Code Red 2nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 2nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

March 2013, Badonia District, Amroha, UP:
At night, a guy (from White and Pure Milk Company) makes milk using chemicals. He goes to distribute it later on.

9 am:
A lady is running in the lanes of her village. She thinks of her son. He used to help his parents in all big or small problems with his innovative solutions all the time. She is running towards the school.

Government Primary School:
Many parents are crying for their children. Police is having a hard time holding them back. Many dead bodies of little kids are kept on the ground. The lady reaches there and her husband too comes there. They are shocked to see her son lying dead. There is a blood trail down his nose. They cry for their loss.

Kabir also comes there with Inspector Sunil. Sunil tells him to go back home. I will meet you in the evening. It is a big mess here right now. Kabir denies but Sunil reminds him that he had come here for some other work. I don’t want you to get in all this right now. You too will have many questions like all the other reporters. I know I can say anything to anyone but not to you. Kabir notices that same woman. Put yourself in her place for a second and you will be heartbroken. I want o find out the truth. I wont go back until I find the reason as to why so many kids died.

People beat the cook (Ram Sharan) of the Government Primary School. His wife tries to save him but in vain. Finally the inspector interrupts them. he arrests the cook. He pleads innocence but still is arrested.

Government Hospital:
Media questions police. They are curious about what was mixed in the food because of which so many kids lost their lives. Inspector Sunil is waiting for the post-mortem reports to come. The childred died after eating the mid-day meal offered by the school. 23 kids have lost their lives. Some are still critical. We will explore all the angles. The licenses have been cut of all the suppliers to the school. The cook has been arrested. We will keep updating you. ward boy comes to inform something to Inspector so he goes to meet the doc along with Kabir.

Doc tells them that the kids died because of food poisoning. Sodium hydroxide was found in their body in a great quantity. Kabir is taken aback. He recalls an incident back in October 2012 in New Delhi. He had noticed an uncle (Dr. Banerjee, a chemical science professor) fighting with his milkman over the same issue. His colleague (Santosh) tells him about Dr. Banerjee. He has created problems for us. Flashback ends. Inspector Sunil leaves for police station. He has to make reports to seniors. The testing report will come in 2 days time.

Kabir calls Santosh and asks for Dr. Banerjee’s number. Dr. Banerjee has shifted so Kabir ends the call.

Kabir meets the grieving parents outside. The same lady starts singing a lullaby suddenly. Kabir is drawn to the couple. She is patting her knee slowly (the way a mother pats her son’s head in her lap). Kabir touches the hand of her husband who breaks down again. Everything is over! My wife has lost her senses since we have lost our Munna. He was born after a lot of difficulty. I still remember that day. Doc had scolded me (Bhole Ram) as Lacchi (his wife) already had two miscarriages earlier. Forget about having a baby again if anything happens to it this time. The baby is premature. We cannot say anything for sure. You will have to take extra care of her. Lacchi and Bhole Ram agree to take good care of their son. ward boy comes to inform them that they can come one by one to collect the dead body of their children.

Badonia Police Station, UP:
Principal meets Inspector Sunil. I was not even in the school. I was out for an official tour for 3 days. lawyer presents his bail papers so he is released.

The dead bodies of the little children are being burnt by their parents. Kabir and Sunil are also there. Ram Sharan has told Sunil that he is innocent. He said he cooked food like every other day. He has no idea what was different in the food that day. Everyone except him got bail. 23 kids died after eating that mid day meal, 6 are still battling for their life. One of the girl named Muniya is safe. Kabir is sure that girl wont have eaten that particular food item containing sodium hydroxide. Maybe milk. Sunil recalls that there was kheer that day.

Kabir meets Muniya. He asks her a few indirect questions and then asks her why she dint eat kheer that day. Did you smell something wrong there or did you see someone mix something in it that day? She is quiet so he assures her that nothing will happen to her. She runs away for a second and brings back something with her. She gives it to him. We were eating lunch that day in school. I was asking for some more kheer from Ramu Kaka.

On the day of incident:
Muniya takes her food. She sits beside Balua. She promises to give him the bowl of kheer in exchange of the same thing that she has given to Kabir. He drinks it and feels pain. All the kids hold onto their stomach in pain because of eating the kheer.

Present: Kabir is in tears as he opens the box. It is a temporary pencil box made of wood. He receives a call from Santosh who has tracked down Dr. Banerjee. He has gone to Moradabad. He has some ancestral land there. He doesn’t even meet or talk anyone. kabir thanks him for finding Dr. Banerjee. He returns the box to Muniya.

Professor Pradyut’s House, Rampur, Moradabad:
Dr. Banerjee is working in his fields. He refuses to talk to Kabir, especially because he is a reporter. Kabir talks about the incident but professor stays put. Kabir tells him the news specifically. You might not have read the newspaper. The news hits professor right on his nerve. He takes Kabir to his house. News clippings are all over his walls. He even shows that day’s paper to Kabir. They later sit down to talk. Professor gives him tea. Don’t worry I haven’t mixed anything in it. I have been keeping tabs on these cheaters since long. It is a very big racket. Biggies are involved in the food mafia. It gets all the stronger when it is time of festivals. They are not worried about the law. The society is embarrassed by such acts. I tell you, no one can do anything. Kabir asks him about the reason behind the death of so many children. Professor says caustic soda was mixed in their mood in excess. No one knows what people are feeding us. They mix little quantities in our food every day so no one gets to doubt us. Truth cannot be hidden for long. It has come out this way now. The vegetables, oil that we use every day is also made with different things and chemicals. Bleach and acid is used to keep veggies fresh. These things affect us wrongly.

