Naamkaran 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ali saying Avni, you have hidden big secret from me, you taught me there is no secrets between best friends. Avni says its not like that. Ali says you broke friendship rule, I m feeling bad. She asks him to stop, I will support you. Ali gets annoyed and leaves. He falls down the window. Avni looks on. Ali leaves. Avni says I have to convince him.

Ketan goes to Dayaben and shows the client orders files, and how they cancelled the orders after 2 days. She calls client and asks what mistake did we do that you cancelled big order. He says no, you did not do mistake, other company is giving better quality items in less price, we had profit, which is seen in business. She ends call. She says I won’t let loss happen in business, I have sold cloth on roads, so Mehta industries stood, we should not lose orders, whose company is this.

Ketan says I did not know anything. Dayaben says find out about competitor, you lost big order, how will you do business. He says I tried t find out, I got to know MD name is Kabir. She asks him to find complete name, I want him here in 2 days.

Avni plays with Aman and says its your birthday today, its one month since mumma left, but we will celebrate this day with mumma, she will always be with us. Aladin smiles. She gifts Aman. Aladin asks the servants to have laddoo and leave. Avni shows the new dress to Aman. Aladin clicks pics. Diksha asks what’s happening here. He says I missed you and looked for you, where did you go. She says I was in my room, you could have come to meet. He says no, you could have got annoyed.

She says we will sit and talk once I see kids. He says you don’t focus on me. She clicks his pic and says now a selfie. He diverts her and signs Avni. They go. Riya comes and asks Avni did you forget all that, shall I take Aman again. Avni says if you touch him then… Riya asks what will you do. They fight. Aladin comes.

He says there is no law and order in this house. Riya says Avni broke the rule. Aladin says its your complaint, you kidnapped kid and threatened to throw in water, I will out you in dark room. Riya runs. Avni laughs seeing this. Aladin says I will always be with you two. Avni says we have to do much, we have to collect evidence against Dayaben. He says I went to accident spot, we may get proof. She says one proof and I will get Dayaben punished, I promise.

Servant sees Dayaben coming and signs to Avni and Aladin. Aladin says problems don’t end here. He goes to see Dayaben. Dayaben calls servant. Avni changes Aman’s clothes and kisses him. Ketan calls out servant. Avni gives Aman to servant. Dayaben does not drink water. Servant gets Aman and gives to her. She hugs Aman and says I can know who touched Aman, how did this happen. Maid says constable got after us and did not listen to us. Riya says yes, when i went to take Amol, he scared me with stick. Dayaben says fine, go and have food, give food to Avni in her room, I don’t want to see her face. She wishes the seven days end soon.

Everyone sit to fine. Aladin gets Avni adn says now entire family will dine together. Riya refuses to have food with Avni. Aladin scolds her. Dayaben does not let him sit and says its my elder son’s Ashish’s chair. Aladin says fine, I will sit there.

Dayaben leaves food angrily and goes. Ketan also goes. Diksha says I m here, don’t take tension. He looks at Riya. Riya gets scared and runs. Hetal goes after her. Aladin says there is no butter in paratha. Diksha goes. Avni says I m missing Ali, this is his fav dish. Aladin asks are you missing him. She says a lot, he is annoyed with me. He says annoyance is where there is love. Avni says I also love him a lot. She asks him to convince him. She says I will call him again. He asks her to have food.

Avni calls Ali and says let me say sorry please. He does not answer. She calls inspector. He says we are investigating, we will get some clue soon about CCTV footage, come police station in morning. Dayaben asks Avni whom are you talking to, whose phone did you steal, you are talking to bad locality people. She asks who is it, don’t talk. Inspector asks don’t you have manners, I m inspector Joshi. Dayaben says I m Avni’s Dadi, talk to her. Avni laughs and says Dadi came on right time, inspector talk to her. Avni asks Dayaben to give her permission. Dayaben says fine. Avni asks shall I go police station, its imp, inspector will tell me who deleted CCTV footage from hospital, once I know it, that person will be in jail. Dayaben worries and goes.

She recalls Avni’s words and says what’s happening, dirt us ruining my house, my respect, tapasya, everything is ending.

Avni tells Aladin that CCTV footage of hospital’s exterior will be there, we should check it for clue.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Awesome series love avni, Ali, aladin, neela?? hope dayaben gets arested asap and avni gets popular and rich.

  2. Ashish is never shown at all.. It’s not realistic yaar.. It’s like his role has ended.. He loves his family soo much.. Should at least show him mourning. Though aladin is helping avni I don’t like him..

  3. Avni nd alladin combination is too good… I think AA company is avni & alladin’s secret company hoga dayavanthi ko barbad Karne ke liye…..

  4. Mounika

    Avni & aladin too good together. I hope everything will be fine from now. I think this double A company md cabir is none other than aladin. Company’s name AA is avni aisha. Now dayavanti will loose business too. That will be awesome.

  5. yess, Alladin second nme is kabir…
    and i think Alladin is the owner of AA company….

    1. Angelk1

      Aladin probably use the money dae gave him to make the company. Lpve Aladin

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