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The Episode starts with a lady saying about the hotel management. Neil’s mum sends a voice message to her and his busy life is shown. She says everyone needs a second chance in life, and he has got it by this job, she is sure he will not any job. He recalls to shoot someone. Annie Behl introduces herself and says she works by heart. Neil’s mum asks him to work by his mind. Annie and Neil get ready and see the appointment letter in Gulmohar Grand. Neil and Annie go for the opportunity.

All types of customers and staff are shown in Gulmohar Grand. The head of the hotel is shown and the hotel is called heaven on earth. Annie comes to the hotel. Tina talks to the customers, who complain about bad housekeeping. The lady says she will checkout right away. Teeshay gets ready and Tina signs him. Teeshay manages the situation well and says housekeeping did not do the job as they kept DND on the door. Teeshay praises the hotel to the customers. Annie walks inside and sees the hotel. She says I m so sorry to everyone she comes across. The boss gets angry and throws the shoes on someone. Anirudh gives him a new pair of shoes. The boss asks him to be strict towards the staff and shows the news article of License Renewal of major hotels at stake.

Anirudh clears the matter and says if he fires everyone, just two people will be left, you and me, have your medicines and calm down. His boss asks him to do something as his hotel can’t bear any mistake. Anirudh shows his boss and his daughter’s pic. Anirudh says about two new recruits, Neil Gujral and Anahita Mehta. His boss asks him to see them. Anirudh says he will take care of everything. He asks is this second chance for outsiders or…. Anything can happen if person is determined, anyone can be found… His boss refuses and turns down the pic frame. Anirudh leaves.

Anirudh gets his wife’s call and talks to her. He says he will meet her tomorrow and promises Pallavi, as he has work with the new recruits now. He talks to Neil and Annie and shows the hotel. He says he wants all the customers to be happy and she says what he is supposed to say, and says sorry. Anirudh says no, its good. Neil says world has gone much ahead. Anirudh says he has to go, he will talk later, all the best to them. He leaves. Anirudh welcomes a billionaire family who has their own suite in the hotel.

Neil and Annie argue. She sees the map and relaxes herself. He shows her the kitchen. She says sorry and goes. The couple start arguing as their son Ayaan asks for some cash. He takes the cash from his mum’s purse and asks when will they come back. His mum says till 12 and leaves. Annie comes to her boss K K Jaitley’s cabin and he asks her to use her mind, and the one who worked before her, used to talk a lot, whom he hates and he does not trust the one who talks less. She brings his food and serves him. He gets angry seeing mushroom. She says I checked, mushroom was not there. He says you wanted to kill me, get out, Anirudh fire her. Annie comes out and cries.
Teeshay flirts with her and says if she cries more, he will love her. He asks is it her first day today, whats the problem. She says she gave mushroom to Jaitley. He says he is the owner, but Anirudh managed it. He sees her ring and asks is this genuine. She says no, real one is costly. She removes her ring. Ayaan parties with his friends. Room service guy Sampat gets the juice and Ayaan orders wine. Sampat says he is underaged and its not allowed. Ayaan bribes him and asks him to bring it. Sampat refuses. Ayaan’s friend brings the wine and he sends Sampat.

Neil passes by their room and comes to his room. He wakes up Annie and she says sorry. He asks what is she doing in his room and why is he sleeping while on job. She says she has given food to everyone. He says he does not want food and asks her to get just one sandwich for him. She says she is tired and sits. He asks her to leave. She says I m sorry. He says I know. Ayaan gets his mum’s call and says fine. He tells his friends that his parents are coming and they hide the wine bottles. The guy hides it in someone else’s room and Aanie gets suspicious. She says she saw some guy coming inside the room. The lady says the room is empty, so she is cleaning it.

Ayaan’s parents come back and see his friends leaving. His dad asks did they drink and scold him. Ayaan’s mum defends him and says they are underaged, how did the hotel provide them wine. His dad calls Anirudh. Anirudh says this is impossible and Ayaan’s dad blames his staff. Sampat says he refused and did not give them wine. The guy shows the money from Sampat’s pocket. Anirudh still defends Sampat. Ayaan says he will sue this hotel. Anirudh says no need, and fires Sampat from his job. He apologizes to them and says you are our special guest, this stay will be on us. Anirudh says how did this happen.

Neil sits working in the security room and recalls a girl getting shot. He gets a call from Anirudh and reports to him. The police comes there. Anirudh meets the inspector and introduces Neil Gujral. The inspector says both guys, Ayaan’s friends are admitted in hospital by poisonous wine found in your hotel. Anirudh says its nonsense. The inspector says why did you fire Sampat then. Anirudh says I just changed his department. The inspector says Rathod and his friends will case on your hotel. Anirudh says he is waiting for the truth to come out, till then you can’t arrest anyone. The inspector gets a call and says one guy has died. Anirudh says you know me and this hotel, give me some time. The inspector says he does not have time. Neil says 24 hours. The inspector says fine. Anirudh asks Neil to call Sampat and get all details.

Annie comes to some place in an auto. Anirudh and Neil see the news against the hotel. Annie sits in the car and the driver asks does she know what she is doing. She says yes, drive on. Neil says he has checked all CCTV footage and there is nothing suspicious. Anirudh asks does he believe in intuition. Neil says the truth will come out. Anirudh asks Teeshay to control the media from ruining their name. Its morning, Jaitley tells Anirudh that he can see the hotel ruining. Anirudh promises he will not let anything get ruined. Annie gets ready and talks to Tina. Tina says everyone know the guys got wine from outside the hotel, and poor Anirudh is bearing all this. Annie looks for Neil to give the sandwiches.

He sees him at pool side. Neil sees wine served to people and thinks bottles…. He leaves. Annie asks about him. Anirudh talks to inspector and gets info. The inspector says I have asked at wine shops and no one knows those guys. Anirudh reminds his promise and says there is still time. Shreya says Pallavi mam is calling, and he asks her to tell her he can’t talk to her now. Neil tells Anirudh that they can find the bottles and the batch number can save them. Anirudh says we have more two hours and asks the staff to get those bottles. Annie tells Neil that she has kept the sandwich and he tells her if they don’t find the missing bottles, it will be tough for the hotel. She recalls the incident. She stops Neil and says maybe she knows where are the bottles and takes him to the empty room, where she has seen a guy. They get the bottles and Neil gets relieved.

He says I know how they got the bottles. The inspector says Ayaan’s friends have confessed and the bottles are also recovered, so the hotel is out of problem now. Anirudh thanks him and tells Jaitley that he promised him. Jaitley asks shall I thank you. Anirudh says no and tells him that Annie has done this work, she found the bottles. Jaitley says he will always remember her. Annie says thanks, even I want the same. She leaves. Neil tells the anti drinking committee that he has not touched wine since 1 year. Pallavi tells Anirudh that he is still busy after the hotel, and they are leaving separated since 1 year. He asks for a chance and she says she is leaving. He gets sad and Shreya looks at him. Jaitley sees the news about the hotel name getting cleared. He plays piano and smiles.

Annie comes home and her maid asks why did she come home so soon. She is shown to be very rich and tells someone that she reached here as per her plan.

Annie finds something and Neil sees her in record room. She bump into a man and he gets angry. Jaitley gets angry on Annie as she makes the pic frame fall and break. She apologizes and Jaitley asks Anirudh to fire her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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