Dil Se Dil Tak 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Parth finds Teni In Iqbal’s house

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Dil Se Dil Tak 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ammi pushes Iqbal out of the room as she can’t see the bride before wedding. Teni notices one of her earrings was missing. Parth smiled in the hall watching Teni swirl in front of mirror. Iqbal tries to break in through the window, then walks downstairs to the hall. He hits a servant holding a tray filled with rose petals. Iqbal was left in aw watching Teni and hides himself behind a pillar. Parth was smiling from behind the pillar. Teni recognizes Parth, he runs outside the house while Teni slips into Iqbal’s arms. Parth turns to watch them together and walks outside. In another room, Parth finds an album of Iqbal and Teni. There, Teni asks why Iqbal came to see her when Ammi had forbidden him. She was worried what if something bad happens? Iqbal assures everything will be fine.
Parth calls Indu and tells her its Teni, she is ready to get what she deserved; a loving Ammi, a husband like Iqbal and a good home. They must be happy about her. Indu convinces Parth that they must stop Teni, what if she recollects her memory one day and realize she is married; it would be very late. Parth tells Indu he talked to the doctor, he said Teni might never get her memory back after so many years. They must let Teni live happily with Iqbal. Indu apologizes for hurting Parth by sending him there, she would pressurize Parth again.
Parth sat in his room, thinking about Teni’s wedding preparations with Iqbal. He recalls his marriage with Teni, and the times he spent together with her and was doomed.
The next morning, Ammi was tensed that Iqbal’s Mamu had reached; even his uncle’s flight is late. Now they will have a clash with each other, she will be taunted from both sides. Iqbal suggests she must go and pick his maternal uncle, while he will pick up Mamu. Jigar comes from the shop to inform the minister gave him time of 2 o clock. Teni comes there and suggests she can go to give the invitation to the minister. Iqbal tells her to reach at sharp 2 o clock.
At the venue, the man ahead of Teni was arguing the security guard. Teni tells the man if there is some terrorist activity around, he would be the first one to blame the security. Parth had come right behind Teni, the female security guard considers him as Teni’s husband. Teni looks towards Parth, recalling the news about the gang on television from past. She calls security woman as insane and moves on.
Inside the house, Teni presents her wedding card and sweet box to minister. The minister recognizes her and says he knows Iqbal since the time he wasn’t a minister. Teni must be really special that he selected her for marriage. Parth utters she is very special. Teni walks near to Parth and says that Parth isn’t worth sitting here. The minster tells her that he is a reputed business man at Baroda. Soon, there was a terrorist attack at the Minister’s residence. Everyone was worried as the terrorists shot bullets towards the security. Parth pucks Teni up in his arms and walks upstairs. Teni resisted and shouts at Parth to drop her, she wasn’t ready to stop speaking and not ready to go with Parth. She picks a knife from the wall and asks if he considered he can easily kidnap Teni, she will kill him now. Parth smiles towards him saying he won’t stop her.

PRECAP: Teni tells Parth to call Iqbal and narrates a wrong number. Parth asks how Teni learned his number.

Update Credit to: Sona

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