Naamkaran 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Avni and Neil fight for Mowgli’s custody

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Naamkaran 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni hearing Mowgli. He asks her for her magical kiss. She kisses the game card. He goes and plays with that card. Sunehri says that couple has come to adopt Jeetu. Avni asks Jeetu not to bother anyone, he got a good family, make them feel proud. Jeetu meets everyone and goes. Avni thinks I can’t lose you Mowgli. Lawyer calls Kamini. He says your job is done. Kamini says good, now finish this job soon, Avni will be destroyed, whatever, those people don’t know me, I had warned them, I m not going to spare her. Saisha looks on. Avni asks Saisha about KK. Saisha nods. Avni asks is she happy there. Saisha says actually…. Mowgli comes and meets Saisha.

Saisha gives him chocolates. Mowgli asks are you missing Jeetu, don’t worry, I will always stay with you mumma. Avni thinks of Neil’s words. Saisha says I need to tell something imp, I m sure Kamini is planning against you. Saisha asks where is your focus. Avni says just be positive, take care. Kids take Saisha with them. Avni checks the papers and cries thinking of Neil. Sunehri comes. Avni says how shall I fight with Neil who always fought with me, Neil wants to snatch my son, we neither have a lawyer nor money. Lawyer comes to meet Avni. She asks who are you. He says I m advocate Vishesh, relax, I m here to fight your son’s custody case from your side, maybe your well wisher wants you to stay with your son, I can’t tell anything more, we will meet tomorrow in the court. She says who is this well wisher.

Its morning, Avni comes to court. She sees Neil. The custody case begins. The judge says you both can state your opinions. Neil’s lawyer says Avni didn’t tell Neil about his son, I would like Neil to present his opinion. Neil says I just want my son back, I had a chance to spend time with my son, Avni snatched that chance, I have all the things required for a child’s upbringing, Avni has raised my son like an orphan since ten years. Avni’s lawyer says Avni will state her facts, so that she can tell it better by a mother’s point of view. Avni says I know I m responsible for this, Neil has gone through a bad phase, Mowgli needs his mum, I kept him with much love, I never let him feel anything less, he is smart and has good values, I have raised him well and I will continue the same, he is used to my presence, he can’t live without me, I understand him, how will he adjust. Neil says you want my son to live as an orphan, what right does she have.

He asks Avni to answer if she can. Neil and Avni argue. Judge asks them to be quiet. Avni says how will Neil give a normal childhood to Mowgli, he will go in trauma. Neil asks is this your justification, you don’t know when you are right and when you are wrong. She says I couldn’t tell you as I was helpless. Neil says her conduct is dishonest, she can lie expertly, she cheated without realizing his effect on others. Avni says I have not lied, I didn’t cheat. Judge says you are standing in the court, we heard your opinions, court proceeding will start tomorrow, the court is adjourned until tomorrow.

Avni runs to Neil and says please listen to me, I was helpless, don’t snatch Mowgli from me. Neil says you snatched him from me and family, you aren’t worthy to keep relations with my son. Prakash says calm down, Avni isn’t wrong. Shweta asks is Neil wrong, what are you saying, Avni has hid a big truth, she raised our grandson like an orphan, whose fault is it. Bebe says be quiet Shweta, why are we discussing this here, lets go now. Avni says our fight will badly affect Mowgli, we can find a middle way, we can raise Mowgli together. Neil says the court will have a solution for this, I feel I don’t know you, how can I share my son’s custody with a strange, please don’t.

She cries. Sunehri gets coffee for Avni and asks her not to take tension, we didn’t think Neil will do this. Mowgli shows his drawing to Avni. She cries. He says this is me and this is you. Sunehri says wow. Avni says its really good. He goes. Avni says Neil hates me, he will take revenge, no matter how bad it gets. Neil comes there. He gives court orders to Avni and says I got permission to spend a day with Mowgli, so I have come to take him home. Avni says you don’t need to go court for everything, you could have asked me, Mowgli won’t be comfortable, this won’t be good for him. He says I think he should face the life’s reality, he shouldn’t lie like his mum, I don’t need permission to take him. Avni asks Mowgli to go with Neil to his house. Mowgli says no, I don’t want to go.

