Beintehaa 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 28th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dr. Habeeb asks Rehan to express his feeling. He says he does not have any feeling for Aaliya. Habeeb says he did not talk about Aaliya and says Aaliya comes here and prepares food for the whole family and now it is time to move ahead with a new relationship. Rehan says he got a job in Hyderabad and Aaliya also came here, there is nothing more about it, says he respects Zain and Aaliya’s relationship. Habeeb says he should not delay in expressing his love for Aaliya.

Surayya sees mass marriage wedding invitation card and asks about it. Zain says he is going to attend this tomorrow and asks her not to stop him, asks her to prepare him soup instead. Zarina comes there and provokes Surayya that her son does not hear her.

Zain asks his marriage about the catering at mass marriage function. He says he is thinking of hiring a dhaba. Zain asks him to call and check. He calls Aaliya’s phone and talks, but she is busy with mixer grinder and cannot hear anything. Zain takes phone and asks if yes or no. She reminisces Zain asking her yes or no and says yes. Aaliya informs Ghulam about the catering offer and says she felt she has to accept the offer and thinks it is in her fate. Ghulam says fate cannot be changed and if two people’s fate unite, it is difficult to separate them and talks about Rehan. Aaliya says Rehan is a good guy, but she cannot get into a relationship with anyone.

Shaziya talks to someone and starts her drama, she acts as stumbling. Bilal holds her and says he is there to hold her. She scolds him and says she is going to rest and not to disturb her. He gets confused about her conversation and thinks of asking Zarina. Sana and Aroob who hear their conversation ask his phone, write a message and tell he should sit under sun. He thinks he should do that.

Aaliya calls her servant and asks him not to worry as she will handle dhaba with other servants and to take care of Bilqui’s marriage. She gets a courier. Servants think it is electricity bill payment notice and says they paid it. Aaliya says it is a legal notice to vacate dhaba by some MKB company. Servant says it is the same company which is performing mass marriage.

Zain sees Aaliya talking to someone on phone with her back turned towards him, identifies her and goes and touches her.

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  1. Aha zain&aliyah make the best couple ever!!!

  2. I Hope they will see each other

  3. I think they are a good looking couple the chemistry is so beautiful it’s going to be hard for them to get back with each other be cause in Islam religion if you are divorce you have to marry a person fulfil the duty of a wife and if her new husband wants to divorce her then she can remarry her first husband

  4. wow Zain and AliYA are meeting once again

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