Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Guru ji again rubs his fingers and this time throws it to Seema. He tells her her son is a diamond and he will get success soon. Seema says you can study the minds of people so easily. He now turns to Gunjan and asks her to do all the questions she has in mind. Gunjan says its nothing but he tells her to ask. Gunjan says you claim to be simple like us, then why this special treatment for yourself. Guru ji says that this glass of gold and silver bowl and this special chair? Mayank begins to stand up in anger but he stops him. He stands up and comes down to sit on floor with everyone. All his follower men and girls stand up. They all looked at this in shock and then everyone stands up. Guru ji says you see girl, when I sit down everyone stood up because they want to see me. He says I can’t let people stand in front of me for so long, I want their happiness and their love. It is Prabhu who does all so leave everything on him and everything will be good.
He tells everyone to sit down and says I know that you miss your deceased mother a lot. Gunjan gets teary. He tells her she is happy wherever she is because she wanted you to dwell in Banaras. Everyone appraises her a lot. He tells her to leave everything on God, everything will be fine. Gunjan recalls her memories with her mother asking Shayl to take the responsibility of her Gunjan. Rachna comes to place a hand on Gunjan’s shoulder as she wipes her tears away. The Guru ji asks to begin the pooja.
In the hospital Rajiv moves his finger and comes to consciousness. The nurse notices and runs to call the doctor. KT is also in the corridor. Rajiv sits in the bed, doctor comes and tells him to relax and ask him to lie down. He asks the doctor how he came here and what this all is. Doctor tells him to relax and calm down and tells him he had an accident. He pours and injection in his drip. KT comes inside but begins to leave without saying anything. Rajiv asks him who he is and where is Rachna. He asks did Rachna bring him here and asks him to call her here as he wants to meet her. KT remembers Rachna crying for Rajiv.
The Guru ji is doing pooja when Murli’s mother come running inside with papers in hands. The security guard stops her in the door while Gunjan sees her. She asks guard what kind of pooja is going in there and he tells her Guru ji is here. She gets excited. Gunjan tells Rachna they must stop her at the door as she didn’t still talk to Shayl. They both go towards her while the guard stops her. She says she is the mother in law of Pihu, how can’t she go inside. Shayl goes to greet her but she overlooks her and goes to Guru ji. He stops her from touching his feet and says that one should have a true heart for the blessings but you are here to snatch all the happiness of a son. It will diminish all she and her son have. She falls in his feet and says that her son’s happiness is all she wants and asks him for apology. He tells her to return home with her son and daughter in law. Gunjan says however this Guru ji must be but she gives him credit to solve Pihu’s problem.
Rajiv asks KT who he is. He tells him that Rachna works for him and his accident happened with his car. Police comes there to take his statement. He asks Rajiv who the car and driver were. He says he doesn’t remember but he was lost in some thought and was careless while crossing the road. He accepts it was his mistake.
The inspector takes his signature on a paper and leaves. Rajiv asks KT to ask Rachna not to get any report as her family might not like it.
Murli’s mother burns the paper she brought along her saying these divorce papers shall go to hell, she will adopt her daughter in law again. Pihu gets up and hugs her. They all cried in elation. Rachna tells Gunjan that Rajiv sir has come to conscious and she has to go now. Gunjan tells her to come soon.
A postman comes to Gopal and gives him his blocked cheque. Gopal and Sangeeta were both shocked to see the miracle. Sangeeta gives her bangles to him but he stops her saying it is all what Prabhu wants and he has nothing to do in it. The followers begin to play some instruments upon which Guru ji gets up and starts dancing. The smoke of fire cover Mayank and he gets to go unconscious.
PRECAP: Mayank faints, Gunjan runs to him. Guru ji looks at him.

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