Avni asks Neil does he know Mowgli’s likes and dislikes, why he gets upset, what makes him happy, his biggest fear…. she justifies that she will make Mowgli a good human.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sana.

    i don’t want to say anything about that tourniquet killer. now i hope mogli will teach him a good lesson as he started hating neil. neil should not get mogli’s custody. i think that the well wisher will be prakash or kamini as she wanted to destroy avni. neil says avni is a stranger to him and also said avni is a liar and cheat infront of all in court, if he find out about the truth behind her lie, he won’t handle himself i’m damn sure about it. he should beg her but avni should not forgive him and should tell that she hates him and should move on with someone whom deserves her love. she should not go back to neil afterall he is a womaniser and characterless husband. he doesn’t deserve avni. as i said earlier i won’t connect with neil’s character and can’t love the character too after seeing his engagement with mitali even if he do anything in future. i wish someone should come in avni’s life who respects her and love her more than neil. i wish ali to re-enter her life and should marry avni and accept mogli also.

    1. Ayesha_malhotra

      Yeah sana . Now I too wish it would have been better if it was Ali – Avni . Ali always loved Avni and supported her and waited for Avni for 15yrs . More than Neil .

    2. I agree sana ns ayesha, ali is far more better nd suitable to avni than this jerk neil.h e waited for avni more years than this neil.i think neil doesn’t love nd never loved avni at all.ali love was pure nd loyal to avni than this Neil’s.

  2. Ayesha_malhotra

    Glad that mowgli ran away seeing that beast Neil . Just because Neil has all luxury with him it doesn’t mean that he can raise the child well . Instead he’ll spoil mowgli just like how Dayawanti spoiled Aman with luxuries .Neil doesn’t deserve Avni and mowgli . I know Avni should have told Neil about Mowgli but he should not try to separate mowgli from her . I have nothing to say about today’s episode . I can just say that Neil has lost his senses , I guess he sold his brain . I hate this new RJ Neil . I want old ACP Neil Khanna Back . And I have a thing in my mind . Friends do you all remember that Neela’s murder mystery video where vidyut drugged prakash and made him shoot Neela ? And vidyut showed that video to Avni ? Where’s that video ? If Neil gets it he’ll come to know about the actual truth and he’ll understand everything .

    1. I want to know that to yaar where us that video.maybe by seeing that video neil get to know the truth,nd that video can put some sense into neils brains.then only he will understand.i don’t care by seeing video neil will be heartbroken or anything.its you be be better by seeing that neela maa video neil broke into million pieces.that would be good for him for not trusting avni.

    2. It would have burnt when avni setted fire on vidyut’s house.i think so.where is Ballu?I think they will bring the truth out from ballu

  3. Ayesha_malhotra

    I don’t even feel like watching or commenting . It’s really heart breaking . Like Seriously CVS think this separation track is interesting but why don’t they understand we viewers don’t like this track and why they don’t try to change this ! Have mercy on Naamkaran Fans and viewers CVS .

  4. Ayesha_malhotra

    And in yesterday’s episode I saw Avni in mowgli . Like when Avni asked for normal family in her childhood . Mowgli is facing the same situation . History repeats

  5. Ayesha_malhotra

    And yeah seems like Naamkaran timings is going to change to 10:30pm from 18th May . Is that true ?

  6. No more love for dis neil…i’m fed up of dis rubbish?????..snatching her kid frm his mom can not tolrt for anything….frm da strt neil had a feeling with was a unique lv stry cuz of that only im adicted to avneil…now its over….here aftr i will not watch dis drama??????????

    1. Plz nazra don’t do that yaar this show maybe horrible but we still love avni right, see the show for her.nd after knowing neela maa death truth u see neil will come crawling back to avni on his knees.plz don’t quit ok.i request.

      1. I dont have that much curge to watch pain full episodes…i love avneil more thn my self…tody i watched repeat mod on old episode thn…now i can breath pecfullly

  7. Ayesha_malhotra

    Inspire of Shweta knowing that Avni left their family to save them she along with Neil called Avni “DHOKEBAAZ – CHEATER” and they were bad mouthing about her character . Like when Neil said to Avni that he wants to spend time with mowgli so that mowgli doesn’t become a “CHEATER AND LIAR “ like Avni . Like I don’t understand why Shweta and Neil love to humiliate Avni . As sana said before Neil should compose a hate song . It would be a hit though it would be so terrible . Like when juhi said mishti is Neil and her daughter Did Avni call Neil a characterless person ? Or did she badmouth him ? Instead she stood with him and supported Neil . But why Neil is doing this with Avni ?

