Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu resigns his job

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The Episode starts with Happu, Beni and their friend are drinking. Happu tells Beni that Amma has 50 horses. Beni appreciates Amma. Happu tells that Rajesh used to take care of all the royal business when she was there. Beni says Vimlesh might be working now from home. Happu tells that his Amma has gold coins. Beni tells that they are from the Rajya, where gold coins are buried. Happu tells that no man is bigger than him. Their friend notes down whatever Happu tells. Happu tells that they have 2000 elephants. Beni tells that Vimlesh might be having 4000 elephants. Happu says Amma’s Kingdom is big. Beni asks friend to write that Vimlesh’s Kingdom is spread like Amoeba. Kat tells that she can’t do friendship with poor people like Kamlesh. Kamlesh comes there and tells that friendship comes from feelings/heart. Kat tells that royal feeling also comes from heart. Malaika asks him to go. Kamlesh says you are supporting her being Haryana police. Kat asks him to go. Kamlesh sings a sad song. Kat asks if the song is over. Kamlesh asks if you are ready to continue our friendship. Kat asks him to get lost.

Makwana and Manohar welcome Happu and say Raja Ki Jai….Happu gets happy. Manohar tells that he can make him more happu and asks if Maqmal can stay with you for some time. He dances as a dancer on the song Maardala…..Happu gets happy, checks in his pocket and says it is empty. He says you have killed today….Makwana tells that he shall live life in royal house and not here. Happu asks what to do then? Manohar asks him to resign from the job. Makwana asks him to think that he is Rajkumar of the two Kingdom and asks him to slap resignation on Commissioner’s face. Happu says let him come, I will resign and if he refuses then he will kill him. Makwana asks him to just slap resignation on Resham Pal’s face.

Resham Pal comes there and calls Happu. He tells that he was waiting for him on MG road and tells that Mantri ji scolded him because of him. Happu asks do you know whom you are talking to? Resham Pal tells that he knows that he is talking to useless and corrupt officer. He asks him to resign if he don’t want to do work. Happu shouts at him and writes on the paper, slaps on Resham Pal’s face. He tells that he is royal blood and says even if you die and born 1000’s times then also you will not understand. He says such Commissioners come to my darbar to greet me. He misbehaves with him. Resham Pal stands shocked.

Later in the night, Happu asks Amma about her Kingdom. Beni asks Rajjo about her Kingdom. Bittu, Happu and Beni’s friend comes there and tells that he is from IT dept, now the case will be filed against you both for hiding about your kingdom. Beni and Happu ask how can he do this with them. Bittu tells that he can’t do injustice with his job. Happu asks why didn’t you tell that he is from IT dept. Bittu asks Amma and Rajjo to come with him as their properties are not registered. Amma tells that she has acted to be Princess as Rajjo was insulting her and calling them ordinary people. She asks him to take Rajjo who is worth 6000 cr of Palace. Rajjo tells that even she acted along with her friend Babita. She tells that she has nothing and her family is poor. Amma says even Atbeer has nothing than the land. Kat says so you was doing drama and says Kamlesh. Hritik says he has threatened his teacher. Beni cries and says I thought to get married to Vimlesh and settled down with her in Palace. Happu asks beni to handle him. Beni takes Bittu from there. Happu scolds them and tells that he has done some sin in last birth that he got such a wife and mother. Rajjo apologizes to him. She says she will love just him. Happu tells that his anger goes when she talks lovely. Rajjo says she is lucky to get such a husband and family. He then recalls resigning from the job and slapping it on his face. Rajjo asks him to go and apologizes to him. Happu says shall I call him? Rajjo says touch his feet and apologizes. Happu asks if he shall beg like a dog. She says yes.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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