Nadaan Parindey 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe asking Iqbal to come and sit in the havan, else she can’t save him this time from Purab. Purab will know your truth and drag you to jail. She leaves. Purab calls Minty and says Meher wants to kidnap you, as she is jealous. He says I will get promotion, if you come here as her Jethani, will she not be jealous. Minty says I don’t know what is happening to her, she loves me. Purab says she has changed now. He says what Meher and Sameer did to trap him. He says they both made the video, and wanted to show you to break our marriage. Minty says what are you saying, I can’t believe this. Purab says you will know it soon, when Balli come to you and ask you to come to Gurudwara. Minty says no, I don’t believe this. Balli comes to her and says lets go to Gurudwara.

Minty is shocked and asks Balli to wait, she will come. Purab asks does she trusts him now. She say she can’t believe it, that Meher can do this with me. She says she loves me a lot. She says if she is adamant to stop the marriage, I have decided that I will marry you. Purab smiles and thinks its great. Nimmi asks Minty to come back soon from Gurudwara, as they are going for havan. Minty says don’t worry, I will come there. Bebe cries thinking about Sameer. She says you should have not gone leaving you. She says she is very sad, when she sees him in her dreams, she hides her in her lap being afraid, so that no one can separate him from her.

Bebe sees his pic and says she misses him a lot, be happy wherever you are. Everyone come for havan. The pandit says he always did the havan every year. Mama says everyone came. Channi is annoyed with Nimmi. Nimmi laughs and says Purab and Minty fixed everything. Meher says she will go Gurudwara. Bebe says lets do havan first, whats the hurry. Meher says she will come soon. Purab smiles. Iqbal thinks Bebe has stuck him, how will he do this today. Is this any sign, is there everything fine?

Iqbal’s dad gets ready and locks his house. Iqbal comes in his room and says what to do. He calls his dad and cuts the call. He says it’s a war between duty and religion. He says my father is alive, how can I sit in this havan, but if I don’t sit, it will be a cheat with my duty and country, what to do. He says I m sorry Abbu, I don’t have any option, but I pray for your long life. I m doing this for my country. Iqbal’s dad comes to the jail to meet him, as says he is under a blame of being traitor. He says he has govt permission also.

The inspector says you can understand he is here for big crime of being traitor. The old man says he is not a traitor, he is a commandor. The man asks him not to talk that he has to make his meeting short. He comes to meet Iqbal, and its Sameer. The pandit asks Bebe to call Sameer. Iqbal comes for the havan. Bebe is shocked. Mama asks Sameer to touch pandit’s feet. Iqbal is stunned. The pandit says leave it, he has grown up and forgot. Iqbal touches his feet and he blesses him.

Iqbal’s dad says Iqbal…………… Sameer opens his eyes. The pandit notices this Sameer does not know rituals well, even when he does it every year. He asks him to forward his hand. Purab asks Sameer are you fine. Iqbal says I m fine. Sameer shouts he is not Iqbal, he is Sameer. Iqbal’s dad says you are my son Iqbal Khan, I m your dad Mehtaab Khan. Sameer says my dad died. The old man says who is this Sameer. Iqbal gives his hand and pandit ties the red thread.

The old man asks are you annoyed, when I came to know they locked you, I came to meet you many times, they did not allow me, don’t hurt my heart. Sameer says I m not your son, I m Sameer. He gets hurt. The old man is asked to leave. He says Iqbal and leaves being worried that they have done something to his son. Balli and Meher come home. Balli says Minty disappeared. Purab smiles. Balli says she was with me, when I went to take her, she was not there. Meher asks did she tell anything to Nimmi, she is nowhere, I tried her phone.

She asks Mangal to come, and they will find her. Purab says what will happen now, what you had to do, you did it. Meher asks what do you mean. Purab says you did your plan. Mangal asks what is he saying, is he mad. He says Meher, lets go. Nimmi says let Purab say first. Purab says Meher has kidnapped Minty. Meher says what is this nonsense, why will she kidnap my sister. Nimmi cries and says I had to see this day too, why will Purab lie. Purab says ask Meher where is Minty. Meher says I don’t know, she disappeared before meeting me.

Purab says you called Minty with Balli to Gurudwara. He asks Meher to tell everyone that they planned to kidnap Minty. He says you took Balli’s help to bring Minty to Gurudwara. Everyone question Meher what is Purab saying. Meher says you heard me and Balli, yes we told it, but it was a joke, I told it to stop her marriage. Purab says we did not know you will fall so low to stop the marriage. He asks did she send Balli or not. Meher says yes. Purab says what does this mean now. Iqbal looks on. Purab says kidnapping is done by her. Iqbal says enough now.

Purab asks Meher to apologize to him, and bend down to touch her nose to his feet, then he will tell her where is Minty.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Oawww i can never understand IQBAL..and also this serial…

  2. i m really very sad for sameer.he tried and became army man for meher,but hr will not get her….what is this???this is not fair….

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