Rang Rasiya 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Maithili says to maayra that your one wrong decision will destroy lives of three people.
rudra, dhruv and koyal sits to have luch, rudra ask Maithili where are all? Maithili says they will have lunch after sometime, koyal ask where is maayra, she must be hungry too, Maithili says don’t talk while having lunch, koyal says to rudra that maybe maayra is not feeling good, she has fever that’s why she didn’t come here, dhruv insists to go and check maayra, rudra gets tensed and looks at maithii.
danveer ask mohini to give him tea, mohini is blabbering something, danveer ask what are you saying? mohini says I wish maayra become daughter in law of this house, our future will change, danveeer says how can you think about it, you know rudra doesn’t want to marry, you have no feelings for emtoions, all you care about money.
rudra, dhruv and koyal comes to maayra’s room, dhruv ask are you fine? maayra says yes I am, rudra says you didn’t come down so kids were worried for you, dhruv ask maayra to come down, maayra says I have head ache, I wanna sleep, dhruv says don’t lock door of your room as if you get ill then papa will come to check you, kids leave, maayra says to rudra that I am fine, rudra says did I ask? he leaves from there. maayra calls rohit but he doesn’t pick up the phone, the answering machine gives the message that he is busy in yoga, maayra records the message that come here soon rohit, you wanna come to see location but if you come here soon then location wont be needed for marriage, please call me back and talk to me.

Scene 2
maayra comes to rudra’s room and doesn’t find him, she says seesm like he went with kids to have ice-cream, I also wanted to have it, my mood would have been uplifted. she recalls how Maithili warned her to not go close to rudra, wind blows and rudra’s paper falls on ground, one painting also falls on ground from cupboard, maayra closes the window and sees painting lying on ground. maayra sees big painting of paro, she is stunned, she says oh my god, is it really me? rudra made my painting? this means he loves me too, she gets happy.

Scene 3
rudra, shtabdi, sumer and kids are out, all are enjoying ice-cream except rudra, sumer says let go to see a movie, kids gets excited, dhruv says we should call maayra too, she will see movie with us, rudra calls maayra and she doesn’t pick up, rudra gets tensed, shtabdi ask why are you so worried, rudra says I will go home and see her, koyal says if you are going home then bring maayra here, sumer says till then movie will get over, rudra goes home while all goes to see the movie.
maayra records video for rohit, she say I know I should not be telling you this in video but your phone doesn’t connect, I don’t know how to tell you but I am choosing honesty so I will tell you everything, I love someone else, I want to spend my life with him, I am so sorry rohit to ditch you, i thought that intense love is only in films but now i know it happens in real life too, if i marry you then it will be biggest lie of our life and how can we live a life based on lie so i am breaking this marriage, please take care of yourself, she ends the video and sends it to rohit, she looks at paro’s painting and smiles.

Scene 4
maayra is finding appropriate cloth to make saree out of it, she finds some dupatta and ghagra of paro, she gets happy, yeh ish haye plays in background, she dresses like paro and smiles. rudra comes in his room and is shocked to see maayra in paro’s clothes, he gets angry on seeing maayra donning same get up as of paro, he recalls his paro, her smile and cant believe his eyes, rudra looks at painting of paro and understands that maayra saw it, maayra says am i making to remember of someone? you wanted me to see in indian attire so look i am looking same like this painting, i saw this paiting in your room and i understood that you feel the same as i feel for you, rudra says shut up, maayra says why, now we know each others feeling, rudra says shut up, how dare you come in my room, how dare you touch this painting, maayra ask why? rudra says because this is my.. Maayra says this painting is of your love whom you imagine.
shtabdi and company come home after seeing the movie, koyal says i will sleep with dhruv tonight, they come to rudra’s room and is shocked to see maayra like paro, maayra says to rudra you wanted me to be like this so i wore it for you. maayra says to rudra that you made my painting, rudra says this is not you painting, its painting of the women whom I love, its painting of my wife, its paro’s painting, whom i loved and will love all my life, he shows many pictures of paro to maayra and says she is my wife, my love and its not you maayra mehra, kids listen all this hiding outside room, rudra says i hate you because you make me remember my lost love, i hate you, maayra is shocked, rudra says you cant be my paro, never.

