Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kush meeting Vikram and asking him a favour. He asks him what is Sammy’s favourite thing. Vikram says it is his pendant. Kush requests to give it to him as he wants to keep it close to Sammy’s child. Vikram asks he has a very big heart. Kush says he is selfish and thinks kid will be known as his son in the future, but he will not know about Sammy and Suhani will miss Sammy when she will give birth to the kid, so he wants to keep the pendant close to kid. Vikram says any parent would be proud to have a son like him and blesses him.

Pihu smiles looking at her childhood pics with Priya. Priya comes there and thinks Pihu loves her Juhimaa, but she used her to gain money and property aand thinks of not informing about it to Pihu. She asks Pihu if she not getting sleep. Pihu says yes and says she is looking at old pics. She says she smiles when she looks at these pics. Priya says with smile, tears also come.

Pihu says she is missing days when she was with Priya and Ram and says she was so happy then. Priya says she is still a kid to her and asks her to find the happiness in her inner self. She says the way she speaks and gets angry, she is still a kid. Pihu asks if everything will be like before and if they will stay togther. Priya says of course we will all stay togeter soon. She asks Pihu to sleep and greets her good night.

Suhani is tensed that she killed Sammy and betrayed Priya. She thinks how can she think about her life after taking someone’s life and thinks it is fine to think about her kid and it is not selfishness, and then thinks she killed her kid’s father. She thinks Sammy was a wrong person, so he was punished right. She then thinks what will everyone feel if they know about her true idenitity. She thinks both that she did not murder and she murdered. She finally thinks whatever she did is for her kid’s happiness and she is not wrong. Kush comes to her room tired with a headache. Suhani asks if he is having headache. He says yes. She massages his head and asks if he will forgive if she will make a mistake. Kush says it depends on the mistake and asks her not to betray him at least.

Priya writes a letter to Ram that she wants to see his face while waking up and before sleeping and says without fighting they are not one self. She writes she wants to talk to him a lot and says Pihu is back to her and feels everything is normal now. She thinks he has gone on a business tour like before and she is writing it as before. she thinks he will come and ring the door bell with a lot of gifts for kids and she will hug him. She writes she will find the real murderer and will get him free soon. She writes till then she misses him and to speak to him, she will take diary and his pic’s help and asks him to come back as she is missing him.

Pihu tries to call Natasha, but her phone network is not reachable. She takes Suhani’s phone and thinks of messaging Natasha. She finds Sammy and Suhani’s messages and forwards it to her phone. She gives Suhani’s phone back and reads the message in her room. She reads the whole messages and gets tensed and reads Suhani writing that she will kill Sammy if he comes near her or her child. She is shocked to read them and thinks why did not she realize before that Sammy was getting more obsessed towards Suhani and Suhani killed Sammy as she did not want him in her life. She thinks of informing the truth to everyone that Suhani killed Sammy.

Pihu meets Priya and asks if she cried whole night. Priya says she did not. Pihu says she can sense. Priya says she wrote a diary in the night. Pihu says she must be missing papa and says after some days papa may not be with them. She says she is not sure if Priya can find a real culprit and says she knows who killed Sammy. Priya pleads to speak who is it. Pihu says it is Suhani who killed Sammy. Priya does not believe Pihu and says Suhani loved Sammy and is his child’s mother. Pihu says she knew Priya would not believe her as Suhani is very smart. She says she has proof and shows Suhani’s message to Sammy. She says these are message of same day when Sammy was killed. Priya says with just messages, it is not proved as she must have messaged in anger. She says even Ram told he will kill Sammy. Pihu says papa is short tempered and says it many times, but Suhani does not say that. Priya says she wants to be sure as it is Ram’s life’s issue.

Precap: Priya informs Suhani that she found evidence against the murderer and will produce them to court.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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