Naagin Season 5 19th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Veer marries Bani to punish her

Naagin Season 5 19th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pandit ji and snake Charmer seeing the moon going away and the other moon having the stain on it. Bani is shocked to see Veer coming there and going to his dead lookalike. He looks at his lookalike and gets shocked. He gets shocked and says my brother…..and cries. Bani thinks there was one Akesh in the past. She thinks if I killed an innocent person. Veer asks why did you kill my innocent brother and tells that they used to keep him far away as he was weak. Bani tells that she killed him. Veer says how can you kill him ruthlessly. Bani says Jai was murdered by you. Veer asks what? Bani says you was murderer of Noor and Jai. He says you was behind Jai and was after his life. She says I have seen you pushing Jai down the valley and came here behind you, and killed him, thought I took my revenge, but it was him. Veer tells that his brother never used to come out of room and tells that this is lie. Bani says how did he come out of room then? Veer says he might have come out hearing about my marriage and you have killed him brutally. He thinks Bhai was a cheel and Bani is a human, thinks how she killed him. He asks did you see any strange in him. Bani says no and thinks he shall not know that I know everything. She says I just saw him, who killed my Jai. Veer says you have done wrong. She says I have punished him and tells that you all are wrong. Veer tells that I will tell you what is wrong and tells that he will make the wrong as right in real means. He says now see, how I make everything fine. He closes his eyes using his ring. He says I will not leave you Bani Sharma, this is Veer’s promise. He turns to her and takes her dupatta. She asks what are you doing? Veer asks her to shut up and ties one end of dupatta to her waist and the other to his waist.

Bani is shocked. He lifts his brother and walks out with her, while Bani is still tied to him. They reach a cave, where Eagle idol is kept. He says we have to do this. Bani asks what is this place? He brings open coffin and puts his dead brother’s body in it. He keeps some wood logs on it and burns the dead body. Bani is still in shock. He thinks my brother’s death will not go waste, I will take revenge from Bani.

Veer brings Bani to his house. Bani asks where is my family? Balwant comes there and tells that he is missing. Shukla tells that she must have heard everything. Balwant says kill her. Bani thinks she wants them to attack her first. Veer asks them not to kill her as he is marrying her. Bani says who are you to take this decision alone. Veer says first I will talk to my family and then you. Balwant says we are worried and you are saying this. Veer tells that his brother is fine and safe. Bani says excuse me. Veer says first it is my turn. Balwant says you will not marry her and says you was about to marry her sister. Bani says she will not let Meera di marry her. Veer tells that Bani has to pay the price to him and tells that it will be done when she marries me. Balwant asks what did she do? Veer asks Shukla to check if every thing is here needed for marriage. Balwant warns him not to marry her. Veer tells that he will like her. Balwant tells that he will not stay here anymore and asks Tapish to come.

Veer tells Bani that they are made for each other and shows V on her hand. bani says she will not marry him. Veer says you are my brother’s murderer, I want to kill you slowly…and asks if she understood why is he marrying her. He asks her to decide if she wants to make him jija ji or piya ji as if she refuses then he will marry Meera. He lights the fire and says let’s take round and round. Bani says when I attack you, you won’t be saved. He thinks you have killed my brother, I shall hate you, but why I am sympathetic towards you. Bani thinks he has killed Jai and thinks if he killed him and put blame on his brother. Veer thinks that he will punish her. Bani thinks she will kill him and his family and that’s why she is marrying him. They complete the rounds. Veer says Shukla forgot to bring sindoor and applies black tilak on her hairline. He then brings chain and ties around his neck, tells that she will be captive all life now. Bani says we both got punishment. Shukla comes to the eagle God and tells that he has killed Veer’s brother using the magical knife. He tells that he had seen Aadi Naagin and that’s why he killed Veer’s brother so that he kills her. But Veer got married to her and says I don’t know what to do. He runs away from there.

