Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 14th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 14th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghu and Sumitra coming home in a wedding dress after their marriage in a temple. Shivani looks at them and gets shocked. She gets tears in her eyes. Sumitra smiles evilly. Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu…………………………plays….Baburaam comes and gets shocked too. Shivani recalls her words that she will marry Karan, but he have to marry Sumitra first. Raghu and Sumitra touches Baburaam’s feet. He says okay. Bella and Gini are shocked. Bella asks, what is this. Vivek and Rupesh look shocked too. Bella asks, what is this drama. Raghu says, this is not drama. We have got married in the temple and now we are husband and wife. Maya smiles. Shivani cries.

Bella says, it can’t be true and asks him to remove the garland and break the gatbandhan. Raghu says, Sumitra is your bhabhi now. Bella says, my bhabhi is only babyji. You didn’t ask us before taking this decision. You didn’t think about babyji. Sumitra says, stop it. I don’t know why you took me wrong always. She says, babyji can live here until she wishes. She promises Baburaam that she will take care and respect everyone. She asks for his blessings. Bella says, I give you curse for ruining two lives.

Raghu says, Sumitra is the bahu of the house and asks her to respect her. Bella says, She don’t have respect in my eyes. Raghu shouts Bella. Gini says, sorry. I am not happy with this marriage. How can you do this. Babyji loves you very much. Raghu says, I didn’t marry to hurt her. I married Sumitra by informing babyji. She herself asked me to marry Sumitra. Baburaam says, you took the right step. I am with you. Sumitra smiles.

Maya says, you have done the right thing. She says, Maaji will be happy. Bella says, Maa will lose faith on Raghu. Baburaam asks her to stop it. He says, they are married. Welcome Sumitra and Raghu. Shivani continues to cry. Vivek says, Babuji is right. He welcomes Sumitra and address her as Bhabhi. Maya says, I will welcome you and goes to bring Aarti and Kalash. Rupesh thinks Raghu married twice like getting a vegetable from market.

Maya does the aarti of Raghu and Sumitra. Shivani looks on crying. She recalls her grah pravesh. Mangalan Bhagwan Vishnu plays…………………….Sumitra smiles looking at Shivani. She asks her to enter the house by kicking the kalash. Bella consoles Shivani. Sumitra enters and thinks to throw Shivani out the house. Raghu looks at Shivani. Shivani goes to her room. Bella cries.

Maya asks Sumitra to come inside.Maya takes Sumitra inside her room and dance with joy with her. She asks her to pinch her. Sumitra pinches her. Maya says, I can’t believe how did it happen. Sumitra gives her evil look. Maya says, I mean how did it happen. Sumitra says, I took advantage of the situation. Maya says, I am very happy for you and hugs her.

Shivani sits on the terrace and cries miserably. Raghu comes and calls her babyji. Shivani turns to him. She asks him not to call her babyji and holds his collar. She says, I don’t want to see your face and don’t want to hear your voice. You wanted me to hate you. Look at me, in my eyes, I hate you. I hate you………………You burnt my love and trust. I was mad to love you. I hate you very much………………. I am throwing you out of my life and heart. She asks him to go.

Raghu says, babyji. Shivani angrily says shut up and asks him not to say a word. She asks him to go to his new wife and asks him not to look at her even if she dies. She asks him to get lost. Raghu turns…….Maula Mere LeLe Meri Jaan……………..plays………Shivani cries……….and looks at him. Raghu looks at her. She recalls their happy moments and Raghu marrying Sumitra. She cries badly.

Raghu thanks Sumitra for helping him in doing fake marriage. He says, I want to keep babyji happy, but I am hurting her. Sumitra smiles.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

  1. Stuuuuuueeeeeepppppppssss
    Stupid Raghu…..

  2. What the hell is going on in these serials …first raghav was stupid and now raghu …I hope kumkum bhagya doesn’t take a turn like these shows

  3. he is really stupid , i am really getting to hate raghu , all them damn show going one way heartbreak all the way y dont they stop making it if thats all they will do stupppsssss…..

  4. oh,come on don’t strech more..
    At the end u hv to show RaShi together..!

  5. How dey could married which he did not divorce shivani.. Stupid episode.

  6. I knew it had to be planned.

  7. Wat a relief really love d way it’s going

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