Swim Team 1st July 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jai”s mother tells hat Rewa came with Balm,,,Although she dont have any pain…,Mother tells she covered up..Mother tells that Jai is still kid but she dont want this situation again..Mother tells that Jai should think and said “I LOVE YOU” very carefully to the one he love..Jai goes in terrace and tells who have given water to the plants..Rewa comes and says surprise…
Rewa brings a cake and tells she made it for him,,,Rewa ,Jai tells he was little hurt but he thought that Rewa is his girlfriend,,Rewa tells that Jai is too cute..Rewa tells Jai to cut the cake and tell How it is..Jai cuts the cake and eat..Rewa asks How is the cake..Jai tells cake is very good …Rewa tells she want to eat..Jai tells no…Jai moves the cake…Rewa tells to give..Jai runs..Rewa runs behind Jai….Rewa falls on Jai…Rewa gets up..Rewa eats the cake and tells its so horrible cake..Rewa tells cake is really bad..Jai tells that Rewa made the cake with very hard-work..Jai thanks Rewa…Rewa tells Jai is too cute and sweet..Rewa tells she is sorry that she doubt Jai,,Rewa tells that she is really sorry..Rewa tells she really does’nt deserve Jai..Kanika calls Jai..Jai asks who is this…Kanika tells she changed her name on Jai’s phone by “Queen”..Jai tells he will talk later..Jai gives drink to Rewa..Jai drinks and tells its awesome…Jai tells Rewa to taste..Rewa taste and tells yes.. Rewa holds Jai hand and tells he is really sweet..Rewa goes…Rewa comes in Umang room..Rewa asks what Umang is doing..Umang tells she is playin a online game with Bhagat…Rewa tells before Umang never used to play..Umang tells sh eis doing all this because of Bhagat…Rewa tells Umang that Kanika have the same swimming suit,,Umang tells it was of imited edition..Rewa tells may be co-incidence,,Jai listens all…Rewa tells bye and goes..Jai tells kanika that Rewa known about swimming suit.,,Jai tells he know Kanika very well She did all this to destroy his relationship with Rewa..Kanika tells that Jai came in her bedroom so its time for romance..Kanika tells Rewa and she have boyfriend common,,Kanika tells that Jai destroyed his relationship with Rewa by getting close with her..Jai angrily goes……Next morning Coach Johnson tells that they will do new exercise..Johnson tells that she want to confess something…Johnson tells TK that she had a huge crush on him..TK smiles..Eveyone says “Awww”..Johnson tells All girls to ready for task…Kanika tells it means that they can confess anything..Johnson asks If Rewa want to confess anything..Jugnu smiles and says yes…Jugnu imagines he is proposing to Johnson…Johnson tells its Okay..Johnson tells they can confess in Private also..Rewa smiles and tells she know whom she have to confess..

Precap::Kanika confess to Jai that she will take him from Rewa..Jai tells Kanika angrily that he is only physically attracted to her,,,

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  1. Umang is name of one of my cousins…… But she is only 9

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