Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi telling Raman about Shagun’s state. Raman asks what happened. Adi tells that Shagun was very depressed as Raman insulted her in the party and sent Adi out to commit suicide. The inspector says Shagun took sleeping pills to do suicide. Adi asks the inspector not to hear Raman. Mihir calls Pathak and asks him to come. The inspector asks Raman to come with him to police station. Pathak comes and saves Raman. He was not near Shagun, if she had the pills, whats his mistake. Raman says I will be with my son, I came to know this just now. The inspector says fine, stay here, but with a constable.

Ishita is annoyed as Raman did not hear her punjabi speech. Simmi thinks its not so easy to learn Punjabi. Bala says Ishita your Punjabi speech was awesome, The Bhallas were happy. He asks why are you angry. She says Raman left without hearing my complete speech. He smiles and says ok so this is the reason to be annoyed. She says he deserves Shagun, not me. He says you look like an angry Punjabi woman. He says you are behaving like typical house wife, I think there is relation developing between you and Raman. She says no, we are friends, there should be respect.

Bala says why don’t you understand, you can’t cover up saying you are friends. She says its different, as Raman………… Bala laughs. She asks what is it, as we have a deal, we have to do adjustment, compromises, which Raman should understand, I wanted to say sorry and thanks, but he does not time, he does not care. Bala says I understood, now you both should understood. He says tell this to Raman. She says yes, I will tell him, I will show him whats Ishita Bhalla. She leaves. Bala says they have to understand this very soon.

Bua ji comes and talks to Simmi. She says she came from Canada and wanted to come in Raman’s marriage, but her knee pain did not allow her. She asks about Raman’s wife, Ishita is fine, but………. Simmi says Iyers were in hurry for marriage and we wanted Ruhi’s custody. Simmi says we all are trapped. Bua ji asks what happened. Simmi says we get south Indian food instead chicken, mum is unable to call guests at home. She says Ishita does not even touch chicken. Bua ji says don’t worry, I will make everything fine. Simmi says see Parmeet, I will take revenge from Ishita.

Mihir asks Raman to calm down. Adi cries. Raman says did Shagun not think before doing this drama. Adi smiles seeing Ashok and hugs him. Adi calls him dad and Raman looks at him. Ashok says now everything will be fine, I have come. He says I m sorry, I should have not left Shagun alone. Raman sees Parmeet with Ashok. He gets angry seeing him. Mihir and Pathak stop him and asks him to think before he speaks, stay away from Adi as its court’s order, don’t get angry even if they raise your temper.

Ashok says don’t worry Adi, I will not leave Raman. Parmeet says if a man can’t take care of kids, then why do he take them. Mihir calms Raman. Ishuta calls Raman. Raman scolds him and says I m in important work. She says this is not done, this is not the way to talk to me. Mihika comes and asks about Mihir. Ishita says he went with Raman, relax. Parmeet makes Raman angry by taunting him.

He says tell Simmi that I m still hers. Mihir holds Raman. Parmeet says Shagun and Ishita, two women and you. I have to agree you have something, two beauties love you, if you say, I can help you in managing Ishita. Raman gets angry. Mihir controls him. The constable scolds Raman. Adi says I said this man is dangerous, please arrest him. Raman stops Parmeet and says you are saved today because if Adi, if you take Ishita’s name again, I will kill you. Parmeet comes to Ashok and says Raman’s screws got loose, have to do something.

Bua ji fills Mrs. Bhalla’s ears against Ishita. Simmi hears them. Bua ji says I don’t have problem with Ishita, but when will you make Ishita cook and invite guests. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita is busy in clinic. Bua ji says its our Punjabi ritual. Ishita comes there and hears them. Bua ji says don’t take her side, tell me that she can’t cook Punjabi cook. Ishita says is it something. Bua ji asks her not to talk between elders. She says your mum in law have not invited guests after your marriage, she became modern, what will she make them eat, idli sambar?

Ishita says I will make it for you, I did not have time to learn cooking, but now I will learn and make you eat it, I m Bhalla’s bahu. Mrs. Bhalla smiles. Ishita says sorry for any mistake, I will cook tomorrow.

Mrs. Bhalla tells Ishita why did you tell Bua ji you will cook Punjabi food, are you mad, you need practice and you said you will make food tomorrow, even I could not make her happy with my hand made food all these years. Ishita says you are with me don’t worry, Pammi made me speak punjabi, you make me learn cooking. She says everything will be done. Ashok asks the doctor how is Shagin. The doctor says fine, but weak, we have to keep her one day under observation. Adi goes to meet her in the ward. He asks him how is she now. She nods fine. He says I was afraid.

The inspector comes to take Shagun’s statement and asks did anyone force you to take this step. Shagun thinks how much Raman insulted her. She looks at Raman.

Ashok asks why did Shagun do this. The inspector says Shagun did this because……….., and the reason is……………. Raman comes to see Shagun.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. true i agree adi n shagun and simmi are irritating now

  2. Nabitha Nair Saini

    I love this serial a lot but now a day’s shagun & adi’s character are so boring that it can’t even be expressed…hoping the best from this serial..

  3. Ayyyoooooo!poor ishita is going cook Punjabi food now.Hey now I will be able to see this serial in Telugu alsoooooo!

    1. Telugu..?? Is it going to dub in telugu

    2. Yes it is gang to dub in Telugu it starts from June 2 in Maya tv

  4. not pammi but Simmi is definitely a loose character.

  5. I agree with pserry

  6. Parmeet, Pammi and Ashok are the worst characters on televison and Raman is not a truful husband… so boring. Adi is the worst litte kid I even saw on television

  7. Shagun and Adi is so igorning and boring

  8. i said na ishi is preparng chckn for buaji.thn buaji taunts her by sayng nt gud.raman takes ishi side.

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