Rang Rasiya 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
paro says will he ever give his heart to me or his heart with anyone else, Maithili says I know Laila’s life is in danger but I know you love rudra, you are married to him then why are making your love difficult by letting g Laila stay here, paro says love doesn’t happen with force, it happen with heart and if it happens then it doesn’t get affected by anyone’s presence,,
sunehri shows puppets show ad and says to paro and Maithili that we will go. ,Maithili says we will go but not today as paro is not fine, paro sees paper and says its dhola maro story, you know maro had difficulties in life but in end everything became fien and that’s I want, Maithili says then we will go lets get ready.
Laila sees bangles in market and recalls paro saying that rudra brought it for her, she buys bangle, mohini says stay here I will come, Laila taunts that are you going to meet your son sumer, mohini says don’t talk musc else craw will take your tongue, she leaves. Laila is going but bumps with sumer, she says are you blind, sumer talks sweetly with her, she ask his name, he is about to tell but mohini cimes and beats sumer for coming out in market, she gives him food, sumer ask Laila’s name, mohini says go to godown, Laila is about to leave but says my name is Laila, she thinks that this parrot can be of use, sumer thinks to change his name to majnu.

Scene 2
paro comes in room, rudra is is getting ready but watch falls from his hand, he is about to take it but paro comes to get it, their head bumps, paro makes him wear, rudra says I can wear it, paro says your hand is shaking much and when you will up your hand to see time and will find watch missing then you will get angry and your hand will shiver more so get an gry on me only, rudra says I am not angry on you, aman comes and ask rudra to lets go, paro gives him fiel, sunehri comes and tells rudra that we are going to tejpur for mela of dhola and maro. rudra says tejpur.
PRECAP. Laila says I have an headache so I cant come, rudra comes and says nobody will go anywhere s there is news that tejawat is in tejpur, sunehri says all are going, rudra says all’s brother is not in bsd, and their wives are not proof in some case, nobody will go, paro says to sunehri its okay, sunehri says why rudra don’t go with us , you and aman should accompany us, rudra says we don’t have time for this childish puppet show, paro gets sad and goes from there, rudra notices, sunehri says we were going to lift paro’s mood, she was sad since morning. but if you are saying then we will not go, rudra looks on.

Scene 3
paro gives rudra his medicine, he says thanks and says I didn’t allow you to go as tejawat.. paro says take care and goes from there.
in night, suddenly lights goes off from whole haveli, all are tensed. lights come on and they see puppet show setup, rudra comes there and says you people were not able to go so I.. sunehri gets happy and hugs rudra, she says you are best brother, rudra blesses her. mohini says these days weather of this haveli changes every minute, danveer says what, dilsher says your wife is angry because the reason for change in weather is not her. they sit for show, rudra comes to paro and says your mood was off since morning becase of me so I did this, paro is tensed. rudra goes to some distance, paro smiles. rudra looks at her happily, paro hides her smile.
Laila gives money to puppet show manager to do something, Laila sits behind paro, paro looks for rudra, Laila says he will not come he is cold by nature, be happy in what he did, he cant do much. rudra comes there and stands beside pillar. puppet show of love story of two souls starts paro smiles, rudra looks at her, paro looks at him and gets lost in thoughts, she imagines paro and rudra as puppets and they sharing lovely moments together and happy with each other, then puppet Laila comes and snatches rudra, her imagination vanishes, paro gets tensed and not feeling good seeing story, rudra looks at her tensed seeing love triangle story of rani raja and pari. he says stop and ask to stop this crap story, the end of this story cant be like this, paro says what it supposed to be then, rani have to go, rudra says why raj brought her, he forced her, paro says then rani started loving raja but raj couldn’t love her as his thread was with pari, he had pari in his life, he was be with pari,,,,

PRECAP- at dining table, Laila says to paro that you filled rudra’s bowl full so I have to throw it now because when rudra ask to refill food again then he lefts some food, mohini says wow Laila you understood all this in two three days which parvati couldn’t understand in many days. paro is tensed rudra looks at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. nice story rangrasiya..:-)

  2. StrawberryPie

    blo*dy LAILA

  3. Pls through out Laila and mohini from this story

  4. i seriously hate laila i just wanna kill her right now ad how can rudra tolerated this cheap tricks of her

  5. i hate laila.

  6. wow realy nice episode

  7. Kya Bakwaas Episode hai ??????????Who wrote the story ???????????

  8. what song they played during puppet dance?

  9. Awwww i thought that was so cute what he did in the beginning with bringing the puppet show to home

  10. yo boys and gals…uncles and aunties…gradpas nd grandmummys……when are u all planning to give up watching serials…. do something more useful re…..Narendra modi didn’t get successfull by watching yo weirdo serials!! if u agree with me….spread the word………DO SOMETHING FOR THE SOCIETY INSTEAD OF WATCHING SERIALS AT HOME!!!!!!!

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