Beintehaa 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain is sitting beside Usman’s grave and remembering Aaliya’s words that if Usman believes she’s innocent then one day there will be flowers on his grave. He says, do you remember dad you brought her in my life on this day? I was not happy at all and tried my best to get rid off her, but she was very stubborn. Then when I wanted to keep her in my life, she was stubborn to leave. In a year, I won her and lost her too. She has now decided not to meet me, but I know wherever she is, she must be remembering me. She still loves me today. I promise you that I will get her back no matter what. Tears fall from his eyes.


In a Dhaba, a girl tells someone he’s late again. Aapa is very mad, she won’t leave him. He says, aapa doesn’t leave anyone anyway. Whether he comes late or on time, she would find some fault for sure to scold him. He says he feels like he takes salary for getting scold. He hasn’t seen any lady like that. Another guy joins in and says that witch is not letting anyone enter the kitchen.

A girl (Aaliya) is shown standing in front of Usman’s photo. Others discuss that he’s Usman Abdulla and he owned a hotel in Mumbai. She thinks by looking at his photo, she will become like him? Aaliya is then preparing rotis and cutting vegetables in dhaba and everyone surprisingly looks at her. Waiter says customer is going without paying. Aaliya asks him to stop him and asks the man why is he not paying. Man says he is Hyderabad’s king and will not pay. Aaliya holds his hand and says if he is Hyderabad’s king, she is this dhaba’s queen and asks him to beg if he wants food for free and kicks him out. She then asks her workers to clean the table and concentrate on their work.

Zain looks at his marriage pic with Aaliya, cries and wishes happy anniversary maika-e-zain. His secretary gives him project’s blue print. Zain asks to call architects in the evening. Secretary asks when all our projects are named Barkth, why this one is named MKB. Zain reminisces calling Aaliya as mamu ki bhanji and says this name is closer to her heart.

Staff joke about Aaliya in her absence and call her dhabe ki chudail. Aaliya hears that and asks if they have wasted time, then they should work now. He says Rafiq/cashier that he is taking extra money from customer and asks Bilquis/dish washer to sit on cash counter, she asks Rafiq to wash dishes. He resists, but agrees.

Bilal asks Fahad if he is sure about MKB name for their new hote. Fahad says it is Zain’s decision. Bilal says Fahad is intelligent and he should have done it long back. Zain enters and asks what should have been done long back. Bilal says he is just having general chat. Zain shows Fahad his project blue print and asks how is it. Fahad says it is his project and he must know about it. Zain say it is very good and goes. Bilal tries to brainwash Fahad again, but he walks out. Bilal thinks her mom is genius, we will become owner of this property soon.

Nafisa calls Fahad and asks about Zain. He says he is same. She says it is Zain and Aaliya’s anniversary. He asks about her doc’s appointment. She says she did not go as she had to pick kids. Fahad says her last appointment was important as her scar has cleared almost. She says Shaziya was busy, so she had to pick kids. She thinks Aaliya will not forgive her, but she will become like Aaliya, a good human being.

Surayya and Shaziya walk around the house and talk about Shaziya. Servant takes juice from there. Shaziya asks where is he taking it. He says it is for begum sahiba. She says begum sahiba is Surayya. He says she is inside and goes in. He goes and gives it to Zarina who is sitting on Surayya’s chair and smirking. Surayya and Shaziya and shocked to see her new avatar. Once Zarina sees Surayya, he scolds servant for calling him as begum sahiba and says Surayya is begum sahiba. She starts her acting and says she is just a guest here. Surayya says she is her sister. Zarina informs Surayya that Bilal told Zain is busy with MKB project. Surayya says she hates MKB.

Zain calls Rehan’s law firm and enquires about him and even enquires about Ghulam’s family, but does not get their info. Just then Rehan’s kids come to Dhaba with him and call Aaliya as Ammi.

Zain informs Surayya that he is going to Hyderabad to perform mass marriages.

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  1. I hope zqya get back together

  2. I read in spoiler that reheen is going to start to have feelings for aaliya

  3. I hope aaliya and rehaan are not married.

    1. They might tho

      1. Altho im not muslim I think dont u have to marry someone else tlij order to marry the person before who gave u a divorce?

  4. i think she was pregnant when she left…

    1. Yes it agree and that migjt be what makes them together again

  5. Altho im not muslim I think dont u have to marry someone else tlij order to marry the person before who gave u a divorce?

  6. In order*

  7. Aaliya and Zain can’t remarry coz in our muslim religion once a talaaq is done than only after Aaliya marries some and divorce him then she can marry Zain.I hope Zain and Aaliya would be together soon.I read in the update and saw that Rehaan starts developing feelings for her and he is going to confess it soon and however Zain and Aaliya in the same place but their path dosn’t cross.I wish they would meet again.Finally Zain realise his mistake.

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