Naagin Season 5 25th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Veer returns and Shakura dies

Naagin Season 5 25th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

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Shakura says to Bani have you forgot that I told that My house🏠 is at cloud 9 and you are not even AdiNaagin🐍 anymore so Prepare for Marriage..
Bani get angry😡 and think how to go from here and girls arrive with haldi, she throw haldi. Girl 1 says I bring another and Girl 2 clean it.. Bani think🤔 why shakura said that Veer is about to Die, when he is my biggest enemy, and now who is my new enemy??🤔🤔

Girls come again to apply her haldi, when she says that how can being women you can do this and decide to jump from house🏠… Girls try to stop Bani but she pushes them.. She prays🙏🏼 to Lord Shiva that my Powers are also not with me, but I believe you and she jump and prays to God.. she remember what shakura said that today is purnima🌕, Veer will die!! Bani prays🙏🏼 to Lord Shiva..

At mountain⛰️, Shukla see Gandhak stone💎 and think🤔 why its here? But says that only 5 minute are remaining.. Gandhak stone find Veer and revieve him.. Gandhak stone💎 provide all powers to Veer with song cheel cheel cheel cheel cheel🎶🎶..🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅Veer hold stone and walks away..

Bani keep on falling from clouds height and keep on praying🙏🏼.. she see Shiv temple and prays that I believe on you and on your Decision Lord Shiva.. and get stuck on Trishul…

Veer come out of Cave and see Bani stuck on trishul, and shout Bani and fall.. Bani shout Veeranshu… He shows thumbs up👍🏼 and free Bani from Trishul and call her sweetheart🥰 while both fall… dil ibabadat Kar raha hai Dhadkane meri sunn🎶🎶.. plays on background with eye lock…🎶🎶
Veer says that it was My dream to see you like this sweetheart🥰, and pick up her and says you have put on weight..
Bani ask where were you? Veer ask did you miss me?? And why in such clothes and from where did you arrive??

Shakura arrives calling Bani come and lets marry.. Veer stops him saying Bani is my wife.. shakura says she is my would be wife.. but its soo strange that she jump window from house 🏠 at cloud9, for you. Veer says sweetheart🥰 you must have got hurt this way..

Jai🐍, Shukla🦅 and Mayuri🦚 arrive in secene and are shocked😱 to see that Veer is fine.. Shakura sides veer and ask bani to lets get married.. veer come and both start fight.. Bani think🤔 she can’t turn into her Naagin form, and Jai says Veer will not turn into Cheel🦅 so that Bani doesn’t find that Veer is cheel..

Shakura defeat Veer using his cheel🦅 form and try to forcefully marry Bani, Veer gain strength and both fight again.. Jai says let Veer and shakura fight and die, we will handle Bani easily…

Shakura try to attack Veer using fire stick but Veeranshu stab him using Trishul, leading Shakura die with smile🙂 on his face and seeing bani and calling her Sweetheart🥰 , wewill shall be one as couple one day.. before dying Shakura open eyes👀 and see bani while Veer hide her..(secene totally looked like eariler episode 3)
Shukla ask anyother plan?? Jai shouts at him…

Veer ask what shakura said you jumped off window why??? Bani says because she didn’t wanted to marry him… Veer says because bani you missed me, infect wheather you agree or not: you have feelings for me, otherwise how can any random person will call you sweetheart🥰 and you will realise its not me… Dil ibabad plays again..🎶🎶🎶..
Bani says its not that.. Veer says you just need to accept your feelings. I promise not to say anything to anyone.. Bani thinks🤔 and faints.. Veer says you will accept it soon..

Bani get up in bath tub when veer arrive with medicine and apply.. bani says she said no to your question, but Veer says god promise its truth you said yes, but laugh😆… Veer keep on applying medicine and says Vishwaas has both vish and aas(आस) and dil ibabdat plays again🎶🎶.. bani look at Veer.. Veer says don’t look at me like this, you will faint again due to my charm..
Bani says you are hurt and apply medicine.. bani ask what has happened to you, how you reached there?? Veer think🤔 how Jai captured him and says find it yourself..
He is about to remove his shirt when Bani stop, he says but i am hurt at heart♥️ as well..

