Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajji warning Vicky and his mum. They smile and leave. Soham comes and asks what happened. Rajji says they are liars. Soham is shocked. Bani looks for Parmeet and he hides. He comes to her and says don’t go inside. She asks what are you doing in guest room. He says I m doing office work. He says go to your room, I will come in few mins. She locks the door. Bani comes to Gagan and says Parmeet is stopping him from being with him. Gagan says Chachiji wants to talk to you, go and meet her. Bani says fine. Gagan asks Parmeet to open the door.

They plan together. Parmeet practices a song and plays guitar. Gagan smiles. He sings so bad that she closes her ears. He sing Chaan mera di;, chaandni ho tum. She says keep singing, you will do well after 2-3 years practice. She laughs and he makes a small face. He says I can’t do this, I don’t think I can make Bani’s wish true. She says lets think of something. She says I have an idea.

Kookie tells Guggie that she is feeling scared. Guggie asks why, we will do everything fine. He smiles and says congrats. She asks are you happy with my marriage. He says yes, ofcourse and jokes. She leaves annoyed. Guggie cries. Rajji and Soham come to him and tell him that Vicky is fraud, and at the end he will be marrying Kookie, so be happy. Guggie gets happy and Bua hears this being shocked. Bua ji says I won’t let this happen. I was sure that you will do something. She scolds them for lying about Vicky.

Bua ji asks Soham to think about Kookie, and let her get married to Vicky, else she will leave the house taking Kookie. Bua ji gets senti and cries. She says I will go from here. He says you are like my mum, you can’t go. Bua ji says what you are doing is worse than enemies do. She leaves annoyed.

Bani looks for Parmeet at night. She sees Parmeet outside holding the guitar. He plays it. She asks what are you doing there. He signs Gagan to play the sound. He starts singing a Punjabi song. Bani smiles and comes to him. Bani sees Randeep and Gagan playing the song and they stop. Parmeet sings really bad and is shocked to see the song stopped. He sees Bani and laughs. He says I don’t know singing, I tried much, then we thought, it was Gagan’s idea, I swear. He asks do you like this. Bani laughs. Everyone smile happily. Parmeet looks at Bani’s happy face.

Rajji comes to Soham. He asks her why did she not sleep. She says I m waiting for Anuradha’s call. Vicky drinks and tells his mum that they can’t find anything about him, as he is not a NRI and did not go out of the city till now, I want them to know my truth. Anuradha talks to Rajji. Rajji says Vicky is not fake, he is right. Vicky says I used Vicky’s name as I know Vicky lives in UK, my name in Aman Singh, she does not know this. Soham says how will we stop Kookie’s marriage now. Rajji says all NRIs are not right, but I see he is clever. She says no girl will face cheat Precap:
Vicky tells everyone that he can’t take Kookie with him to London. As he can’t get urgent visa and he needs 7-8 lakhs for this.

Vicky tells everyone that he can’t take Kookie with him to London. As he can’t get urgent visa and he needs 7-8 lakhs for this.

Update Credit to:Amena Hasan

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