Nadaan Parindey 14th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 14th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purab talking to Meher. He says I know it was not your mistake and even then you got into this problem. I have come and will make everything fine. Meher leaves. Purab thinks her wound is fresh, he will wait and then admit his feelings to her, I will ask her hand to Bebe. Channi gets angry. Sameer keeps his hand on fire and thinks about everyone’s words. Baba comes there and is shocked seeing him burn his hand.

He takes his hand and says are you mad to hurt yourself. Sameer cries and says I m hurt by within, I love Meher, you were right, Meher does not love me. She said she hates me. He says if I did not do this, maybe she would agree to marriage, but now she won’t agree. I went to her house and asked for her hand, they insulted me, they are right, I m not responsible. Baba says so become. He says I want to, but don’t know what to do. Baba prays for Sameer.

Malik calls his man and asks about Sameer. The man says Bebe has kicked him out, he is leaving at the Dargah. Malik asks him to kidnap Sameer soon. He says I want him alive. Purab talks to Channi and says I will marry only Meher, else you won’t get any bahu in this house, I love her, and the talk ends here. He leaves. Meher thinks about Sameer and cries. Bebe comes to her with food. Purab comes there and sees Meher upset.

Bebe asks her to have food. Purab says I will see her. Bebe says she is hungry since yesterday, she is not listening to me, now you make her eat. Bebe leaves. Purab talks to Meher and says whats this kiddish things, if anything happens to you then, I will make you eat, I will also eat with you, take it. He says I know what you are going through, I can understand your pain, but we can’t change this, but can make it right, trust me, maybe its for your good, I m your friend, and its good to have food with friends, take it.

Meher signs him to stop and says Sameer has hurt my trust, it does not mean anyone can take his place, Sameer is my friend and only he can make me eat. She leaves. Purab gets angry. Malik’s men come to kidnap Sameer. They are about to kidnap Sameer but Purab comes to meet Sameer and they hide. The goons leave. Purab wakes up Sameer. He gets up and hugs Purab. Sameer says I did what you said to stop the marriage and then see what happened, everyone scolded me.

Purab says its good what you did. Sameer says Bebe has kicked me out of the house, I m homeless, its enough now, I can’t bear this, I have to start a new life and become responsible. Purab says this is not the first time, she will come to take you back. Sameer says no, everything changed, will you make me responsible, I request you. Purab asks what happened. Sameer says something happened, Bebe is finding a guy for Meher, and she said if I was responsible, she would have made Meher marry me, the truth is I came to know that I love Meher. Purab is shocked. Purab slaps him. Sameer is stunned and looks at him.

Purab gets much angry and scolds him. He says you are telling this to me now. Sameer says even I found it now, Baba told me this. Even I feel I m in love with Meher, I can’t stay without Meher. Sameer says don’t know when it happened. Sameer smiles and asks did you love anyone. Purab looks at him with full anger in his eyes. He holds Sameer and says I will say next time, first lets solve your problem, do you really want to become responsible. Sameer says yes, I want to marry Meher. Purab gets angry and says will you come back running.

Sameer says no. Purab says fine, pack your bag, we are leaving in morning. Sameer asks where are we going. Purab says no, you are joining army. Sameer smiles and says can I become army man. Purab says yes, for sure. Sameer says yes, I will. Shall I tell this to Bebe and Meher. Purab shouts no, you will change your decision if you meet them. Give them a surprise, think if you go in army uniform, they will be shocked. Sameer says yes, then Bebe will make me marry Meher. Purab says go and pack your bag, don’t tell this to anyone. Sameer happily runs. Purab says I will give you a surprise one day. Bebe comes to talk to Meher. Bebe says come, go to sleep. Its very late now. Meher says you go, I m not feeling sleepy. Bebe says don’t burden your mind.

Meher talks being upset and blames herself. Bebe asks her to forget everything and think about future. Bebe says we are together and work at Dhaba together, come. Its morning, Meher and Bebe come to Dhaba. Bebe wants to make her busy so that she does not think. Meher talks to Bebe and asks her to allow Sameer to stay at the Dhaba. Meher asks can you forget Sameer.Meher convinces Bebe. Bebe agrees. Angrez and Heera says they will take care of Sameer. Bebe says fine, he will take care of himself and this Dhaba. Meher says I will bring him. Bebe says no, you won’t go to him.

Sameer writes a letter and leaves with Purab. Bebe gets the letter and is shocked. He writes I m leaving this Pind, I will come back when I become responsible.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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