Bani try to leave, when Veer stop her and ask for 2 promises!!! Bani says to accept your imaginary feelings..
Veer says no, make these promises-
1. Firstly Never jump from window again for risking your life.
2. You shall never meet that Jai
Dil ibadat plays again…🎶🎶🎶

Bani says why should not I, just give me reason?? Veer says because you are married now and you are mine sweetheart.. She ask Veer to leave as she need to change..

Veer keep Gandhak stone💎.. Bani says she knew it from where it came.m Bani says one day she reached basement and saw all jewellary and things.. Veer says then you will not leave me now as I am so weathy..
Bani further says that she found room which is locked and someone is there I doubt that.. Veer says are you out of your mind? But goes to check it…

Balwant arrives and says Veer can come here, he need to hide that room.. Veer come and doesn’t find anyone, he thinks 🤔 Bani must have been wrong as she is doubtful all time… someone eye👀 on him, while balwant watch him hidden.. balwant arrives on stairs ask where were you veer? But Veer says it was not in my face then why didn’t you recognise him.. He thinks🤔 how can this happen, sandwatch⌛ was empty, then how can Veer doesn’t rememeber anything, somthing is wrong.. Veer ask again? He replies Ponkey wasn’t well, so we all believed him and take veer away..
Eye👀 persons says our child came..

Bani get Jai call📱.. Jai think🤔 what if Veer told truth about me?? Bani hide and pick call📱.. Jai ask where were you? Bani tell him that Shakura took my powers and held me capative on clouds.. Jai says it was Veer plan!! Bani says I told you, its not Veeranshu.. veeranshu saved my life even he was hurt while saving me.. Jai says you missed another chance to kill that cheel 🦅.. Bani shout again: stop: I said Veer saved me..
Jai says you changed his name, are your feelings🥰 changing for him as well?? Anyway meet me I have plan to kill that Veer.. Jai says Addinaagin🐍 it will be shame if you fail in killing That cheel🦅.. Bani deny saying before that I have some work.. Jai says you are falling for him, do you really consider him your husband?? Bani says: stop it: I am handling everything even before your arrival, so stay away..

Veer arrive to room and see no curtain.. bani arrive, but before she speaks, veer ask its your wish if you want to sleep or not.. Bani ask i removed that curtain, will you not ask?? Veer says did I ask you.. He says I am hurt😞 bani, I have told you about my feelings always but you always deny.. dil ibadat music plays 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

Precap: Jai think to hurt Bani. He hipnotise bani and says when veer shall see both of us together, he will get hurt more..
Jai pushes bani in pool

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Sorry readers for spelling mistakes or any part I missed..

    1. Simple n nice

    2. No sorry…
      I understood everything.
      Thankyou soo much as i had missed todays episode…

    3. Everything was captured in the update. Thanks for the English update. It means a lot to us who don’t know Hindi. We just grasp one or two words. Or wait for the repeated episodes with subtitles. So thank you.

    4. ShraddhaSharma392

      Thank you @Queen and @Nadia

    5. Nita D

      Very nicely explained dear @shraddha

      Guys I need a big help for you all.
      I was watching yesterday’s episode on voot and wherever the update says dil ibbadat plays there some random music was playing (the same had also happened in the wedding-sangeet scenes) I think some copywrite issue or something.
      I am practically watching the show for Vani so can someone please tell where can I watch the full episode with the original music.
      It will be a huge help…!

    6. U should watch on max player app in this app every serial n series n movies with good quality n sound u can watch easily

    7. ShraddhaSharma392

      Thanks @nita D..
      You can watch using jio tv for music.
      Or earlier desitv box site use to work, but i am not aware wheather its still working or not
      Yes voot consider copy right issue and always hide bollywood songs mainly….

