Devon ke Dev Mahadev 14th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 14th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

At Kailash:
Ganesh tells Mahadev that for Shubhata and restoring Agni’s purity the necessary Yagya is ready. He asks perission to begin the Yagya. The rishis assemble, Ganesh tries to light fire, but the fire extinguishes. The rishis are shocked. Ganesha then calls on Agnidev but he ignores (switched off his phone). (In Agnidev’s cave, Agni smirks and says now everyone will understand his importance.)

Ganesha says the Yagya is impossible without Agni. Mahadev gets annoyed. He says Agni has broken all limits of Maryada due to his ego and has failed his duties. He has made his decision clear by ignoring Ganesha’s aavahan. Now he has to face the consequences.

The rampage of asuras:
The two asuras are causing harm everywhere in the name of Agnidev. They threaten the people and start atacking them, when Kartikeya appears and stops them. He advises them to return to their land and to not cross their limits, otherwise they will be destroyed.
The demons laugh at him and tell him to return to Kailasa as he doesn’t know anything!
Muruga says that he has no other option but to fight them. They tell him to prepare to die.
Muruga bashes them up.

The asuras ask kshama, and Muruga says it is their last warning. He tells them about serving others and that if they harm anyone again, he shall destroy them.

Banasura’s palace:
Banasur feels there will be a war with the Yaduvanshis and they need to prepare. Vani agrees. Kumbhanda is suspicious about Usha since she didn’t come out of her room for so many days, has she brought Aniruddha here? Banasura screams at him saying that next time he says that, he will get death sentence.
Banasura says Usha can never do such a thing, he believes his daughter. He then sees a scared Chitralekha rushing outside. He says to Kumbhanda that he will give proof of his daughter’s purity and dharm.

Usha’s room:
Usha and Aniruddha seek blessings from Mata Parvati (Deity) and marry with her as a witness. They hug, and Banasura barges in. He is shocked, then outraged, then enraged, then volcano.
He threatens Ani and says he will kill him! Usha rushes and says Anirudha is now her husband and his son-in-law. Banasura tells her not to be fooled by him, that Yadavas are like this, withoiut any values. Even his grandfather Krishna doesn’t know how many wives he has. You cannot marry such a useless family.
Aniruddha says Banasurahas no right over them as they married with Parvati’s blessings. He asks B to bless him. Banasura screams no and asks Usha whether Aniruddha forced her into marrying him, whether he came here on his own. He asks how Aniruddha fooled her.
Usha says he was kidnapped on her orders and that she loves him. Vani and Kumbhanda enter.
Banasura is livid and blasts Usha. Aniruddha tells she is his wife now so Banasura has to answer to him. Vani tells Banasura that Usha has grown up and is free to choose her husband. Banasura shouts never! He tells Aniruddha, to marry Usha, he has to defeat Banasura.

In Agnidev’s cave:
mahadev appears, and Agnidev says this is the best example of his importance as Mahadev himself came. Mahadev says Agni has proved his ego and unfitness by ignring Ganesha’s calls and that even after so many advises, Agnidev is so arrogant. Therefore Mahadev shall put an end to it.

Agnidev laughs.
He attacks Mahadev with fire. Brahma and Narada comment on his stupidity.
Mahadev absorbs Agni’s fire and makes it into vapour. Agni falls down. Mahadev opens his third eye, and binds Agnidev with electricity. The rishis and Ganesha rush to calm down Mahadev and prevent Agni’s destruction.

Precap: Banasura defeats Aniruddha and asks is there anyone else to defeat him? Mahadev tells Brahmadev that his war with Narayan in inevitable now.

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