Ek Boond Ishq 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
tara ask mj what waiter told you, mj says he is not taking my call, I will go to his house but how as all keep an eye on me in this house, tara says why are you questioning these things, don’t tell anybody, you go, I will handle here, tara holds his hand, he looks at her, tara says now we are together so we will get destination, she says I am going now, its good moment, I want to live it but I know you will take off your hand and will say we are just friends, mj smiles slightly, she says I will say poetry, what lover did if not brought smile on his lover’s face, mj looks at her, she says It was good poetry, you could have smiled, she leaves, mj smiles broadly, tara turns and sees him smiling, she goes.
mj comes in house, he finds pari waiting for him, she says I sleep after listening to your lullaby, where were you? mj says I was.. she says I know everything, you were with that girl.. mj stops her, pari ask are you hiding anything from me, mj says no and ask her to come and sleep.
nandu has kept fast for vidant, she thinks that I did this fast to get good husband, like maa parvati got shiv ji, I also want to get vidant, vidant comes there, she says I made breakfast for you, he says I am getting late, I have to go to head quarters, she says I will pack it then, he says no need, nandu says are you angry with me? why aren’t you eating anything which I made for you, ok drink tea only, he says no and runs out of house, he says thank god, I got saved, I kept fast for nandu, I used to not believe in all this but now I am doing this for nandu, my love but I made her angry, nandu inside thinks that viant doesn’t like her and he doesn’t like food made by her.

Scene 2
rani tells om that sunshine resort’s manger has come to meet him, mj comes there, om ask where is tara? mj says she is in her room, om says then you should be standing out of her room, he goes from there, mj thinks now I cant go out, pari comes to mj and says I am going to school, mj says with whom you are going? she says with om’s mother, manager comes in house but doesn’t see mj, he goes to om. he tells om that waiter is being killed, om ask about man investigating about sia, manager says we will trace him too.
mj comes to tara, she ask what are you doing here, you were about to go to meet waiter, mj says om stopped me so I cant go out, tara says go to om and tell him that sia want to go on shopping with you, he wont deny, mj goes to om, rani comes to tara and ask about food but tara says I am going out, rani says is om going with you? she then says oh om cant go with you as sunshine resort’s manger has come to meet him, she goes from there, tara gets tensed thinking that mj went to om, what if manager recognize mj, tara goes to stop mj.
manager is talking with om, manger ask for some money as he removed waiter from his way, om says you get money every month, mj listens their convo from outside, tara comes there and stops him from going in, om finds some silhouette outside his room and goes to see it but tara-mj hides. tara tells mj that someone from sunshine resort has come to meet om, I saved you, mj let listen their convo, they goes to listen it but tara drops lamp by mistake, om listens the noise and goes out to see, tara doesn’t hide this time and acts like she lost her earrings, om says its in your ears only, tara says oh I forgot it, tara says I am going out for shopping as mother told me, om ask where is your guard? call him, tara says he is waiting for me down, I am also going, she goes from there.

Scene 3
mj tells tara that man was asking for money from om, tara says till when om will shut the moths with money, we will get the truth, mj takes out mobile and says take it, you don’t have phone, tara says whats the need for this, I am going with you only, mj says what if we get separated? tara looks at mj and takes the phone, she smiles and says you go, I will come after changing.
nandu is doing pooja, she says I did this fast to get husband’s love but I think my fate doesn’t have love, ok, if vidant is not in fate then let it be but please accept my prayer that make vidant happy always, she wipes her tears.
mannat ties thread to om-sia’s pic and ties other end to stairs, laado looks at her, mother comes to laado and ask are you fine? he says I am not feeling well, I am not able to keep evil in my hand, I feel like something bad is going to happen, om comes there, laado ask is it important to go on work, om says it depends, om leaves from there, laado says I feel something bad is going to happen, mother ask mannat to bring medicines for baba ji, she goes to bring it and recalls how laado asked her to tie thread to sia-om frame, she breaks the thread while walking and frame breaks, laado says I told something bad is going to happen, tara comes there and starts leaving seeing kala’s drama, laado stops tara, he says you cant go anywhere, we have to do pooja for you now itself, we have to cast evil eye from her.

PRECAP- laado is doing pooja for sia/tara, she says we did mistake, its not sia but her husband’s life is in danger, tara thinks that she has confirmed that I a tara and she is warning me that my hubby’s life is in danger means mj.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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