  8. Ayesha_malhotra

    Now I only feel good when I watch old episodes of AvNeil

  9. Ayesha_malhotra

    I miss our old AvNeil a lot .

  10. Aaj toh Neil ne kuch zyada hi hatred dikhadi… Ekdam like villain..
    And today toh Neil came at IPL match…

    1. Hi neil watching ipl haa.
      Villain giri dikha raha hai he became a villain. dont u see that he became villain to avni all avneil fans are hating him to the core just like that starting episode where neil tried to stop avni from Taking revenge from dayawanti. That neil was some what better but this neil.
      This neil is a full fledged villain in this show. Now he is beating villains like dayawanti guru maa vidyut in that list.

  11. This serial is becoming worse day by day.
    I wish Ali was with avni in the time of need like this,where is our Ali,I want to see him like badly,I miss him.if ali comes back again i wish this time avni should go with ali nd marry him leaving this loser neil all alone with mitali.
    I don’t care about neil anymore avni did so much for neil nd his family nd this the thanks she gets in return what she went through all those years.plz bring ali back nd make avni marry ali or some other guy suitable to avni.i can’t watch it avni is always crying for mogli.
    Nd plz cvs bring the truth of neela maa death before neil plz.u ate taking so much time to that truth before neil nd his family like seriously this is a show u know ,u will bring that neela maa death truth or not,are u cvs guys favouring neil or what. By keeping that secret hiding from neil.
    This is a show this show needs twist nd turns so that it can increase it’s trp by this lame track which u ate making i don’t think this will make any trp as u was expecting.nd by the way we have more expectations from u cvs nd director u know,nd plz bring some twist for god sake instead making us all bored to death.

  12. What kind of a hero is neil right now acting like a villain,. if u don’t want neil as a hero,make neil marry to mitali nd get rid of him nd bring ali or new hero for avni.

    1. What is yar Avni and Ali best friends. Our avni and Ali good unlike neil.if Neil did mistake why Avni do. It’s the time to Ali come back Avni and show their good is needed

      1. Not to marry avni atleast to support avni he should come back.

  13. God what’s happening in the show????? I’m not able to tolerate this stupid Neil khanna. How could he call avni di as a stranger. As if Mr. Neil khanna has no relation with her. Such a stupid track. Avni must never forgive Neil for this. Even I personally feel that ali deserves avni’s love more than this idiot Neil. I’m hatting him very badly from his engagement with mithali. Srsly I can’t tolerate him anymore. Before I used to like his character but now I just not his character alone but I started hatting him even. He’s so annoying now a days. Avni di deserves a better person than Neil. And I think mithali is the one who hired the lawyer for avni. There is nothing to tell abt today’s epi I just wish mogli teaches Mr.Neil khanna a good lesson. And let something happen to this swetha and plz CVS put het to death. I’m Not able to tolerate her too. Such a stupid women. Feel like slapping Neil. Nothing much to say but hope for a better epi. Even though this Neil understands his mistakes and regrets for his deeds I’m Neva gona support him. Such a brainless man. Stupid, idiot, paagal,kamina and what not. U deserve only those cheats not true love and u said mithali as honest. Did u really mean it? As if she has not done anything wrong. S of course u deserve only cheats like juhi,mithali and brainless Rhea. I’m really fed up of seeing all these. Plz makers we can’t see this anymore put an end to this track and start a happy family track with mogli and avni and neil. Atleast that would be better to watch.

  14. *not only like his character

  15. Avni was right mowgli suffer alot he start dislike Neil i m sure Neil blamed avni for mowgli behaviour Neil you should need a good doctor. Mitali support Neil aise dost ho tu dushman ki kya zaroorat neil ko.
    Ali come back avni need you

  16. It was very difficult to watch today’s episode. It brought back memories as my sister went through a similar situation but in her case she was awarded custody with her estranged spouse getting visitation rights. The process put a toll on her tho because my niece got stuck in the middle and the constant arguments btw them started to affect her. She was fortunate as in our country, the courts tend to sway in favour of the mother because of the nurture aspect as it relates to the bond btw a mother and a child.
    I know its hard to find a positive as it seems that there are more dark moments than lighter ones in Naamkaran , and we are obsessed on the crazy intense chemistry of our leads and just want them to be together always…..We all know its gonna happen, so let’s just see what happens…. i still say Naamkaran has remained unique and is still worth watching ….it s not only about lovey-dovey scenes or nhok-nhok jokes(not sure i spelt that correctly; don’t know hindi) as real issues and real life situations are being portrayed. ie illegitimacy, custody battle, human trafficking, marriage dynamics, etc….Maybe I am too hopeful….