PRECAP- maayra leaves ranawat house, rudra goes behind her, he follows maayra’s car on his bike and comes infront of her car, car stops, maayra looks at rudra standing infront of car.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. OMG…

    mayra looks stunning in paros dress

  2. Mayraa feels rudras love dor her and loves him ….
    how does it happens…..
    there is only a kidnapping story btwn them….
    from there she realize her love for rudra……
    ilt not acceptable

  3. oh oh major saheb dont do this with myrah she is such a sweet cute baby.even paro will be happy when u and dhruv r happy.thank for update.and rudra just stop myrah yaar.

  4. Nice look of myrah….waiting 4 tmrw episode…but we r very upset aftr heard the news of stopping d serial…but my wishes to rr team. U done good acting in RR

  5. Rang rasiya one of my faviorte serial is ending on september 15.becuase big boss is taking its place.its actually good because good serials end early..not like saath nibhana saathiya which is dragging the story for no reason. Sanaya acting is aweosme ..whoever she pairs up with gets hit.i am sure sanaya will get more roles like iss pyaar ko naam doon and rangrasiya.all the best. 🙂

  6. Sorry i mean its ending on September 19

  7. Saurabh Tewari Production’s popular show Rangrasiya on Colors starring Ashish Sharma and Sanaya Irani is all set to bid aideu. The show started with a very unique concept where a village girl Paro and the brooding BSD officer Rudra come face to face due to some circumstances. Later they got married and their nok jhok was shown in the show.

    Though the concept was quite different, still the show was not able to acquire much TRPs and was struggling to make its position stronger in the race of gaining numbers.

    The buzz going around from the past few days regarding the show Rangrasiya was that it will be pulled out or get a new time slot. While the channel and the makers have been contemplating a lot about the show, we now hear that the decision has been taken to pull the plug on the show.

    Our source confirms, “The unit members might shoot its last day on September 7 and it will go off air from September 19.”

    We tried contacting the producer of the show Saurabh Tewari and he says, “Yes, the show is going off air on September 19.”

    Well undoubtedly the actors of the show did an outstanding job but unfortunately the story didn’t appeal much to the masses. The makers tried to bring variation in the show by introducing a leap and changing Sanaya’s look as well as her character from a village girl to modern girl but it seems that the current track is not garnering the attention of the viewers.

    We wish good luck to the team of Rangrasiya!

  8. There have been several rumours and predictions regarding the show

    When Rangrasiya started on Colors, Sanaya Irani made a statement which stated that she will be shocked if the show doesn’t work. Well it’s not even a year (launched on December 30, 2013) and we hear that the show is shutting shop already, on September 18 or 19.

    Well we don’t blame them; it’s best to do away with shows that don’t work and introduce new soaps that click with the audience, right? So coming back to the question – Why didn’t Rangrasiya work in spite of having brilliant actors like Sanaya and Ashish Sharma?

    Here’s five reasons why we believe the daily soap is being called off…

    #A redundant storyline which is probably similar to ten other shows already on air or have been in the past.

    # Since it launched with Beintehaa – there is tough competition and constant comparison. While the TRP rating between the two shows have been almost similar, last week Rangrasiya dropped by a few numbers.

    #While the story is situated in Rajasthan – their dialect was not a match to the region. Where’s the authenticity, people?

    #The time slot of Rangrasiya coincides with two other very popular shows on Hindi GEC – Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai on Star Plus and Qubool Hai on Zee TV. With that line-up it’s obviously very difficult to create space.

    #In desperate need for ratings, they killed Paro (Sanaya Irani) to introduce a modern version of her. While we are open to believing in doppelgangers of one person around the world, this was taking it to the extreme.

    Well we hope the makers take a cue from this and come back with something more interesting.

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