Bani comes home. Chachi asks you came here. Bani asks are you fine? Meera hugs Bani and finds the chain in her neck. Veer comes there and calls her sasumaa. Shukla calls someone and tells that Veer married her and tells that she will never know who is her friend and who is her enemy in this yug. Chachi scolds Bani and tells that they were kicked out from the Singhania Mansion. Bani tells that Meera never wanted to marry him. Chachi asks why did you come here to see your richness. Veer calls his Servant and he brings the jewellery. Chachi gets happy seeing the jewellery and blesses him. Her husband tries to stop him. She takes the jewellery inside. Veer asks her to meet her sister as he will make her cry. Meera takes Bani to room and asks where is Jai? Bani tells that they have killed Jai. She says I will not leave these Singhanias, I will kill them one by one. Chachi’s husband gives her clothes to her. Bani hugs him and says I will tell you everything one day.

Jai’s Dadi gets worried and cries. She says Jai didn’t call me even once. Gautam gives the photo of Jai to Inspector. Inspector tells that they have got Jai’s last location, near the mountain. He says we will inform you and says you can’t come there.

Veer brings Bani home. His brothers welcome him. Balwant tells that Shukla made me understand that they shall stay together. Veer hugs him. They take selfie with everyone. Veer tells Balwant that she made him very upset and she has to pay the price. Balwant asks what she did. Veer doesn’t tell her. His brother says chic came for the first time. Veer says your bhabhi. Shukla goes from there.

Veer asks what is this? He then laughs. His brothers explain to Bani that she has to walk and lift the bottles one by one, like playing Stapo, if any bottle falls down then she has to sleep on couch. Bani plays stapo and picks the bottle one by one and gives to veer. His brother says this is cheating. Bani says you didn’t tell about this. She tries to lift the last bottle, when Veer lifts her and takes her from there. she asks him to take her down and asks how dare you. He brings her to bedroom and puts her on bed.

He looks at her. She asks him to move and calls him badtameez. He asks her to spit the anger and take out her clothes. She looks shocked. He asks her to change her clothes and gives his tshirt. She throws it on floor. He removes his shirt and asks shall I help you to change your clothes. She turns and asks him not to dare. Her skin gets scaly and controls her anger. Veer ties her hands and tells that he didn’t marry her as he loves her, but because he wants to punish her. He tells that he will give her suhaagrat gift. She asks him not to dare touch her. He plays the video and tells that he is going to party. She says I will come there and ruin your party. He wears his tshirt and jacket. She tells that if I free myself then I will throw your chain mangalsutra away. He says ok and leaves.

Precap: Bani frees herself and comes to the party. She targets to kill his brother. Veer says why did you do this. A peacock woman comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. ishqbaaz and shivika fan

    what an amazing epic first i was watched for my anika currently watching for veer hot cheel and how the marriage completed without sindor mangalya sutra but one really enjoyed the episode different mariage and rituals his expresion awesom after nakuul

  2. This season seems so illogical..bani is not even missing jai 🤣🤣 infact she is behaving like a very helpless bechari ladki🙄🙄 meera ko bura nai laga ki uske hone wala pati ne uski behen se shaadi kar li 🤣🤣 matlab kuch bhi 😂😂 bani married veer for revenge 😂😂 bina shaadi kiye v to veer ko maar sakti thi 🤔🤔 veer ne jaanne ka koshish v naii kiya ki kya sach me veer k bhai ne jai ko maara 🤣🤣 ek hi din me bani k liye pyaar nafrat me badal gaya 🤣🤣

    Typical balaji show bana diya ise bhi..jaha ek ladka ladki ko dhokha de raha hai or dusra ladka ladki se jabarjasti shaadi kar liya..copy of immj season 2..

