Nach Baliye 7 1st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 7 1st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rithvik welcomes the couples on Nach Baliye and tells that you people are living here as a family. He says I want you to take memories from here. He asks everyone to tell about the things which they like in the person, and suggestions. Rithvik calls Rashmi and asks everyone to tell the things which they like in Rashmi, and give suggestion. Himanshu says she is confident woman and I think she should tell the truth. Upen praises Rashmi and asks her to have trust. Dipesh says Rashmi has elegance and polite lady, and I don’t like when they fight. Amruta says friend is the one who correct you when you are going wrong. She tells about the incident when Rashmi told about her miscarriage on stage, and says I didn’t like it. Rashmi says I agree with Amruta. Karishma says she likes Rashmi’s nature, and asks Rashmi to make efforts towards her relationship with Nandish. Sana praises her, and asks her not to call her relationship as khatta meetha. Ajisha tells she didn’t like her expressions. Rithvik asks Nandish to write on the board. Nandish says he will fill all the paper. He says Rashmi should accept the criticism. He says when two-three people are saying the same thing, then you should accept. Rithvik gives the paper to Rashmi.

Rithvik calls Dipesh next. Upen says he didn’t like Dipesh’s jeans. Everyone laughs. Upen asks him to improve his jeans collections and signs on the board. Amruta says I am happy that he took out positive efforts on his relationship with Sana, and asks him to understand the true people. Karishma says Dipesh has good sense of humor, and asks him to be expressive towards Sana. Himanshu says Dipesh is a sweet baby, but he thinks much. Nandish says he likes good in beard, and asks him not to shave his beard. Mayuresh says he likes Dipesh’s jovial nature and asks him not to let it go. Rashmi says he laughs much, caring, down to earth etc. She says I feel bad when he makes fun of my make up. Sana says he is very positive by nature, and motivated. She suggests him to spend sometime, and improve himself. Dipesh thanks everyone and gets the paper messages.

Rithvik calls Upen next. Himanshu says I think he should be less compatible. Rashmi asks Upen to speak in Gujrati. Nandish says Upen thinks a lot before doing anything, and asks him to listen to heart without thinking. Sana says she likes his nature, and she don’t like his impatient nature. Dipesh says he is always learning from him, and don’t have any suggestions. Ajisha says Upen and Karishma are sweet and positive. Mayuresh says Upen lost his cool during a love challenge. Amruta says I fear to save hello to you. Upen says I am a human and didn’t come here to make friends.

Dipesh tells Karishma is very very sweet. Ajisha says she didn’t like her walk. Karishma is seen laughing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. really awesome 🙂 lovely keep doing it !!!

  2. really awesome 🙂 lovely keep doing it !!! Enjoyed very properly done 🙂

  3. GOD THIS UPEN…!!!!

  4. Ausm ….
    Nice memories spend by all…enjoyed watching this lovely chemistry by al contestants..

  5. Roselyn Dada

    What’s the problem with upen He should learn to accept simple truth has come to the show to make enemies he should bear in mind that they are watching the show all over the world. From NIGERIA IN AFRICA

    1. rigtly said

  6. Upen thinks he is more matured and powerful than others. he needs to accept criticism too. i never liked him though

    1. absualutely..

  7. i hate dat upen he thinks he is some kind of big star n dat tall ugly b***h of his yuck,i hope amrita n himanshu wins or rashmi n nandish.

  8. Ajisha dear kisi ka toh aacha bol de.
    all r bad according to u ajisha 🙁 🙁 🙁 ????

  9. I dont like any couple exept himanshoo and amruta……. I like karisma, sana,mayuresh

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