Qubool Hai 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
rehaan gets the deal signed by ahil and sheikh, and they both congratulate each other. tanveer asks for sanam. The sheikh copmments how fortunate this day is. Meanwhile, seher, collides into a centretable, and tears her burqa, and is frustrated, wondering what can she do now, to get out of this problem, as her modern clothes are visible through the burqa. Later, she eyes sanam, who’s also searching for her, from behind, talking to haya on the phone, excited about her happiness, and after cancelling the call, she thanks the lord, and asks him to be as kind to them always. She tries to stealthily leave from there, without catching sanam’s attention, and manages to do so. As she hides in a room, she is shocked to find tanveer, who catches hold of her hand and asks sanam if its her. Seher confirms that she is blind, and then identifies herself as Alisha, and makes that fake voice, saying that she needed to go to the restroom, and that the sheikh shall make do with the other two wives. tanveer complies. seher leaves. tanveer thinks that this one is a little weird.

As the dinner progresses, and sanam is laying out food, seher hides behind the sofa, and tries to duck her way out of the building, thinking that this is the best chance. She hides herself in the kitchen, to avoid being seen. She talks to her lord, saying that she had a close shave today. Just then, her eyes fall on the kheer. She is happily gorging on the Kheer that sanam, her own sister had made with much effort, and is surprised as she remembers something, wondering why does she remember her childhood, and feels that she ate kheer before too. Just then, seeing a girl from behind, ahil hollers at her, and seher turns around, and he, confusing her to be sanam, is shocked to see her in western attire.

Downstairs, sanam is complimented for her marvellous food, and asks for his third wife, and tanveer tells that she went to the washroom. tanveer asks latif to go and get the kheer. Ahil asks her what’s makeup and all that attire? What’s wrong with her? Saher is confused. She says that the burqa got torn. ahil reprimands her thinking that she’s sanam. He leaves, asking her to change, while she is confused, that ahil saw her in the burqa, and still could identify her as sheikh’s wife even without the burqa. She starts eating the kheer again, but ducks when she hears someone approaching. Latif comes and notices the half eaten kheer in horror wondering who ate it, while seher gets frustrated listening to her rant. Seher carefully slips out of the room. Ahil comes back and is surprised to find that sanam is again dressed in traditional attire and confusion ensues, while ahil is confused when sanam vehemently denies.

In the store, Seher is frustrated that she is unable to come out of the building. She searches around for a burqa and finally finds one. Seher is in burka (without veil), when sanam comes in searching for someone. Sanam comes there and they see each other. they are both shocked to see each other. But its later revealed that they are standing in the two faced mirror, facing the other, so that they see only their reflection and not the other sister, on the other side of the mirror. Hearing a noise, sanam walks to the other side, just in time, for seher to cover her face with the burqa. before she can talk, latif comes in searching for alisha, and she instantly goes out, where the other wife too comes and hastily takes her, as the sheikh is getting ready. Latif and sanam find this weird.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
As rahat is laying out his bed, haya sees him and comes to him, shyly. She guves him the sheet, offering to lay it out. Rahat resignedly complies. In doing so, their hands meet, and they awkwardly look at each other, while haya shyly smiles. He lets go, while she asks him to rest, while he says that he isnt sleepy. she asks him if he is that happy. he confusedly says yes. she smiles and then turns around, while rahat is baffled at her reaction. Rahat holds haya’s hand, and she turns around shyly. rahat asks if she truly is happy with this marriage. She nods in a yes. Rahat is confused and apalled and lets go of her hand. haya asks about him, and he too says yes. faiz comes out sleepily. rahat notices and asks haya to leave, as its said that the bride and the groom shouldnt see each other before marriage. She leaves. the screen freezes on haya’s tensed face.

Precap: Tanveer comes and reprimands sanam, that she has taken the necklace, as it couldnt have gone anywhere else. Sanam tries to convince her that she didnt take it at all. tanveer asks if she didnt then who could have taken it. Ahil takes a stand for sanam, saying that he doesnt feel that sanam has taken it. sanam is overwhelmed. He says that if the necklace isnt here, then maybe they should try looking for it somewhere else. tanveer is tensed not just at the necklace’s disappearance, but at ahil’s stand for sanam.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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