    1. Iss writer ne jo ganja phok ke likha hai😂😂

  3. Peacocks again… interesting but I’m confused Bani said she killed Veer’s brother and Shukla said he killed the brother so who killed the brother and Balwant, as sleazy as he is, loved his son from what I could see… why would Shukla take the chance of enraging Balwant on the odd chance of him finding out he murdered Veer’s twin… Must say this is one surprise – they both married for revenge… glad to see Veer not acting like a love drunk puppy

  4. In this season naagin is shown as a helpless bechari types uffff kuc v dikha re hai..veer ne jaanne ka koshish v nai kiya ki bani sach bol ri h ya jhut🙄 bani ne ek baar v jai ko yaad nai kiya 😂 bani to bina veer se shaadi kare v badlaa le sakti hai 🤔 meera was ok with the fact that her would be hubby married her sister 😂
    Cheels to naagin ko feel kar lete h to bani ko feel q nai kar pa re 🤔 jai ki dead body dekhe bina hi bani ne samajh liya ki vo mar gaya 🤔 veer ka apni bhai k maut ka badlaa v lena hai or usi din party v karni hai 😂

    Bdw this season seems to be a copy of immj 2..where bani is a bechari like riddhima (a helpless naagin) who is betrayed by a greedy man jai like kabir nd gets married to someone else veer (vansh) with whom she shares love hate relationship..
    This season is very predictable..everyone knew that jai will be the villain nd veer bani will get married

    1. Didi immj2 me b dekti hu to aap ja k jara nagin3 dekhle fr kisne kya copy kiya vo aakr yha cmnt kre 🤣🤣 rhi bat iss nagin k immj2 k copy krneki toh isme kuch b copy krne jesa nai h nagin me ulta immj2 copied nagin3 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Why ekta why at starting I was so excited that finally someone is coming up with proper naag naagin love story. But you firta came up with this non sense of Naagin and Cheel’s love story. Then made Naag jai villian and Cheel Veer hero. Like really how can it be even possible ki jo pichle janam naag tha voh iss janam cheel ban gaya and vice versa.
    Ekta ke shows dekhne ho toh dimag ko longgggg vacation pe bhej do. Mein hi pagal thi jo aaj ke episode ka wait kar rhi thi 🙁😤😤😡

    1. you should wait until the whole season is finished and judge it not by the few episodes you shits.

  6. can’t revenge be fulfilled without marring each other in naagin, i thought this time it will be different as we already had naag and naagin as lovers but no
    there is so much how did shukla killed veer’s brother when we saw him dead by bani’s hands also who is shukla informing all those things but i think its jay
    veer was definitely speaking truth when he said he did’nt kill jay then who did it, had jay staged his death

    1. Shesha485

      @Cee, actually when Teer (Veer’s bro) hit the chandelier and about to fall down along with chandelier, Shukla threw a magical knife from the gate entrance, then stabbed Teer and the knife came back to Shukla and he ran away. So, Veer assumed that Bani killed Teer. Also, the chandelier doesn’t have the power to kill somehow and maybe wounds are caused. So, Bani is not a murderer now.

  7. The naagin story is very catchy . The heroine always hated the hero at the first. I believe veer will be the protagonist and jai will be the antagonist.

  8. Shesha485

    Even though I liked the episode much, I find it is funny because of that chain and Veer tied his body with Bani’s dress and Bani is moving behind him like a child goes behind its mother (seems worst comparison). The game they played with Singhanias are also funny. Somehow I loved the mysteries much and it seems Balwant’s role is going to be like Andy Sehgal of Naagin 3.
    From now onwards, its TRPs will drop because of IPL. Already Colors is not promoting the show well instead they themselves making fun of Naagin 5 in their social media pages. But still I feel, there is nothing to blame on the story or the actors. They are giving their best. 1.6 is too low for revelation episode. Channel should take the blame and must promote Naagin 5.

  9. ShraddhaSharma392

    This season is turning typical ekta kapoor daily soap, first hate b/w pairs and then love and second lover as villian… Show was catchy but turning boring for me now…
    May be now i shall not watch it any more…

    1. that’s your problem we don’t care if you watch it or not

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