Dil Dosti Dance 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Swayam and Karma confronts each other. Everyone expected a fight, Swayam says okay guys let’s do it, if the beat is missing we will do it again. Karma leads the dance, while he gets a call. He asks now? and promises to leave. He tells them that VP called him college. Swayam calls the rest to continue the rehearsals.
Raghv was sitting in college thinking about Ishika. He thinks he shouldn’t have helped Ishika, she was showing him attitude; now she will know who Raghv is. The peon comes to call Raghv in VP’s office, he goes there thinking there must be a good news there. He looks at Karma coming, and thinks what he is doing here. Huma peeks at them confronting, both entering VP’s office. She says she must find out what is wrong, and looks through the window. Ishika tells Vishnu that she has decided to stay in the dance academy till Dance Mania. She knocks at Huma’s shoulder, and Huma takes her to look into the window too.

VP scolded Raghv removing him from CR’s post as he had broken the rules of college by exchanging the roll numbers on the papers. Dadu came to college and asks a guy about the VP’s office. VP thanks Karma for informing the college authorities. VP says he is really disappointed and will suspend him next time. Dadu arrives at the cabin then. Raghv was shocked to see him, he meets VP, introduces himself and says he came here to see this college. VP complains him about what Raghv had done. Raghv tries to explain but Dadu slaps Raghv hard. Raghv says thankyou so much to him.
Ishika calls him, but he leaves. VP asks Karma to leave. Karma watches Huma and Ishika together.

VP says that dealing your grandfather like this isn’t reasonable. Mr. Singh says that your way of treating the children is wrong, and I would appreciate you inform me if he behaves this way again.

Sharon talks to her mom, she tells her that NYU has stopped the funding for academy. Her mom asks what the strategy of Swayam’s academy is. Sharon says I don’t know that, her mom says that we have to win this competition at any cost and there is nothing wrong in knowing about your competitor. Sharon disconnects the call, and says for you it is war but for me it is love. And in love, everything isn’t fair.
Raghv dances in the rehearsal hall, Ishika peeks through the window. He notices someone there but Ishika hides herself. She felt sad.

Huma comes behind Karma, He says he deserved this and he wanted to do what his grandfather did. Huma says you had known, if your family had such problems. Karma shouts at Huma that you have no right to talk about the problems of my personal life, as you are the girl who can even lie to her parents. Karma gets a call, he disperse the crowd and politely promises someone to be there in the evening. Huma thinks he ran away when it was time to face the reality.

Dida calls Raghv, while Dadu waits for him on dinner table. He says he won’t get better by our staying hungry. Dida asks why he didn’t touch the food till now? He was quiet. She tells him to eat the food, as she will eat with Raghv. Raghv comes home. Dida asks him to eat, he takes the plate away. Dadu stops him saying he slapped him as hard as to get rid of all his hunger. Raghv leaves, Dadu also goes away leaving the food untouched.

Swayam comes home, Sharon was serious. He asks what happened. He guessed she fought her mom again. Sharon says that she wants her to know about his strategy in dance mania, and if they lose the competition her family’s situation will worsen. Swayam looks at her skeptically while she realizes what she just said.

PRECAP: Karma again argues Swayam and Huma about dance steps saying he doesn’t consider anywhere here better that him. He calls someone for challenge, Swayam accepts him challenge.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I m not liking that karma ‘s attitude ! He s just disgusting !

  2. good that raghav got a slap he deserved iit.!

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