Belan Wali Bahu 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Family decides to enjoy holidays at home

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Belan Wali Bahu 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lata says we were going to Switzerland and now because of Dada we are going to Thailand. She starts unpacking her warm clothes. Prem says I should pack my shorts and tank top. Lata says no you will wear beach clothes there. Prem says I will wear my house clothes. Lata says get beach wear, Prem says what is that? Lata says they are small clothes for beach, if you buy then I will lock you in room there. Prem says no no, I will arrange beach wear for myself.

Jitendra says dont know what Shalini will do in Thailand, she is very happy to go there, is she sad to not go to Switzerland. He comes to his room. Shalini is in knee high dress and hat, she dances around. Jitendra sees her bare legs and asks what have you become? Shalini says I always wanted to dance like Bobby from Bobby movie. Jitendra says this is our family trip, not honeymoon trip.. no, change your clothes. Shalini says you act like husband and not boyfriend, I wouldnt be seeing this day if I had boyfriend. Jitendra says try to understand, Dada, Prem, Lata will be with us. Shalini says I heard Prem saying that he will roam in shorts, tank tops there. Jitendra says he is my father, he can wear anything. Shalini says wow, you showed your colors, he is father in law so he can do anything but daughter in law cant? Jitendra says you dont look like daughter in law. Shalini says I will change this thinking when I get you arrested in Thailand. She leaves. Jitendra says this is all happening because of Prem. Prem comes to his room and says you have that? Jitendra says you are in such bad condition that you are asking from your son? if Lata asks you to not drink wine then leave it. Prem says I am not asking for wine, I am asking for short clothes that you wear in Thailand as beach wear, you must have them, Lata is very angry when I told her I dont have beach wear. Jitendra thinks that Shalini got angry with me because of him so I will take revenge now. He brings some short clothes and says they will look good on you. Prem wears colorful shorts and tank top. He is shy, Jitendra says you are looking very handsome, just roam around with confidence. Prem goes from his room. Jitendra says he made me fight with Shalini, now it will be fun.

Dada and Suzzi comes in lounge and sees Prem in short clothes. Suzzi says did someone snatch your clothes? Dada asks him to cover himself. Katori comes there and says I got to know you are going to Thailand for 7 days so I came to return some sugar which I took for 15 days. Katori asks if this is Prem? he doesnt even have clothes. Prem says I am prem, these are beach clothes, why you are taking sugar when you came to return it? Prem asks her to give their sugar back. Katori says I will return it someday, you people dont even have clothes, she leaves. Dada asks Prem to change his clothes.

Dada and Suzzi are packing clothes. Dada asks if we can get massage in Thailand? Naren was telling me. Suzzi says naughty. Dada says I dont want it for myself, I can get massage from you.. I mean my head massage. Suzzi says if I do your head massage there then when will I enjoy there? Dada says you get head massage too. Dada says where are my red shorts? Prem comes there. Dada says what do you want? Prem says I want to talk on serious matter, we cant go to Thailand. Dada says why?

All family members gather in lounge, they are tensed. Dada says we are not going to Thailand. I mean Prem is not going to Thailand, you will stay here alone. Prem says you will leave me? Dada says your passport is expired and you dont know? Prem says we dont use it much so I didnt see it was expired. Lata says if he is not going then I am not going too. Prem says you still love me? Lata says I dont know but I cant leave you behind so you drink wine. Suzzi says Prem didnt go to Switzerland when Dada couldnt go there. Dada says fine, Thailand canceled too. Jitendra says where we will go now? Laddo’s ghost says these people cant go anywhere, take them to Agra. Roopa says Agra? Dada says no, its a good idea, we can go to Agra. Laddo’s ghost says what rubbish? I am not going to Agra. Roopa says sorry. He asks Jitendra to book tickets for Agra, get two seats in corner.

Scene 2
Roopa calls her friend and says you are going to Switzerland third time, you remain getting cold there, I am going to see love landmark Taj mahal in Agra, she ends call. Laddo’s ghost says there is no difference in Agra and Thailand too? Roopa says you have gone to Agra ever? he says no, Roopa says then there is no difference, I told you that every place is enjoyable when family goes together.

All family members are preparing to go to Agra. Laddo’s ghost says we were going to Switzerland and now Agra? Roopa says it will be fun. Roopa says to Lata that I have made many parathas. Family starts leaving. Naren asks Prem to keep moving, Prem slaps him and asks him to get luggage, all start to leave. Laddo’s ghost is miffed and sitting in house. Roopa says please come, it will be very fun. Laddo’s ghost fine lets go, I will watch Taj mahal from up close. Roopa locks gate of house and leaves with family.

Family comes back home, all are glaring at Jitendra. Dada slaps Jitendra. Lata says today I want to do it too, she slaps Jitendra. Prem slaps him too. Shalini says Jitendra three slaps? she takes selfie with him and says how can you do it? Jitendra says I thought our train is in morning but it left last night, Shalini says I hate you. Roopa is in thoughts. Laddo’s ghost says we cant even go to Agra, we should stay here. Roopa gets an idea. Roopa says to family that this house is our Thailand, Switzerland and Agra, we will enjoy holidays in house only.
All are playing games in lounge. Lata brings juice. All are playing carom, badminton, cricket. Roopa says its so enjoyable. Laddo’s ghost is playing cricket and says yes leave all places, its so much fun to stay at home.

Roopa calls her friend and says we are enjoying at home only, there is nothing better than playing with family at home, she ends call. Laddo’s ghost says she is enjoying holidays at home or enjoy making her friend jealous.

PRECAP- Laddo’s ghost is standing outside house. Shalini throws garbage from terrace on him as she cant see him. Laddo’s ghost gets angry and comes Roopa, he says Shalini always throw trash at me. Roopa says I will go to municipal house and request for trashcan in our society.
municipal house. Prem says to commissioner that please put one trashcan in our society. Commissioner says it will be done.
A big trashcan is placed in the middle of street. All people start throwing their garbage in it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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