    8. Nita D

      Thank u so much @shraddhasharma and @sg.
      I’ll try both the sites
      I tried desitv box but it didn’t work

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  3. Thank you Shraddha for the update. It is very nice

  4. finally veer is back with awesome episode🌮

  5. You have been doing a great job so thanks for the updates

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      Thank you @Eu judex

  6. Awesome update yaar…kudos to ur efforts ❤💘

  7. Oh I was missing this Chemistry although I hate the story line but I love the Chemistry. In season 2 I was thinking about Takshak Naags and Naagin now I know it. Bani and Veer’s child will be Tashak Clan’s Naag and Naagins as they can fly. Sorry for my PJ.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392


  8. Shesha485

    One of the best episodes of Naagin 5 after 3rd(not that Satyug part🤢), 4th, 5th, 2Mahaepisodes. I missed the Episode because of power cut and even the update is late. At least you updated the Episode, Thanks 🤗🤗
    By god’s grace, that Shakura’s character is terminated. One of the irritating characters in Naagin. Veer’s entry was nice and that gharwali, sweetheart, thumbs-up was lovely. Fight was okay. Bani is looking great… That scene of dressing wounds was nice….😍😍 Last scene was also good….👍
    So, it is confirmed that Veer’s mother was locked in the room. But why? Even Balwant knows the fact… This Shakura transforms into eagle in front of Veer, Bani didn’t even react and she was so casual still Veer didn’t get any doubt on his sweetheart. So weird… Jai is not that weird in this episode…✌️
    I saw some BTS pictures of Naagin, it looks like Dusshera track is the next and it has all the Singhania boys who were missing in these episodes😃😃😃… Meera and Bani dance track is also there…. But their outfits are resembling like Naagin outfit. 😏
    Precap wise, Veer would hold Bani before falling into the pool. Director shared the pic😅😅

  9. Who can that blue eye woman behind that room be?

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Might be veer real parents or mother.. as they said our child came here (when veer reached basement)

    2. Justice Ikechukwu

      Ha that May be

  10. Justice Ikechukwu

    No it was perfectly written, though I understand Hindi but not all,so I love your update you really tried.

  11. Justice Ikechukwu

    No it is perfectly written, though I understand Hindi but not all,so I love your update you really tried.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Thank you @justice ikechukwu

  12. Friends plz gv me answer
    1.Who is locked inside that room?
    2.How Shukla knows Bani is Aadinaagin?I think he see Bani as Aadinaagin at the time a fight occurs with Teer?
    3.When Shukla joins Jays team and rescue? (At that time Jai was found missing Jai was about to marry Bani? )
    4.Why Veers cousins left him near the cliff instead of killing him? Why they didn’t enquire him after tgat?

    1. Shesha485

      1) Veer’s mom is locked in the room. (Almost sure)
      2) While Bani is fighting with Teer avenging for Jai’s fake death, Shukla came there, see her in Naagin roop hiding at the gate.
      3) Actually Mayuri played a double game with both Jai and Shukla. She teamed with both without informing about Jai to Shukla and vice versa. While Jai and Mayuri had some argument, Shukla was hiding at the pillar and saw them together plotting. Jai saw Shukla too hiding. Then Mayuri revealed that Shukla is also in our team to Jai.
      4) Actually, it was Shukla’s plan to kill Jai by throwing at cliff. Shukla(in the form of Veer) asked Veer’s brothers to kidnap Jai and throw at cliff. They think that Veer don’t want Jai to be hinderance in his romance with Bani and so they did the same. Then, Teer (not sure, that maybe Shukla) come there and throw from the cliff. They didn’t discuss because they want to forget it. Actually what I said is not explained clearly but this is what actually happened

  13. Friends plz gv me answer
    1.Who is locked inside that room?
    2.How Shukla knows Bani is Aadinaagin?I think he see Bani as Aadinaagin at the time a fight occurs with Teer?
    3.When Shukla joins Jays team and rescue? (At that time Jai was found missing Jai was about to marry Bani? )
    4.Why Veers cousins left him near the cliff instead of killing him? Why they didn’t enquire him after tgat?

    1. i think..

      1. its veer’s mother. as she said mera beta agaya.
      2. may b shukla knows when teer’s fight occur. or may b thier(cheel’s) god has told him.
      3. shukla was already with mayuri. he only brought her to his home. and mayuri took jai her home when fell from cliff. and that time jai himself told that he remembered satyug he had told that mein janta hu ki satyug me mere sathi bhi the. (his crime partners mayuri and Shukla. but jai dint mention any name in that scene). in kalyug shukla dint know that jai was with them until he saw him attacking bani on that day. later mayuri tells him that he also wants to kill bani.
      4. may b they thot that he died.
      its my thought

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