Kabir wonders why no one is taking any strong step against those people. Professor shows him his wife’s pic. She too had died 25 years ago because of food poisoning. I had vowed to fight against the food mafia then till my last breath. Professor asks him what will happen if there is poison in this tea. I will be punished so why not these food mafia people are punished? Our law is weak , flexible. They punish the mafia people for a very small time. They resume their work as soon as they are out of jail. It is our fight against those people. Such accused should think n number of times before doing something wrong again. no one is concerned about people dying. These arrests are fake. The accused are roaming outside freely. Kabir promises to nab the real accused. Professor excuses himself for a walk.

Sunil confirms to Kabir that he was right in doubting it that the milk was made with caustic soda.

White and Pure Milk Company, Badonia:
Kabir meets the head. He very carefully switches on the recorder. The guy replies in a roundabout manner. Lab report says that the milk from our side was perfectly fine that day. There was nothing wrong with that. I got a bail then only. Our responsibility is over once the milk van leaves from our factory. You should find out the culprits and tell us too.

Ashok Sharma (Mid day meal distributor) shares that he just supplies what he gets from White and Pure Milk Company. We have never received any complaint against it so far. Ram Sharan must have added something by mistake. Ask him. Sunil gets a call from his senior and then allows Ashok Sharma to leave. Kabir is angry as even the poor guy Ram Sharan’s crime has not been approved. We cannot let innocents get trapped and the accused are set free. Sunil shares that every quota from the government is in Ashok Sharma’s name. He is the supplier of mid day meals in this and all the nearby areas. What can we do if government selects such people? Kabir says he is our main accused then. Sunil points out that they cannot do anything till they find solid proof against him.

Ram Sharan’s wife is sitting outside the police station with her little daughter. She tells Kabir that her husband is innocent. He was going to bring kheer for our daughter too. if she would have eaten it and died then atleast no one would have doubted my husband then. I know my husband hasn’t done anything. Her daughter starts crying. Kabir comforts the little girl.

2 days later:
Kabir writes an article about the incident. He is thinking of a solution as to how to prove it that the Ram Sharan is not to be blamed for the incident. Sakshi (host) urges him to meet all those people who also want to take care of this problem once and for all. Professor is fighting since last 25 years and has not given up. Go to him. Maybe you both want each other. Dig deeper and bring out the truth in open.

Professor Pradyut’s House:
Professor suggests Kabir to wait for a while. You will have to be patient. I have been waiting since last 25 years.

Kabir collects food samples from lot many grocery stores from Delhi. I took Santosh’s help too. We started monitoring the supplies of White and Pure Milk Company; their suppliers. Its been 3 months but we are still trying. We found a few samples of wrong food too. I met Sunil too on and off for development in the case. 6 months later, we hit the right thing.

September 2013, Badonia:
The tempo from Pure Milk Company leaves from the company but takes a different route. It gets diverted to principal’s BIL Ashok Sharma’s godown. They empty real milk and use detergent, urea and caustic soda to make fake milk. They refill it in the boxes and distribute it amongst different schools. This happens in every big or small city nowadays. He tells Sunil to make a raid on the godown now. Sunil is worried about the high profile powerful people associated with it but Kabir assures him that he has ample proof. They decide to meet outside the village. They make the raid together while people are actually mixing the ingredients. Santosh records everything. All the people get arrested. Even Ashok Sharma is nabbed.

People try to hurt Ashok when he is brought to the police. Kabir calms them down. Law will punish him for sure. He turns to Ashok next. Be thankful to the law or these people wouldn’t have spared you otherwise. You have killed innocent people. Government has started mid day meal plan to help poor people so they send their kids to school to get proper food. You killed them only. You dint think what their parents will go through. Poor parents also send their kids to school so they get proper nourishment. You fed them with the milk made with caustic soda? Do you do the same with your own kids? Why do you treat your and their kids differently? Dint you think once before doing it? You thought you won’t get caught? He is taken to the jail. Ram Sharan has been released now. Kabir hands over the proof to Sunil. Sunil gets a call from the minister yet again. this time he tells him to meet his favourite guy in the court directly. I have ample proof against him now. I have arrested him.

It was impossible to pay back the parents of the children who lost their life because of mid day meal but government gave them a compensation. Supplier Ashok was charged under Section 272, 273, 304A for all his crimes. Ram Sharan was proved innocent. So many kids lost their lives because of the scam. The only relief was that the supplier got arrested. There would still be many more such suppliers though in our country. We have to find out such people. Ashok confessed his crime. He used to make milk with caustic soda every day but that day, the whole packet got mixed in the milk by mistake. He still supplied it because of which so many kids died.

It is very saddening that in our country, the human life has no meaning in people’s eyes. People put humanity on stake for money. Kids are given poison. We must raise our voice against it and be aware of the things around us. If you see something wrong around you that can affect kids then do raise your voice. Maybe your one voice can save someone’s life!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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