Ishkara -ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 16)

Episode 16.

# afternoon time ?

>Om on his way to art gallery .
>shana in her way to dance academic.

Road . .

Om was waiting as it was red signal .

Suddenly he heard that some girl was shouting at some one .
om – in mind ( sound is so familiar).

So om get down to have a look what’s going on.

One girl holding a small cute puppy in her hand was scolding a man .

Girl- r u blind can’t u see when u r driving.
Man – mam it’s not my fault …..and y r u shouting on me for dis blo*dy dog.?

Girl – just up … u think we all r blind I have seen how u r driving …..talking on mobile ?. blo*dy lier.

Man – look girl mind u r tone k ….I am talking to u nicely……that doesn’t mean u can say me any thing……k .

Girl – ulta chor kotwal ko daante.

Om can’t see that her as her back of towards om ….Om ask to person who was standing near .

Om – kya hua.

Man – aree dis girl saved that puppy ….his leg was stuck in that big two rock … point towards the rock …which was in side of the road .
Om – but vo to side mei.
Man2 – hai but dis rich guy is not accepting the truth …….thank God the girl came at right time.

Om -hmmm( thn he heard that that man was
Saying bad words to that girl)

Rich man – u just look at u ……my servant looks more better thn u .

Girl now ????? so she slapped him .

Girl – oh really but I am not like ur servant .

Rich man was feeling embraced and insulted … he was about to slap the girl .

But someone hold his hand …..and don’t u dare …just accept ur mistake and leave .

Rich man -who r u ??

Omkara oberoi .

Rich man – omkara ji ap …but dis girl .

Om – just say sorry ….and go. …. otherwise .

Rich man – who knows the power of oberoi …..said sorry unwilling and left .

Om thn turn to ask that girl if she is fine and was shocked .

To be continued…

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  2. Akshaya

    Wow awesome episode. Waiting for the next


    Awesome Di and I have posted 3 parts of FF so plz do read and comment and yeah post the next part ASAP

  4. Jaya

    Wow! Street fight..:-D . I guess that girl is ishana 🙂

  5. Kehkasha

    That girl was ishana….right…
    Awesome update…

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    Wow…..waiting 4 nxt….

  7. curious for next epi

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    Wow… the girl is ishaana???

  9. Amazing episode… I guess that girl is ishana..

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