with all the big doctors. They all feel that we cannot rush in Shanaya’s case. We will have to wait for some time. Its all happening because of my misdeeds. My daughter is being punished for my mistakes. She is innocent. It should have happened with me instead. Aarav asks his dad if Shanaya Di will be on wheelchair for forever. Suresh and Dadi assure him that all will be well. Trust on God. Suresh wipes his tears and tells Aarav to be with Dadi while he goes to meet Shanaya.

Sakshi requests Suresh to do something to bail Karan. Suresh tells her that everything is happening because of your and Sharda’s fights. Because of you two my daughter is on wheelchair today. I don’t want to help anyone now. You all can do what you want people want to. I only want to be with my daughter right now. He goes to meet Shanaya. Sakshi makes up her mind to support Karan even if no one is with her. I wont keep quiet. I will get him out for sure.

Sharda prays to God not to test her motherly love for her kids. I have got my son locked in the jail for Shanaya. I agree she has made a mistake but don’t punish her like this. Please save my kids and show me the right way.

Sakshi comes to meet Karan in the jail. She has brought food for him. She feels very bad to see him thus. He asks about Shanaya and is told that she will have to be in hospital for a few more days. Papa is very much worried for her. I don’t know how to talk to him regarding your bail. Who should I talk to! Constable tells them to hurry up as being a Saturday the court will be open till 2 pm only. Karan and Sakshi are taken aback.

Precap: Sakshi recalls that one of Karan’s friends is a lawyer. She tries his number but it is out of coverage area. She goes to his office but he is not there. She gets a call from the lawyer that he will reach court directly. He asks her to come there too. She is on her way and worried as it is about time.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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