  17. I wish mithali should cheat Neil….Then only Neil can realize Avnis true love.

  18. Yah I wish Ali to come back avni is in so much pain she need someone to support her

  19. Dumas001

    Neil is a loser and characterless he is the one always engaged or getting married to some one else wish Ali came back Neil has turned disgusting he and Metli and his mother all disgusting poor Avni she always had to sacrifice and ended losing everything .

  20. Kavya Chinnari

    I think neil is right…how many times neil told her we will fight together but no she wants to become mahan so she did everything on her own….what values she will give to kids always lie and not give value to others…that is why mishti also did the same thing with her…when a person comes to know he has a kid then what will he do? For me totally right

    1. Neil is becoming selfish i think now neil doesn’t deserve avni at all.what all avni did is for neil nd she supported him in everything if she does something like leaving him nd if she is not ready to come back he must understand instead of taking revenge.truely neil only love his avni more than anything for getting her he will do nd will even torture nd make her away from her loved ones to get his avni back he is doing same thing out of selfishness he doesn’t care about mogli if he did why did he asked to take away mogli from his family forever nd now he wants mogli custody why when he doesn’t care about mogli at all..

  21. Not this much noncence.

  22. Oh this NIEL! I wish Neela Ma comes back in this tough situation and support Avni…She will and can even bring out the truth…Please CVS bring Neela Ma back.. Avni needs a support from someone…..please please please and even trp will also increase …

  23. according to me , they both are right on their part. Avni always took decisions all by herself without any invovlement of neil. she did not ever trusted him. true that she sacrificed a lot for him , her family , her identity but about neil ten year constant pain of her loss and suddenly one day , he comes to that she is alive, he will treat it as betrayal if he is a normal human being . he might have looked turning like a demon but he is in immense pain inside. seeing her everyday , he feels cheated. its not all his fault and dont forget when avni was not ready to accept neil as her husband, he always her. he wouldnt have been that rude if avni would have told him about his son being mowgli. but in fear of loosing , she after vidyut death , she didnt bither to tell him despite sunehri constant talk about this, one fine day , on his engagement , he comes to know about his son , how bad would have he felt. even , if he is taking revenge from avni today , all knows he is gonna know about the truth, you people are all the same , when ali was not a villain ( it was a mere human instinct ) , you made him a villain and now wont avni and him together , what a shame.

    1. Do you think avni is a betrayer nd dishonest nd cheater from ur point so when neil arrested avni in jail track will informing her about anything she also hated him but she also wanted to know the real truth behind neil sending her to jail.just like neil behaving with avni now nd getting ready to marry his friend.avni should have done the same thing in jail track too but instead of finding that she found out what neil was hiding, she never thought other man except neil.when vidyut threatened her to kill neil family to protect them avni could have married vidyut to protect his family but instead of that she left all of them,the family she loved the most nd neil who she loved the most in the whole wide world.but she had no choice the choice left for her is to leave neil nd his family forever or marry vidyut.she can’t marry vidyut she chose first option.
      Now neil is taking revenge because he got to know mogli is his son nd by the way where did his love go when he said to avni in engagement day to take mogli away from him forever.he even told avni brought mogli to break his engagement ,do u really think avni can do that.after engagement he want his son back nd he can’t live without him.really he doesn’t want mogli at all he just want to take revenge from avni by making mogli away from avni so that she could feel the same pain he felt those 10 years.i dont think neil can even take care of mogli even if mogli lives with neil.this is just neil revenge to avni that’s all nothing more than that.

  24. I was supporting Neil until he started this custody battle…anyway Neil and Avni just aren’t the same anymore…was watching some of Zain and Aditi’s initial episodes as Neil and Ananya…they were so amazing – there was actually a plot and character development, and Avni/Ananya used to be so awesome, standing up for herself and non-sacrificial. Neil was still his annoying self but at least he wasn’t mean. Miss those kind of episodes. As for Ali and Mitali…the hero/heroine’s best friend is always bashed, which I think is so wrong but honestly Ali and Mitali deserve people that love them back rather than chasing people that only care about them when it’s convenient. Anyway…going back to watch the old episodes!!

  25. Hate neil from core.

  26. Love avniel a lot

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