Pavitra Rishta 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 22nd April 2014 Written Update

The episode stats with Nsren coming back to Ankita and saying that Soham is not getting up even after he poured water on him. He says Soham is nice, but once he drinks, he is not under control. He mimics how Soham acts after drinking alcohol. He says Archana that Soham will not get up today and asks her to feed him tomorrow. Archana nods yes. Naren asks about Pari. Archana says she is attending her guest. Naren asks if one more damad came. Archana says Shekhar came. Naren insists to meet Shekhar, but Sunanda asks him to meet Shekhar tomorrow. He leaves from there with Ankita, Sunanda, and Kinnari.

Pari sees raining outside and remembers Aman’s/Naren’s words that he likes unseasonal rain and gets sad. Naren sees the rain and asks Ankita/Ahana to come out and enjoy rain dance with him. Ankita thinks Ahana left, but her memory is still alive. Ankita says she gets cold in rain and asks him to dance inside the room itself. They both dance romantically on song Aa tuhjme bitaooon ratiya, tu mujhme kahin pe basjaa….Pari addresses Aman and says she came Mumbai and saw unseasonal rain, but it is giving her bitter memories.

Archana sees Pari’s door closed and gets tensed. Pia asks Archana not to worry about Pari, she will be alright. Archana says Pari was very lively and used to be very happy 2 days back, but dunno what happened. She should know her problem to help her. Pia says she knows her problem and tried to solve it, but she could not. She says she would have told her long back, but Pari trusted her and told her everything, so she did not tell her. She says about Pari meeting Aman Mathur in London and loving her, but he left her. Since then, Pari lost faith in relationships. Archana asks where is he now. Pia says he had told fake name and left London without informing her. Archana says she will speak to Pari. Pia asks her not to asks her about it as Pari will get angry on her. Archana says not to worry as she will talk to Pari in her way and says she will let Pari married son. There must be someone who will love Pari and will make her realize how special she is. She will find such a guy for Pari. Pia says even she will help her in finding a guy for Pari.

Soham gets up in the morning, hears drum/tamboora beats and asks to stop tamboora. He looks out from window and finds his grandparents and family outside. He thinks he drank a lot, so he is getting dream about his family. He sees Manav, Sachin and kids dancing and gets happy. Soham’s son comes and asks him to take him out for dancing. Soham then realizes it is not a dream and it is Anand Nivas chawl. He frightens his son not to go out. Mansi sees that and says Soham he made them ashamed last night. She says where was he since 2 days. Shashank was worried searching him. She says even now she believes him as father and is worried about him. She asks him to be with him at least now. She says Archana invited Ankita for dinner and wanted him to come for dinner. She says Archana made Ankita married to Naren and fulfilled his duty instead. She asks him to not ruin her name at least in this chawl and make people call them as drunkard’s son. Soham gets angry on Mansi and asks her to bring him lemon water..

Pari calls Ankita that she will meet her after a meeting in a cafe. Pari does not find her file and shouts servant about it. Archana gives her file and asks her to have breakfast. Pari says she has a meeting and cannot get late. She goes from there even after Archana insists to have breakfast. Archana says Savita that Pari wants to go to Canada back. Savita says she will not go back and says like we love our nation and came back here, she will be back once she gets married. Archana asks if she found any guy for her. Savita says she is thinking about Shekhar, once she gets married to him, she will settle down. Archana says she just thinks about business. Savita says once she marries, she will get involved in her family. Archana says she cannot rush. Savita says we will just have to inform Pari, marriage can happen later.

Ankita gets ready for the meeting. She sees Naren throwing roti outside the windows and asks what is he doing. He says he made friendship with a crow and is feeding. He asks her where is she going. She says she is going to meet Pari.

Precap: Gaurav and Parashant fight, Sachin asks GAurav to ask sorry to Prashant, but does not. Soham sees that standing in a corner. Manav sees Soham and calls him thinking it is someone else.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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