Kumkum Bhagya 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Pragya and Purab rushing towards injured Bulbul and takes her to the nearby hospital. Aaliya gets restless that Purab has not come yet. Tanu asks her to relax and says if we ignore men, they will run behind us and if we give attention to them, they will run away. Tanu likes a mangalsutra and says it is a good design. Aaliya asks her to buy herself if she likes as she will be marrying Abhi soon.

Pragya and Purab take Bulbul to the hospital. Purab takes her in while Pragya fills form. Nurse asks if that man is patient’s husband. She says no. Nurse then sees Abhi’s name on the form in husband’s name and thinks they should call him. Abhi is busy checking Tanu’s mangalsutra and he drops it when gets a call. Tanu gets tensed that mangalsutra is broken. He picks call and is informed that his wife is in hospital. He informs about it to his puppets and rushes to the hospital.

Purab drops Bulbul on the bed and worriedly calls doctor. He brings doctor and asks him to check Bulbul. Nurse asks him to go out. He says he will not go. Doc checks her and says she is fine. Purab says he can pay much money for Bulbul’s treatment. Doc says she is just stressed with the accident. Bulbul wakes up and calls Bulbul. He then emotionally hugs her while Pragya who comes in silently watches that. Doc says PRagya that this man loves his wife a lot. Purab then gets conscious and leaves Bulbul. Doc asks Purab to bring medicines from chemist.

Abhi reaches hospital and asks receptionist about Pragya. She tells him the room number. Nurse identifies him as rockstar and asks his autograph. He scolds her and gets into Pragya’s room. He sees dirt about the bed and asks doc why can’t he clean it. Pragya opens eyes and says she is fine. Nurse takes his pic. Abhi tensely asks her to stop and asks doc why is he taking her blood instead of transfusing her. Pragya says she is donating blood. Abhi asks why did not she inform him. She says he did not let her speak and asks why is he worried about her. He says he is woried about daadi. He then calls doc and asks him to take all blood from Pragya, he then nervously smiles and says it was a joke and asks Pragya to smile.

He then asks about Purab and goes to check him. Purab gets medicines for Bulbul. She asks why did he hug her in front of Pragya. Purab says he was nervous and did not realize what is happening, says he was mad seeing unconscious. He says he cannot give her place to anyone and asks her to promise she will be happy always wherever she will be. Abhi comes there and asks what promise he is taking from her. Purab says he is asking to promise she will be fine as Pragya will be fine. Abhi thinks he brought PRagya’s sister here and left his sister. Purab says Aaliya must be waiting for them. Abhi says she already must have reached home. He comes near reception when receptionist asks his sign on form. He signs it and thinks something must be wrong with Pragya. He says Pragya she should be tested. He shows her toilet sign and asks what it is. She says toilet sign. He then shows a board a bit far and asks about it. She says she can’t see and asks him to say what it is. Even he cannot read it.

He then asks why did she write her name instead of Bulbul. She says she wrote it in a hurry. He scolds her and signs on the form. Receptionist asks his autograph again and he gives it while she smiles.

Aaliya comes home blubbering that she will not forgive Purab. She sees Purab in her room and asks what is he doing here. He says he came to apologize her. She says she will forgive him if he kisses her and tries to kiss him, when he pushes her and says he needs time. She asks howmuch time he needs, she waited for 1 year and then when she came back, she saw him with someone else and asks if he loves that girl even now. He does not reply. She says she will give him 1 day’s time and after their marrige, there should not be anybody, not even his memories.

Daadic alls all family members and gives them their responsibilities on Aaliya’s marriage. Cousin daadi asks her to let her also work. Daadi asks her to rest. She says she cannot. Daadi then asks her to supervise her family and see if they are working properly. Cousin says this is best work. Daadi says whole family that after Aaliya’s marriage, she will go to religious journey. Abhi says Pragya that his daadi is very happy and if anything problem comes, he will not leave her.

Precap: Pragya says Abhi that she herself will inform about their relationship to Sarla and daadi and asks his permission.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Hope fully now it will go right

  2. Tomorrow episode hope Purab stands up to Aliyah and put her in her place.
    She treats him like a child.

  3. gosh, this update is so confusing and has so many errors.

  4. Stop with the suspense and Drama. This is Overkill. Bottom line…. Bulbul and Purab should be together and Abhi needs to make up his mind or Pragya should be with someone that can appreciate her and leave the dummy with the 2 Witches…..

  5. great now pragya will be blamed if purab dont show up…..she ll be tortured and aliya will be the ring leader….u seein emotions for her in abhi face will that be good enough to save her from the vamps

  6. thanx HASAN….thanx 4 the fast update. !!

  7. wow abhi ur amazing sometimes and flop sometimes.dont do it man.even u dont no what u want.plz make sure of it.always dont missunderstand her iam mean pragya.use ur barin and heart.it will show right decision.thank fos update

  8. Precap not good hope Abhi says no to her !! :'(

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