Nadaan Parindey 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purab telling Bebe and Meher that he has sent Sameer for job. Bebe asks why did you not tell us. Purab says you both were cursing him, how could I tell you. He says you did wrong with my brother, I wanted to prove him innocent, as I knew it, its good luck that I got Ranveer’s wife and told me the truth. I brought her to you to prove Sameer innocent. Bebe asks where is Sameer. Purab says he is fine, he is on right path. Bebe asks is he well. Purab says don’t worry. Meher says lets go and meet him. Purab says I don’t want this. Bebe says I want to meet him, I have to be sure about him. Purab says I won’t tell you where he is, he will come back seeing you.

Bebe says no, I will go. He asks Meher to explain Bebe. Meher says Purab is right, we should not meet Sameer now. Bebe says I want to apologize to him. Purab says then don’t expect from me, fine, come with me, don’t make him responsible, he will become lazy again, I will not help him again. Bebe stops and says no, I will not meet him. She says I don’t him to become weak seeing me, I will not come in his way. Purab hugs her and says this is good. Bebe asks is he fine. Purab says yes, I have every update about him. Bebe says yes, he wrote in letter he will become responsible.

Purab says don’t cry, everyone will know that Sameer is innocent, people’s mouths will be shut now. Bebe says yes, I will shut everyone’s mouth, lets see how they feel ashamed. Purab says Bebe………… Bebe says don’t stop me, this is important. Meher says go Purab, go with her, don’t know where she is going. Sameer comes to Avtar and says you should not drink tea in morning, but milk. Avtar scolds her and says you are on duty, you should not come inside without permission. Sameer says no one told me. Avtar says out, there is no place for you in army, get lost.

Sameer says I will do what you say, make me an army officer, make me responsible, else I will die here hitting my head, you don’t know my story, its very painful. Avtar says enough, you are dismissed, you can’t become an army officer. He leaves. Sameer gets sad. Mama and Channi talk to Mangal and Nimmi about Meher. He tries to explain Mangal that he did wrong with Meher. Mama says Sameer saved Mehers life by hearing Ranveer’s family talk. Mama says Sameer got defamed in this matter. Mangal realizes his mistake.

Bebe comes there with Purab and says you have beaten my son, you have cursed us, made me our of Meher’s marriage. She says see my son’s heart, he saved your daughter. She says apologize to my son. Mama says he did a mistake. Bebe says he did a mistake by marrying Nimmi. She taunts Nimmi and scolds Mangal. He says kick Nimmi out of the house. Nimmi says its not our mistake, no one believed Sameer. Nimmi says he is useless. Bebe says I will see Pind later, you are Meher’s step mum, would you send Minty in hell without finding out about the groom.

She asks Mangal to ask Nimmi. Mangal asks Nimmi angrily. Nimmi says I did this on Channi’s saying, she brought the proposal. Purab is shocked and asks his mum. Mama says how did Channi know them. Mama says she did not even tell me. Channi says I brought the proposal, but if they cheated, its not my mistake, Nimmi and Mangal should have found out. Nimmi says you praised the family. Purab looks at Channi angrily. Channi and Nimmi argue. Nimmi says you wanted to get Meher married. Nimmi says Channi made the guy’s family stay in her house. Purab asks did they stay at our house. Channi says I was doing good and everyone are blaming me.

Mama says I will talk to you later. He asks Mangal to thank Lord that Meher is saved and Sameer is innocent. He asks Mangal to rectify his mistake. He says we will also find Sameer. Bebe says we know where is he. Mama says good. Purab says when I came back, Sameer was much worried, Bebe has kicked him out, so I gave him a job, he wanted to become responsible. Channi says you did not tell us. Purab says everyone was playing games, so I also played a small game, he is my brother. Bebe says I won’t let him come back, everyone has to apologize to him.

She tells Nimmi if she says wrong about Meher and Sameer, then she will expose her evil games. She leaves with Purab. Mama asks Mangal to think what he said. They leaves with Channi. Minty and Balli look on. Mangal says what did I do and leaves. Nimmi asks where are you going. He says I m going to bring Meher back. She says I won’t let you ruin my children’s lives. He says if Pind knows this, they will not leave you. He asks her to come.

Purab brings Bebe home and asks her to rest. Meher asks what happened. Purab says good things happened. Meher is shocked to see Mangal and Nimmi. She smiles and says Bau ji. Mangal hugs her. Mangal asks her to come back home. Meher says who will tale care of Bebe. Channi says go home. Meher says home is where you get love, I got such love only from Bebe. She says I will stay here till Sameer comes back. Bebe says what are you saying. Purab says Meher is right, you need her. Channi says you don’t know anything, Meher should go back.

Meher says I did a mistake by not trusting Sameer, Bebe kicked him out because of me. Should I not get a chance to regret. Meher says I leave the decision on you. Mangal says fine, stay here. Purab smiles. Mangal says take care of Bebe and come to meet me sometimes. Meher cries. Mangal apologizes to Bebe. Mangal blesses Meher and leaves. Channi thinks what will happen now. Purab smiles. Meher looks at Bebe and runs to hug her. She says don’t say anything now. Bebe cries.

Meher says Bebe wants to meet Sameer once Purab says this is not right. Meher comes to the army camp. Sameer meets Purab. Purab gets tensed seeing Meher standing far.

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