Nadaan Parindey 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Nadaan Parindey 22nd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nimmi throwing water on Meher. She scolds Meher a lot and Meher equally argues with her. Nimmi says now Bebe will not be able to go against the panchayat and you won’t have anyone’s support. Meher says I will run from here. Sameer gets the medicines. Meher calls Nimmi comes there. Nimmi does not let Meher talk and Bebe hears Nimmi scolding Meher. Nimmi asks Meher to get ready soon. Minty talks to Meher. Meher says no panchayat can break my relation with Bebe. She says I regard her my mum, my Lord. Bebe hears this. Minty says but you annoyed her. Meher says I regret that, Bebe got insulted because of me infront of the whole village. It was not my mistake, I went to find Bebe, I did not know it was wine in water glass. Bebe cries.

Minty asks Meher to

get ready and don’t create any scene, else Mangal and Nimmi will not leave her alive. Meher looks at the clothes and shots the door. She says I m going from here, how can I marry like this. Bebe says Meher is alone and I m not with her. Someone knocks the door. Meher does the packing. Sameer comes to meet Meher. She asks why did you come here, if anyone sees you then, go from here for Bebe’s sake. Sameer says she is not talking to me. Sameer says help me. Meher says Bebe is angry and its justified, we ruined her name. Sameer says you are right, its hard to get forgiveness. He asks why are you packing. Meher says no one listens to me, so I m leaving this Pind. He says are you mad.

She says then what to do, I can’t stay here. He says I will also come with you, I can’t see you sad. Meher says we are not going together. He says no, I m coming, its final, I will go home and pack my bag. She says I will not take you. He leaves. Bebe asks Angrez to talk to Sameer and did he call. Angrez says you are asking again and again, he did not call. He says you go and see him. Bebe scolds him and says I m worried, don’t make me doubt. Bebe asks Gop to come with her. Meera signs not to take Gopi. Bebe says I trust him. Gopi gets happy. Purab calls his mum and she gets tensed.

He asks her did you talk to Nimmi. She says yes, we met. Purab asks did you talk or not. She says I spoke to her, but you need to come. He says I will take holiday and come soon. He says I can’t wait more, I will come directly for the marriage. He ends the call. She says it means I have to make Meher marry that Canadian guy, if Purab comes before him, then he will not let Meher marry anyone else. Sameer says I heard there is cold weather in Canada, I will keep warm clothes. Bebe comes and sees Sameer packing.

Gopi looks on. Bebe asks Sameer why is he packing. He says I m going. She asks where. He says Canada. Gopi is shocked. Bebe gives money to Gopi and asks him to leave. Bebe scolds Sameer and says I will know who is there. Sameer says I m going with Meher. Bebe is shocked. Gopi calls Malik’s man and tells him that Sameer is going Canada. Malik is informed and says how can this be. Bebe says did Meher ask you to come. Sameer says no, I will not let her go alone. he says she is my best friend, her family wants her to get married, so she is leaving. She says you do your work, I will solve this problem.

He says if you are not annoyed with me, I will not go with her. Bebe says I will make some food for you. Sameer thinks and says I will tell Meher that there is change of plan. Bebe thinks Meher is taking a wrong step in anger, if she leaves, she can’t come back. Meher won’t go anywhere. Bebe calls Mangal and tells him that Meher is angry and running from home. She asks him to go and stop her. She says go and sit with her, be his parent and tell her that you have forgiven her, its your duty to send your daughter with happiness. Mangal is shocked. Bebe says go fast. She prays to Lord and says stop Meher.

Mangal sees Meher with the bag. He says I m your father, I did not do my duty well, but I understand you. He says if you don’t like this proposal, don’t answer me, come sit. Meher sits. He tells her about her mum and why he married Nimmi, don’t know he did right or wrong, but he did not let her cry. Nimmi is not so good, but she cares for you. Meher says I don’t wwant to marry now. He says what happened yesterday, how can I make you stay here, people will know about it, if I don’t send you, then good proposals will not come, then what will I do. He says I can’t see you bearing pain all life. She says I have few dreams, I want to study, once I get married, everything ends. He says dreams don’t end but change, they get fulfilled. He says I stopped your education, I regret, but I know you are smart and strong, you will make your way on your own.

Meher requests her dad to stop the marriage and let her be here. He says I would have, but you won’t be happy here. He requests her to listen to him and marry. He says I will die if you don’t marry. Meher is shocked. He folds hands and cries asking her to agree for the marriage. Meher cries and hugs him. Mangal smiles and says the guy is good, he will keep you happy and I will be there always for you. Meher says yes. Mangal says I knew it you will agree, be happy now that you will be free from Nimmi’s taunts, get ready, they will be coming to see you. He leaves.

Mangal asks Meher does she like the guy. Sameer looks on. Meher says yes. The marriage is in 7 days.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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