Is enemity the first step of love? Chapter 5: Kidnapped?

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Chapter 5: Kidnapped?

As per PriyankaKamaraj wish I will continue this story, but I won’t update this one frequently!

ImRaj and ViKor’s friendship!

So now back to do the story!

SuKor’s convo
“Queen Ananya, you have some magic in your hands, the food was so tasty that I would love to kiss your hand!” Suraj said and a blushing Ananya(Chakor) said: “Thank you very much prince Suraj, but please don’t kiss my hand!” “Why?” “Cause my hand got burned while cooking!” “Do have got any cream for it!” “No!” “You are lucky that I have got an anticeptic cream in my car!” “Thanks prince Suraj!” “You are welcome queen Ananya!” He said somehow evilly and Chakor knew, why Suraj and Vivaan were here!
End of their convo

ViMli’s convo
“Thank you very much for hospitality princess Pavitra!” “I should say thank you as well for giving us a chance for it!” Then he gave her something and she shouted: “Laddoo, I love it a lot!” She hugged him and told him: “thank you, thank you so much!” “You are welcome!” After a while she ate the laddoo, suddenly she felt dizzy, soon she fell unconscious, he lifted her up and took her towards the car, where an angry Ananya(Chakor) was sitting. “What did you do with my sister?” “Nothing!” “Don’t lie to me or else I’ll kill you Mr. Rajwanshi!”
End of their convo

The car scene
“What happend to you queen?” A concerned Suraj asked Chakor and she replied back: “my sister still hasn’t gained consciousness, cause of you idiots!” “We didn’t use that much naag poisen!” Vivaan aswered back and Chakor shouted at him: “are you out of your mind, you used naag poisen on an half naagin and half vampire, well done idiot Rajwanshi, now only my poisen can cure my sister!” “What you guys are half naagins, I thought you are half vampires and half werewolves like us!” “No, we aren’t!” Then Chakor turned herself to an golden naagin and gave her poisen to Imli, soon Imli woke up and asked Chakor: “where are we di?” “We got kidnapped by the Rajwanshi brothers!” “What they kidnapped us?” “Yes, we did darling!” SuVaan said together, then ImKor shouted together: “Shut up idiots!” After a few hours drive they reached Asaad Ganj! “Welcome to Asaad Ganj my ladies!” Suraj said, but he didn’t get any reply back from ImKor!”
End of the scene

I’m sorry for the short update, but I hope you guys like it!

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