Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone happy that Naitik made everyone glad by his presence in office. Naman tells Karishma that its imp pendrive. Rukmani asks Nandini to see Yash, he is talking with Sanju all night. Nandini says Sanju is his friend and Yash will feel bad if he knows she checked his phone. Naksh says he wants to get admission here and Yash likes his confidence. Naksh asks is Sanju coming. Yash says I don’t know. Naksh asks why is he tensed, he is with her, not with any girl. Yash says Sanju will be angry, I cancelled the date with her. Naksh asks why, you know her anger, she throws anything.

Yash gets worried and Sanju comes to them. She avoids Yash and talks to Naksh. Yash says Dadi got unwell. Sanju says she submitted the project. Naksh says it means you will go now. Yash requests Naksh to help. Naksh asks her to forgive Yash, his Dadi was unwell. Yash asks her to throw anything and even break his hand. Naksh smiles. Sanju asks what is he saying. Naksh says I was just scaring him. Sanju says does Yash not know me, get lost both of you. Yash says you don’t look good in anger, I mean you look good, but you look cute when you are not angry.

Sanju says she is not going back. Naksh asks is she staying for Yash, he is happy and asks the real reason. They ask her to study here and they laugh. Naman says he wants to get the pendrive, Mishti is doing this. Karishma says if they scold her, she will get sad. He asks find the pendrive. She says lets ask Akshara, she cleaned the room, maybe she has it. Ananya is called by boss. She sees the guy in boss’ seat and greets him. He says he is Abhimanyu Roy, the owner of this firm. He asks her to sit. She says no thanks. He says he read the article and it was really interesting, lets keep it weekly. She says sure, I will try my best. He says good, see you. Tina comes and hugs him. He asks her to have a look at the work. Ananya looks on.

Karishma asks Akshara about pendrive. Akshara says she kept in drawer. Karishma says its not in drawer. Akshara says I forgot, as Mishti came running. Karishma says it was imp. Naitik asks why did she keep in storeroom, if it was imp. Akshara says its her mistake, but Mishti was crying. Karishma says why do you bring Mishti in between always. Akshara says sorry, I will find it. Naman says its ok, I will try to manage. Naitik says he will make the file again and asks Naman to send all details. Naman thanks him.

Ananya joins Naksh, Yash and Sanju and says she has two reasons to celebrate, as Naksh got admission and Sanju is staying here. Naksh says he will not join dad’s business and do anything unique. Ananya says he does not need to wait, as people manage study and work together. She says many business house will support their ideas. Yash says its good idea. Ananya says my boss is very young, I think he also did this.

Naksh says I should start something new. Sanju says he got mature coming India. They smile. Naitik sits making the file and sees Akshara worried for pendrive. He pacifies her. She tells about Naksh with everyone, he is not alone. He asks about his studies, he is busy here and not focusing on his career, I understand he did this for us, maybe we could not do this. She says don’t worry, my son is responsible and will do his studies. He says career and studies are imp for his future.

Sanju asks Naksh is he serious regarding study and business. He says yes, when dad opened restaurant, he did not have experience, he did very well, I want to make them proud, we will make new start, lie Ananya works. Ananya says we got mature. Sanju hugs Yash. Ananya says I wish we get happiness. Naksh says it will be great if we three get admission in same college. Ananya says I wish to study again with you all. Ananya says she will promote his business in her blogs. Naksh says great.

He says he has to go home, as Naitik and Akshara would be waiting. He leaves. Rajshri says Sanju will go back to her home. Vishwamber says you are saying as if she promised you and breaking it, she has to go to her parents. Nannu says he wants to show gift to Sanju as she is going. Dadi says we should also gift. Varsha says we will make Indian dresse for her. Nannu gives gift to her. Sanju thanks him and says she can’t it. She says she is not going back to Cape town, she will do her studies here in India. They get glad.

Dadi says but she has her parents there. Sanju says she asked her mum. Varsha says her mum will miss her. Sanju says my mum is strong and taught me to be independent, she will be happy that I m studying here and I m sure she will explain my dad, I applied for visa too. Rajshri asks her to stay in guest room. Sanju says no, I will stay in hostel. Rajshri says no need, you will stay here. Sanju says thanks but… Rajshri says she can’t stay alone. Sanju says she knows the city well. Vishwamber asks her to decide herself and this house is always open for her. Akshara says Naksh said he is coming and will come home to tell everything. Naitik says he makes them worry.

Bhabhimaa says when you went to study, we also felt this. Naitik says I understood it now. Naksh comes home and they ask about his admission. He says he did not get admission anywhere, its closed. They all get shocked.

Naitik tells Akshara that they have to sell the hotel. She asks what, who told you. He says Shergill called. They cry. Naksh looks on and gets sad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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