Nach Baliye 7 3rd May 2015 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 7 3rd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

This weekend Nach Baliye Season 7 starts with host Rithvik Dhanjani welcoming the viewers. He tells about Nepal’s recent earthquake. Host Karan Patel says they have lost their world because of the earth quake. Rithvik dedicates today’s episode to the Nepal victims. They request the audience to donate money to ‘Nepal earth quake victims’ and give the phone numbers. Rithvik and Karan welcome the Judges Chetan Bhagat, Preity Zinta and Marzi Pestonji.

Rithvik welcomes first jodi of Nach Baliye

1. Mrunal Thakur and Sharad Tripathi:

They dance beautifully on the song Tujhe Chaahun Betahasha Zehnaseeb…………from the film HASEE TOH PHASEE. Everyone applaud for their performance.

Judges’ Comments:
Marzi says you have made us spell bound. He says the whole act was beautiful. He gives them standing ovation and says you deserves it. It was awesome.

Preity says it was amazing and the act was superb. She says Mrunal was good, but Sharad did better. She says guys you are wonderful.

Chetan says you have improved and have worked hard. He praises their dance and says Venus is not that beautiful, but you portrayed well.

Scores: Chetan 8, Preity 9, Marzi 10, Total=27

Rithvik brings Sriti Jha aka Pragya of Kumkum Bhagya. Mrunal hugs her and says she is her elder sister. Sriti speaks about Mrunal and Sharad’s love story and requests Sharad parents to agree for their marriage.

2. Amruta Khanvilkar and Himanshoo Malhotra:

They dance superbly on the song Poora London Thumakda…………..from the album QUEEN.

Judges’ Comments:
Marzi says this is a dance competition and you have to work on technical aspects. He tells Himanshu is very filmy, but Amruta is the epitome of filmyness. He says you and Govind have similarity.

Priety says you are real life couple and shall enjoy yoursef. She says she wants to see that and asks for more fun.

Chetan says he liked it and says you are the reason that’s why this show is made. He says he likes the song and doesn’t know 8 steps.

Scores: Marzi 8, Priety 8, Chetan 9, Total =25

3. Neha Saxena and Shakti Arora:

They dance sensually on the song Dil Sambhal Ja Zara…………from the film MURDER 2.

Judges’ Comments:
Marzi says he looks at the nodes genuinely. He didn’t get any chance to see any point out mistake. He tells Neha that her act was good and keeps persuing that she wants to marry. He jumps on the table and gives standing ovation.

Preity says it was amazing and emotional. The stunt was good. She says it was beautiful.

Chetan says act was good. It was nice and simple. He says you can do better.

Scores: Marzi 10, Preity 10, Chetan 7, Total =27.

Chetan tells that he wishes to step inside the book. He gets in the big book and comes out when Preity teases him. Chetan says he is thinking to write book on Marki as he is senior citizen. Chetan asks Shakti, how he identified Neha’s paratha. Shakti says he identified it as it was square paratha. He tells that Neha cooks better than his mum.

4. Jai Soni and Pooja Shah:

They dance romantically on the song Mere Haath Me Tera Haath Ho………….from the film FANAA.

Judges’ Comments:
Chetan says nice performance. Pooja is pushing herself in dance and it is amazing.

Preity says Jai’s lifts was outstanding and mind blowing.

Marzi says you are a common wife, and that doesn’t mean that you can’t dance. He gives them standing ovation for their superb performace.

Scores: Marzi 10, Chetan 8, Preity 10, Total =28.

Chetan asks Jai about the fake bomb bus activity. Jai gets emotional and tells that he couldn’t believe and that’s why started running. He says he was telling himself why he left Pooja alone and ran seeing the bus. He says it was difficult moment in his life. Chetan says Pooja is very lucky.

5. Aishwarya Sakuja and Rohit Nag:

They dance on the song Ram Ji Ki Chaal Dekho and Jumme Ki Raat ………….from the film RAM LEELA and KICK. Rohit slips during performance. After the performance, Rohit feels shortness in breath. All the participants give him sympathy.

Judges’ Comments:
Marzi asks Aishwarya to smile and says both of you are fabulous. He says mistakes do happen with everyone. He says Aishwarya didn’t stop till the end and that’s commendable.

Preity says she says I wants to see you happy and smiling. I liked you act. There is always a next time.

Chetan says you could have freak out, but you didn’t do that. Your presence of mind is really admirable.

Scores: Preity 9 Marzi 7, Chetan 7, Total =23.

Aishwarya says she didn’t know what went wrong. Something happened during lift and we lost balance. Rohit was in extreme pain. She says Rohit’s health matters to her in the world, so it is okay.

Chetan says you got 3 out of 3 hearts. Rithvik says they have Nach Power and no one can eliminate them today. This brings smile on Aishwarya’s face.

6. Sana Saeed and Dipesh Sharma:

They dance wonderfully on the song Dilli Wali Girlfriend Chod Chaad Ke…………..from the film YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI.

Judges’ Comments:
Marzi says Dipesh have advantage and that is Sana. She was singing lines for both of them.

Preity says you are green color pataka. She says overall Sana pulled you up, but you have to be rocket.

Chetan asks Dipesh to send Sana next time for the performance. He says it was energetic

Scores: Preity 9, Marzi 8, and Chetan 9, Total= 26

Nach Baliye hosts promote Gulmohar Grand and its cast.

7. Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna:

They dance romantically on the song Chikni Kamar Pe……………from the film ROWDY RATHORE.

Judges’ Comments:
Preity says Upen what a body. She likes Tapori style and says you are rocking.

Marzi says you have shown that even a saree works without any props. He gives standing ovation.

Chetan says song choice is good and it was energetic. He asks to show the body. Upen says his body is same. Chetan peeps in his shirt and confirms that he has same build body.

Scores: Preity 10, Marzi 10 and Chetan 8, Total =28.

Karan and Rithvik say that the jodis love each other a lot. They ask Karishma, what Upen means to her. Karishma says Upen is her life. Payal says God has given me second life because of Sangram. She says I went through the phase that I would have finished myself if Sangram would not have been with her. She gets emotional and cries. Sangram asks her not to worry. Mrunal tells that she loves Sharad more than her life. She gets shy and laughs. Karan says girls’ love their partners very much. They show a video clipping of girls’ in which they refer their partners as maid.

Rithvik and Karan ask about Marzi’s opinion about maid. Marzi says is wife’s worshipper man. Chetan thinks something and says he don’t want to lie as he can’t say the truth.

8. Payal Rohatgi and Sangram Singh:

They dance fabulously on the song Jiya Mai Na Jiya Mai Begana Sa Tha………….from the film Gunday. They get standing ovation from everyone.

Judges’ Comments:
Priety says I didn’t expect this from you. You opted for difficult act. She gives standing ovation.

Chetan says he liked it and asks why Sangram couldn’t identify Payal’s Paratha. Sangram says he thought aata and water will be seperated. A video clipping is shown wherein Payal is seen crying. Sangram says he can do anything for Payal. Rithvik asks Sangram to sing the song. Sangram sings Muskurane Ki Wajah song.

Marzi says there is an improvement in Sangram’s dance and thinks Sangram will shock everyone with his performance.

Scores: Marzi 8, Chetan 7, Priety 10, Total = 25.

9. Rashmi Sandhu and Nandish Sandhu:

They perform fantastically on the song Bin Kuch Kahe Bin Kuch Sune………….from the film PK. They get standing ovations from all the contestants.

Judges’ Comments:
Marzi says Rashmi is oustanding and Nandish surprised me. He says it was a beautiful act. He gives standing ovation. He asks them to keep doing.

Priety says you both were superb. She says I didn’t see any bitterness in your relation, but only saw sweetness in your relation. I felt emotional connect between you both. She says your smile is superb.

Chetan says normally I don’t feel, but today I felt and that’s nice. He asks about tshirt identifying task. He says you both were disqualified from the task. A video clipping is shown. Chetan says cheating is not funny. I felt bad. Your act is strong. Nandish says they didn’t do cheating intentionally and have accepted the decision with dignity. Rashmi says she didn’t think to smell him when he gave her heart. Chetan says Camera don’t lie, so that’s why he will cut 2 marks.

Scores: Marzi 10, Preity 10, Chetan 6, Total =26.

10. Arpit Ranka and Nidhi Ranka:

They dance on the song Tere Galliyan Galliyan Teri Galliyan…………..from the film EK VILLAIN.

Judges’ Comments:
Chetan says dancing was less, but story telling was good. It appealed to me and I liked it.

Preity says you got married and that is important. I think you took it on heart.

Marzi says he loves the presentation overall. He says he will do the kanyaan for whoever elopes from home.

Scores: Marzi 8, Chetan 8, Preity 10, Total =26.

Chetan asks about runaway marriage. Nidhi says I don’t like anyone pointing on my husband and cries. She continues that she is ready to marry him 1000’s time. Chetan Bhagat tells them that he also married after eloping from home. He knows about the situations. He says he can relate to them and gives the hug.

11. Smilie Suri and Vineet Bangera:

They perform superbly on the song Suno Na Sange Marmar Ki Yeh……………..from the film YOUNGISTAAN.

Judges’ Comments:
Chetan says nice performance and says you got well compared to last time. Can do better.

Preity says you should look happy and smiling. Even smilie’s smile looked less.

Marzi says Vineet is a salsa teacher and says he wants to see wow. He says technically you both are sound.

Scores: Marzi 9, Chetan 7, Preity 9, Total =25.

Karan brings their dogs. Smilie gets happy seeing them. Rithvik asks them to tell how they play cupid. She tells about her love story.

Karan tells that next Sunday, Akshay Kumar will be the special guest.

Rithvik says Top scorers are 2. Upen & Karishma and Jai & Pooja. He says you both get Nach Power.

Karan says one Jodi will leave us today. They call Sangram-Payal and Smilie and Vineet on the stage. Rithvik says one jodi will be eliminated today. He picks the chit from the box and says Payal and Sangram are safe for this week. Sangram and Payal get happy and hug each other. Smilie and Vineet are eliminated this week.

Smilie says she is thankful to everyone. She danced after 10 years. It was enjoyable. Everyone wish them best. Karan says we will meet next Sunday. Rithvik says I will meet you on Nach Baliye Daily Panchnama.

Move of the Week: Rashmi and Nandish dance move in Chaar kadam song.

Rithvik tells about the Karwachauth fast and says you can’t eat anything. He tells the girls that feast is ready and their husbands will serve them. Karan brings the newspapers and says it has Nach’s fresh news.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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