Nadaan Parindey 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher and Iqbal planning against Purab. She goes to meet him at night. Purab asks her to come closer and she is shocked. Iqbal records their talk. Purab asks are you still afraid of me. Purab gifts her the watch he bought on her birthday which she did not see. She says yes, I remember, I forgot it here and went with Sameer. She says she can’t take it, as Minty has right on it. He holds her and says he will not marry Minty, as he can’t give her place to anyone else. He says he can’t make her out of his heart and now she needs him. He holds her face and says I will not hurt you, and won’t let any pain come close to you. She says this is not right, if anyone sees. He says come in my room, Sameer did not love you, I will show you whats love.

He asks what happened, is she not liking this. He says agree to me. She says leave me, I m hurting. He says what do you want then, I will give you what you gave me. He says pain and gets angry. Meher and Iqbal are shocked. Purab says do you think I m a fool, that I get trapped in your plan. He asks what does she want, he refuse to marry Minty. He says you acted to fight with Sameer, you felt I will get trapped. Meher says so my doubt was right. She makes him tell the truth. She says you never had sympathy with me and Minty. Why are you doing this? To take revenge from me.

He says you broke my heart, insulted me, made me fall in my dad’s eyes, I will hurt you now. Iqbal smiles. Purab says Minty is your weakness. Meher says why are you marrying her if you don’t love Minty. He says are you mad, I loved you, got hurt by you, why will I love your sister. She says don’t ruin Minty’s life. He says he wants to take revenge from her. He hurts her. He says he loves her, but she does not understand. He says I tried to explain you whats the difference in love and lust, but your husband came in between. Purab asks her to go and stop his marriage.

Bebe sees Iqbal recording Purab and Meher. Purab says no one will listen to you, as Minty loves me. Bebe thinks about Iqbal’s words that he will catch them red handed. Purab leaved. Iqbal says your work is over. Bebe asks what is he doing, you are making film of Purab and Meher, to defame her. She says Purab went to apologize to Meher. Iqbal asks her not to interfere. She says she knows everything, I heard everything here, and scolds him. She takes his phone and breaks it. Meher is happy as she got the proof against Purab. She looks for Bebe.

Bebe breaks the memory card. She says you want to ruin Meher’s life, as Purab knows your truth, so you are defaming them. Iqbal says you failed my plan. Bebe and Iqbal fight. Bebe gets angry and says she will teach her a lesson. Iqbal says don’t test me. She asks what will you do. She takes his walking stick and he falls. She says will you beat me and beats him. She asks will you beat a woman of your mum’s age, what does your religion teach you, what did your upbringing teach you. Iqbal says you will regret a lot. She holds his neck and says you dare to threaten me. She says do what you want, I m not afraid, if my son does not come back, I will accept I have sacrificed him for my country.

She says look at me, I m the woman who loved you as my son, your face matches with my son, when you came infront of me, my hand stopped, but not anymore. If I have to sacrifice, why not you. She beats him. Meher comes and is shocked seeing this. She stops Bebe. Meher asks what happened to you, what did he do. Bebe says he was making your film with Purab. She shows the memory card broken. Meher is shocked. Meher says he was doing this on my saying. Bebe asks why. Meher says they have acted to trap Purab. She says Purab came to me and I have made him tell the truth.

She says I was showing this video to everyone tomorrow, but you ruined it. Bebe says its good, I told you Purab has changed, forgive him. Bebe scolds her and says he is taking revenge from Purab. Meher says this was my idea, he was just helping me. Bebe defends Purab and says I did his upbringing, I know him well. She says when you married him, you can’t differentiate between friend and enemy. She says he was not mine and now you are also not mine. Rabba…………….plays……………….

Iqbal gets angry on Meher and says he got beaten up today because of her mistake. He leaves angrily. Purab comes clapping and says you did not got me and even he went, plan was good, but Bebe ruined it. Meher says thank Bebe, she saved you. He says it was good try. He says he won’t forget this day. He says he will make her dance on his tune now. She says its her promise that she will save Minty.

Iqbal comes to the Dargah. Ya Maula …………….plays………………He brings out his pain and brings out his anger. He says what wrong is he doing, if he is working for his country. He says my loved ones are waiting for me there, I left them there and came here. He says he has to go back to his country, to his loved ones. Meher comes and hears this. She asks him where does he want to go. He is shocked seeing her.

Bebe tells Iqbal that she has given her son to Lord. She says he loved Meher a lot and left her with me, I can’t see Meher sad. I won’t be quiet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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