Nadaan Parindey 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 28th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purab saying he is leaving as he has seen how much Meher loves Minty, as she is not accepting his condition. Meher says stop and bends down to touch her nose to his feet as he asked her to do. She cries. Balli comes and stops her. Meher runs to him and asks what happened. Balli says Minty came back. Meher says really and runs with him. Purab is shocked and says foolish sisters. Nimmi hugs Minty and says its good you came back safe, who kidnapped you. Mama asks what happened. Meher and Balli come. Nimmi stops Meher. Minty says I went to Gurudwara with Balli, its not Meher’s mistake. She says she met a woman there who told her that her son is missing and she came out to help her, and some goons covered me with blanket and took me with them.

She says they said they kidnapped wrong girl, and left me. She says they dropped me and I got a bus and came here home. Bebe says its good that Minty came home safely. She asks Mangal is he happy npw. She says Meher is happy now. Meher says I was worried. Mama says now you sister hug and talk. Meher and Minty smile and hug. Meher says I was so worried, come here. Minty says if you come in between me and Purab now, or try to break our relation, then it will be really bad. I won’t let you get a chance to regret, Purab and I did this together. Purab comes and smiles.

Meher is shocked. Minty says what did you think, only you can plan such things, I know to answer you. Meher says you can’t see he is using you. Minty says not a word, I won’t hear anything against Purab. Minty challenges her to stop her marriage and she will show her becoming her Jethani. She says everything is over now, you are only Meher for me, not Meher Di. Meher cries and says fine, you said what you wanted, hear me now, if you think you can end out relation by showing anger, you are wrong, I did not let you cry since childhood, and I won’t let you cry today, this is not love, its false. He will ruin you, you will know his truth one day and you will come to me, I will always protect you, I will always be your elder sister.

Minty taunts her and asks her to stop this drama. She says I don’t regard you sister now. Purab smiles seeing them argue. Minty leaves. Purab claps seeing Meher. Meher comes home and cries. Bebe wakes up by her cry and asks what happened. She gives her water. Meher says nothing. Bebe asks her to sleep. Meehr cries again silently. Bebe is worried and looks at her. Bebe says look at me, why are you crying again, what happened. Meher smiles wiping her tears. Bebe says she can see what she is hiding, why is she blaming her fate and getting hurt. Meher says my fate is very bad, see she lost her mum in childhood, she got another mum but not her love, she got married to the one she loved, but you are not ready to forgive him, the sister whom I loved so much, she thinks I m her enemy.

Haye Rabba……………….plays…………… Meher says and you Bebe, whom I regarded mum, got annoyed with me, and see false blames on me and does not save me. She says what is remaining now. Bebe says I have become selfish, I m seeing my fate, today Barsi have shaken my world, I saw everyone in problem, but I felt my problem is biggest. Meher says she does not have complains from her, and her family. Bebe holds her hands and says your fate is very good and Lord will give you everything, Lord is testing you. Meher asks really. Bebe says yes. Rabba……………..plays…………… Meher says then this will happen as you are directly connected to Lord, lets sleep now.

Meher comes to Iqbal in morning and sees his smiling. She asks why is he smiling. He says he is not happy seeing her. She says you make me forget smiling since you got hurt. She asks him to go in engagement function. He says he won’t go. She says we have to go else everyone will question us.

He says why should I go in Purab’s engagement when he hates me. Meher says I understand, but attend the function for some time. Iqbal says he won’t come and asks her to make an excuse for him. She says a wall is created in between them because of all this, how to make you agree. She says the day this wall breaks I will settle all scores, then you talk. Iqbal thinks he has to settle scores of his wounds. Meher sees Channi going with the shagun and is tensed.

Iqbal gets a call and is tensed seeing the number. He says its my dad’s call, did he know anything. What of this call gets traced. He takes the call and Mehtaab asks him who is he, as he got missed call from this number. Iqbal cries hearing his voice. Mehtaab asks again. Iqbal says Abbu……….. its me. Mehtaab is shocked and says you, its India’s number. Iqbal says yes, I m in India, I came here for mission, sorry to lie to you. Mehtaab thinks if Iqbal is there, who is there in jail here. Iqbal asks what happened, is he hearing him, don’t worry, I will come soon. Mehtaab asks when did you go there. Iqbal says I m here since three months, I can’t say anything now.

Bebe calls for Meher. Iqbal says don’t call on this number again, I will tell everything. Mehtaab says who is in jail here, he is like Iqbal, if Iqbal is in India, who is here, no its not possible, he said he is not Iqbal, he is Iqbal’s lookalike, whats this game, he is like his twin, is he Iqbal’s twin.

Iqbal’s dad tells Iqbal that Sameer Atwal is his brother and you are not at your mum’s place, Balveer Kaur. Iqbal is shocked knowing this truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. look iqbal,you took everything from sameer,pls,go away….i know you’ll will stay with meher happily…and thats what i really dont want…i dont know why i see the show when i know there gonna be such things i dont like.!!!!!poor sameer…..

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