Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan was feeling dizzy, sitting on the bench. Mayank comes there to thank her. Gunjan says I should thank you for giving me the opportunity. Mayank says that he must now get a good job. Gunjan assures he will. Mayank see his mobile and smiles, he tells Gunjan he got mail for interview and he has to get there in half an hour. Gunjan stands up and tells him to leave urgently, and tells him that if the response is positive bring Kesar’s Barfi. She calls home.
Seema asks Shayl why is she smiling, Shayl tells her that Mayank’s special interviewer called to tell that they enjoyed a lot. Seema says that his mood was quite bad, Shayl says she knows to make it up. She further tells Seema that Mayank got the actual call for interview, Gunjan has gone to temple. Shayl tells Seema to go light the candles.
A woman tells Gunjan to light the candle and go upstairs keeping it lit. She asks where is your husband to support the candle? Gunjan says he has gone for some test also, I will try and keep it lit myself. She prays that Mayank has a good interview and begins climbing the stairs, bare-footed. The wind gets worse by worse, and Gunjan tries hard.
The interviewer appreciates Mayank has been involved with some big projects and asks why he left the older job. She asks where the older job was. Mayank says it was at GS enterprises. She asks so you’re Mayank Garg. Mayank replies that I am Mayank Garg.
Gunjan notices that every woman’s husband stood there to save the lit candle while they climbed. Only she was alone, but she has been successful finally. She comes in front of temples and asks God not to let Mayank fail. She calls Mayank, he sees the call and disconnects. She thinks why he cut it, and thinks he must be in the interview. The interviewer says that we must stop the interview; I will have to report my boss whom you will also be reporting.
The lady spying Mayank watches Shayl and Rachna together. She takes a picture of them and thinks she can’t be betrayed. She thinks she must tell this to her didi at once. She heads towards the road, while a motor-cyclist hits her and she fell down. Rachna was coming back the same way as she had forgotten the bangles there. Shayl also runs hearing the cries. The lady looks for her mobile; Rachna finds it on the floor and notices their picture taken in it. She picks the phone but the lady snatches it and walks away. She was gone when Shayl reaches Rachna. She asks what had happened. Rachna says that a woman had fallen down. Shayl takes her along.
The lady says to her jiji that it will be a betrayal with you, as this girl is the daughter of Shayl and Dayal. Jiji watched the photos in her mobile. She says that fate has got you to Shayl and her family again, and if it continues this house won’t remain ours either. She says we must do something soon.
Gunjan says to Rachna she is tensed, Mayank hasn’t come back even one hour after the interview. Mayank arrives home, and asks why everyone here is standing like a tragedy film family. He takes the Kesar Barfi box, Gunjan cheers up; Mayank announces he got the job. Seema boasts her son’s ability.
Sangeeta says there must be celebrations in the house. Gunjan complains that he could have called her, she was worried. Mayank says I am so sorry, and clarifies that the salary isn’t much. But as soon as his designs get improved, the salary will keep on increasing. Gunjan says that he will get all the designs approved; and sometimes to make a jump one has to take a few steps back. Mayank says he knew she will understand him and says I love you to her.
Dadi calls KT and calls him home, as his engagement is near. KT tells her that he has an urgent piece of work and he has to go to Paris today. He assures her he will be back soon. Dadi says what she will tell Rachna’s family. KT says he would have never gone hadn’t it been very important and hangs on. Rachna comes cheering, and presents Dadi with the sweets. Dadi says I need to say something to you. Rachna first put in sweet in her mouth, and asks where KT. is She goes running into the house and thinks where has KT gone, she comes back to ask Dadi why his cupboard is also empty? And where is he? She had to tell them that Mayank got a job. Dadi was upset, tells Rachna to sit and says she should bless Mayank on her side. She asks her if she has any doubt taking their proposal, does she trust his love. Rachna says that I trust him more that myself, she asks why is she worried. Dadi says that she would believe this so she is telling her; KT had an urgent work so he has to go Paris. Rachna stands up, and asks what? Rachna asks why he didn’t tell her anything, neither call nor message; how can he go without telling her anything. Dadi promises he will be back soon. But Rachna asks couldn’t he go after engagement, Dadi supports her; she says we will scold him once he comes back. Rachna looks at her in worry and asks won’t he be back till engagement. Dadi denies, and says it the engagement will take place on the decided date. They were both worried about Dayal’s reaction. Dadi appreciates her courage, and they both hug, Rachna says thank you to her.

PRECAP: Mayank and Gunjan danced together. Dadi comes to say something important, and tells that KT had to go to Paris for something really important. Dayal and everyone else was shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Very good

  2. Guys , I don’t think they will be any engagement for Kt and rachna

    1. I agree Normilla

  3. KT had to go now???

  4. Kt sick is liye serial maker kt ko patha diya paris.ab na jane kt kab bapas ayega.sagai ki hogi nahi.waiting for kt.

  5. Is it a new trend to visit a temple in India, with no hair covering, jeans and a sleeveless blouse. I dont get why Gunjan was dressed like that when she viisted the temple!!!!!!!!!

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