Nadaan Parindey 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 28th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher meeting Purab at night. Purab asks are you ready. She asks for what. He says you said you will give anything I ask for. She says yes, but I want to tell you something. He smiles and says tell me. She says about marriage. Purab gets glad and asks hose marriage. She says don’t you know what everyone are talking about. Channi and Bebe were talking about marriage. Purab thinks his mum spoke to Bebe about his marriage. He asks what did you think, do you agree. She says no one asked me. He says now I m asking you. He asks whats your reply, yes or no. She says we are friends, but I have many favors too. She says don’t know, I will do what Bebe says. I can’t break her heart.

He asks does Bebe want this. He says then tell yes. She says but. He says you have to marry some day, we are childhood friends, and I always wanted this, I wanted this and I got it. He says Meher, you will be very happy. He leaves smiling. She says Purab wants me to marry Sameer, but who told him, maybe Channi. Purab comes and lifts Channi. He thanks her for making his dream come true. She asks what. He asks did you talk to Bebe about Meher. She says yes, and thinks he is mistaken. She smiles as Purab leaves.

Bebe talks to Meher and asks about her headache. She says I could not talk yesterday because of it, you are mature now, you are mu daughter and friend, my heart wants you to add one more relation in this. She says your decision will be final. She says I did not tell you till now, I had this dream to make you bahu, but I did not had any hope because of Sameer being so careless. She says now Sameer is responsible, you are friends and what else do you need to marry. She asks Meher will she marry Sameer. Meher is shocked. Bebe asks will you become my bahu.

Meher says Bebe, I……….. Bebe says do you not like Sameer. Meher is quiet. Bebe says its fine, forget everything. Meher stops her and says I will marry Sameer. Bebe is very much happy. Bebe hugs her and smiles. She gives her the shagun. Meher says I have some conditions. Meher says you won’t make me work making me bahu, let me sleep on Sunday, don’t take Sameer’s side, do my hair massage weekly, buy a scooty for me. Bebe laughs. Meher says you will come with us on honeymoon. They have a laugh. Meher hugs her.

Bebe says you are the one whoi bring happiness in my life, after your mum’s death. Meher goes to the Dhaba. Channi hears this and is happy. She says I got free from her. Sameer calls Bebe and asks her to make him talk to Meher. Bebe says she is working, talk to me. She teases him. She says Meher went to Dhaba, I have to give you a news, Meher’s Roka is done. Sameer is shocked and asks with whom. Bebe says don’t worry, I found the guy for her. Sameer gets angry and asks whats his name. Bebe says Sameer. Sameer is shocked and smiles.

He asks will I really marry Meher, did she agree. Bebe pulls his leg and laughs. He says I will talk to her. Purab comes and asks Bebe with whom is she talking. Bebe asks Purab to talk to Sameer. Purab is shocked and asks why did you call. Sameer says there is good news. He says I got the uniform and gun, I am finishing my training now. Purab is shocked and says work hard, I will call you at right time. Sameer says Bebe gave good news, I have to come, Meher’s marriage is fixed. Purab asks did Bebe tell you.

Sameer says Thanks to you, I m marrying Meher because of you. Purab is shocked and says what? What are you saying? Sameer says I m getting married, be ready. Purab looks at Bebe. Channi comes to tell Nimmi that Bebe fixed Meher’s marriage with Sameer. Nimmi gets angry and says I m Meher’s mum, how can she decide. Channi leaves. Nimmi says I knew this.

Sameer dances with his friends as his Roka is done and smiles. Avtar comes there and everyone stop Avtar asks whats going on. He sees Sameer giving laddoos and asks whats this. He asks who brought this. Sameer says its my mistake, I brought this, it’s a good news, my marriage is fixed with my best friend Meher, so I was celebrating. He asks Avtar to have the laddoo and says I kept a box for you. Avtar says congrats and eats the laddoo saying its good. He says give the girl’s pic from wallet. Sameer says I don’t have. Avtar says nothing can happen of you. Ashish smiles.

Avtar asks everyone to come for training in 10mins. Ashish asks Sameer how can he not have Meher’s pic. Sameer says I have in heart. Ashish asks him to talk to Meher, as she might be waiting for his call. Sameer goes to talk to Meher and calls her. Meher takes the call. Sameer says our Roka happened, so you have to take my call. She asks who told you. He says Bebe told me. He asks are you shy or sad, tell me. She says I m sad. He gets upset and asks are you sad with this Roka. She says see your face, who will marry you, a prince will come for me. He laughs and says yes, I remember how he fell. He says I became responsible, good girls salute me. She says I have to come to see you.

He says come, who stopped you. He says everyone is asking me to show your oic and I said you are in my heart. He says I made everyone eat laddoos and they made fun of me, Ashish sais I should have a pic. He says I will take a phone and keep your pic. She cries and asks then what………. He asks don’t you want my pic and smiles. He says I understood you are shy. He says I know you have my pic in your heart, are you happy. She cuts the call. Sameer leaves for training.Sameer says I know she is happy. Meher looks at the shagun and looks upset.

Purab tells Channi I will give Sameer everything, but not Meher. Meher talks to Baba ji and says I don’t love Sameer, he is my best friend.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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